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Nov 2, 2017

Bountiful Holiday Blog Tour: Hoop Quilt

Nov 2, 2017
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Bountiful Holiday Blog Tour graphic
Hoop Quilts Pattern is now available. (PDF Download or the Printed Pattern)

Good morning!  Today I am sharing with you a special project that I've sewn up for the holidays as a part of the Bountiful Holiday Blog Tour.  Welcome to any newcomers to my little space!  Here you'll find that I'm busy making - sewing, quilting, and sometimes a little embroidery too.  There just are not enough hours in the day to keep up with the ideas!

I was honored when Sharon Holland asked me to be a part of the tour.  I almost always am in denial that the holidays are right around the corner, and usually end up short on time for making gifts.  This tour got me started nice and early.

But really, the best part about this gift is that it's a quick project.  I made a slight variation on a mini quilt.  It's fast to put together and is perfect for gifting (especially for those who are so hard to think of ideas for).
Hoop Quilt Bountiful AGF Fabrics
This round variation of a mini quilt uses my pattern, Hoop Quilts, to frame up a quilt block inside a large quilting hoop or embroidery hoop.  I absolutely love these as wall hangings and gifts.

I decided to use the Harvest color way of the Bountiful Fabric Collection for Art Gallery Fabrics.  It has such a delicate calmness to it that called to me right away.  When I first start making a Hoop Quilt, I always try to do a fabric pull and embroidery floss pull at the same time.  It gives me more options and ideas when I can see all the possibilities laid out together. Bountiful Fabric selection for Hoop Quilt
The pattern is based on using half-square triangles (HSTs) pieced inside a drunkard's path curve block.  There are hundreds of (if not more) options on how to lay out 16 HSTs, so I started there.  Making pretty HSTs and eating chocolate truffles.  ;)  I highly recommend both the fabric AND the truffles.
Bountiful HSTs
I just couldn't get the idea of basket quilt blocks out of my mind when working with this collection.  Not only the name Bountiful, which brings to mind those pictures of overflowing cornucopias at the holidays, but the colors were inspiring as well.  This palette, so soft and gentle, begged to become a basket block.  So, of course, when the fabric begs, you oblige, right?
Bountiful Basket block
It was easy to substitute a couple of squares/rectangles where HSTs were supposed to be.  I was super pumped to watch this come together because the Hoop Quilts pattern easily accommodates on-point blocks.  And this was my first time trying it!
Bountiful embroidery floss
After sewing the mini quilt top and adding some fusible fleece to the back, it was time to embellish.  This is often my favorite part of making a Hoop Quilt.  It's so relaxing and therapeutic to hand stitch. I added some big stitching around the border and couldn't stop myself from going a wee bit crazy with the cabbage roses.  You like?
Hoop Quilt Embroidery Bountiful Fabric
A stunning addition to the basket if you ask me.  The only problem is I'm not so sure I'm giving this away as a gift anymore!
Hoop Quilt Bountiful
Thank you so much for stopping by and enjoying my little project.

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  1. Wow! Looks amazing. Wish I could do one!

  2. AnneMarie I'm so in love with this project! Everything about this speaks to me--the pieced basket, the prints you used, the beautiful embroidery, and how perfect this is for gift-giving. Thank you so much for being part of my tour!

  3. It's nice to see a traditional basket block filled with flowers.

  4. Very cool idea ty for showing us...

  5. What a unique project you created. It is stunning!

  6. I know I am late, but this is darling! The basket pattern with all the hand stitched details is just perfect!


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