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Jul 25, 2014

Vice Versa BOM: July Inspiration Mosaic

Jul 25, 2014
Pin It Well, here we are at the end of July.  It seems summer is slipping by too quickly!  I really can't believe how fast this summer is going.  And it seems as though most of you feel the same way too.  There were very few who uploaded Vice Versa BOM July pics to the flickr group this month!  It's definitely that time of year where sewing takes a back seat to nice weather.

Don't worry if you are behind!  I hope that by finishing up this BOM a little early, it will leave you time to catch up and finish the quilt if you are intending to gift it to someone for the holidays.  Did I really just say that??  Well, yes... let's face it, a sewist's holiday sewing really does usually start in July.

Below are some beautiful Fox & Geese blocks from July's pattern.  This really was a tough one with so many small geese.  Remember to be patient with this block!
August's block will be available exactly one week from today, on August 1, 2014. 

Sew with us here if you are not a part of the fun already!
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Jul 18, 2014


Jul 18, 2014
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I am the Mom.  I am behind the camera, not in front of it.  My photography experience includes shooting my 3 active boys and a plethora of still-life shots of quilted blankets.  I am by far not well versed in the "selfie".
When Fat Quarter Shop announced their #sewwhatselfie contest, I thought I'd join in.  Play along.  How hard can it be?  

Oh. My. Gosh.  Taking selfies felt utterly ridiculous even though I was alone during nap time.  It felt even more ridiculous than those times when I made my kids take pictures of me in the clothes I'd sewn for myself.  You know, when the neighbors spotted us on my front porch and I'm trying to pose all mysterious and aloof like a model.  For my 7 year old.

These were the good ones.  Out of.... well, let's just say..... a lot.  It is extremely difficult not to be super critical of yourself - even if I am taking a selfie in jest.
I thank my lucky stars social media did not exist when I was in high school and college.  Can you imagine the hairspray usage if we were prone to taking a picture at any moment?  Wowza. 

So here they are! Keepin' it real on GXQ with no make up.  :)  Are you a selfie?  Or behind the camera?
I'll leave you with this pic of my hubby.  Who informed me I was doing it all wrong.  I was missing the "duck face"....

To enter Fat Quarter Shop's #SewWhatSelfie contest, take a picture of yourself in their new FQS T-shirt and tag @fatquartershop with hashtag #sewwhatselfie on social media for a chance to win a $100 FQS Gift Card. They are drawing 2 winners each month from July through September.  Good luck! See the details on their blog here.

Disclosure:  FQS provided this shirt to me. The unfortunate selfies are all my own.

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Jul 15, 2014

Mustang / Cotton + Steel Giveaway

Jul 15, 2014
Pin It There is lots of excitement about the any-day-now release of the new Cotton + Steel fabric lines.  Some shops are shipping this week - with others soon to follow.  What I think is so clever about the C+S lines is how they are designed to coordinate together.

Last week I showed you the new tote I made with Mustang by Melody Miller.  What I love about her line is the unique border concept she has included in several prints.  There are many details in the border prints that can create unique projects.  A hint of metallic too.  :)

These are my favorite prints...

After showcasing the new Sidekick Tote I made with a few Melody Miller Mustang prints, RJR Fabrics has generously offered to giveaway a FAT QUARTER bundle of the Mustang line!  Aren't you dying to get your hands on the whole bundle?  A huge thank you to RJR for adding this fun giveaway to the week with collections arriving in shops.
If you would like a chance to win, enter the giveaway below. (Giveaway ends Monday, July 21, 2014 at 11:59pm)
a Rafflecopter giveaway Pin It
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