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Jul 1, 2015

Moccasin Block of the Month Club - July

Jul 1, 2015
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Welcome to the Moccasin Block of the Month Club July block!  Today the pattern goes out for this month's take on the equilateral triangle shape.
This block uses a template to generate the triangle shape.  It is VERY close to an equilateral triangle, but not quite.  In order for our math to come out right for a 9" block, the template looks equilateral - but it's slightly off.  (So don't try to substitute an equilateral ruler if you have one.) 
These shapes are fun to work with once you get them all cut out.  There are notches cut into the template shape to help you line them up when sewing them into rows.  I hope you enjoy this one if it's new for you!
Block #8
Fabric is Cotton Supreme Solids by RJR Fabrics for my version of the BOM.
Block #8 is the only block that has both blocks sewn in one colorway (Orange).  I played with some other arrangements, but really liked it this way.  I hope you don't mind!
SHARE with US!
There are several ways to share your participation in the BOM.  I hope you'll join in the fun of quilting along online with us.
Moccasin flickr group 
#moccasinbom on Instagram
Gen X Quilters' Pattern Shop Facebook Group

**A yearly subscription to Moccasin BOM is available here**
When you purchase a subscription, an Introduction - Guide to Choosing Fabric AND all the current block patterns to date will be emailed immediately upon payment.

Available in both PDF and Print.

Looking for Moccasin as a monthly BOM kit? Pink Castle Fabrics is hosting.  Check it out here.
Looking for A Complete Moccasin kit (Fabric for quilt top + 12 pattern set)?  Missouri Star Quilt Co. has them available here.

Feel free to join in the fun with us anytime throughout the year.  For all the details on Moccasin, go here. Pin It

Jun 29, 2015

Just because...

Jun 29, 2015
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I could.  Drop everything and make a zippy pouch.  Yes please!
This is Noodlehead's free tutorial for a Wide Open Pouch.  It's so cute.  I need to make the other sizes now too.  This one is actually smaller than the small.  I only had a 9" zip when it called for 10", so I cut everything else down by an inch too.
I love the split pouch with the navy corduroy on the bottom and the old DS print on the top. Pin It

Jun 26, 2015

Country Kitchen Tutorial Series at Shabby Fabrics

Jun 26, 2015
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If you need a little inspiration to perk up your kitchen for the summer, Shabby Fabrics is hosting a fun little series on their YouTube channel.  In the Country Kitchen series, Jennifer is giving video tutorials for some super cute projects.

So far the series includes Ruffled Tea TowelsMini Charm Coasters (great use for those mini charms.... I have a hard time figuring out what to do with those.), a Ruffled Apron (shown below, SO cute!  Uses 3 fat quarters), and a Heart-Shaped Oven Mitt.

Mini Charm Coasters
Ruffled Tea Towel
Heart-Shaped Oven Mitt
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