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Nov 22, 2014

Binding Scraps

Nov 22, 2014
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Next up for me is this long time w.i.p.  It's a scrap quilt I started last winter when the boys argued over who got the flannel-backed quilt.  Somewhere along the way, I decided it would be a good idea to straight line quilt this with lines about 1/2" apart.....

....except I loathe straight line quilting.  Well, that's not true.  I looove the look of it.  I just hate the monotony of quilting it.  

In the space between belting out my favorite Chris Isaak tunes on Pandora and wrestling this thing for yet another line, I realized I wanted a scrappy binding for this quilt.
Every time I make a quilt, I always have a scrap of binding leftover.  It usually gets tossed into the massive heap that is my embarrassing unsorted scrap bucket.  Overflowing and never ending.  Even after making the above scrap quilt.

Anywho, I decided a new organization method would enter my sewing space.  A binding bin.  Yes!  A place to put all my binding scraps so that any time I need/want scrappy binding, all my pressed leftovers are ready to go.  After all, I always make 2 1/2" binding.  I dug through some of the scraps and found these.  And some leftover jelly roll strips.  Perfect.

I love when organization dawns on me.....

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Nov 18, 2014

Vice Versa BOM for Shops and Guilds

Nov 18, 2014
Pin It Throughout the past year, I've had several quilt shops and guilds contact me about running the Vice Versa Block of the Month Club locally.  I am happy to announce that I now have the entire Vice Versa Sampler Block of the Month Quilt Pattern in PDF form available for both of these groups.

Attention Shops....
If you are interested in purchasing the Vice Versa Block of the Month Club for your shop, please send me an email [] with the title "Wholesale Order Request".  Please include your shop name, location, and web address.  I will email you information on making wholesale pattern purchases from Gen X Quilters Wholesale Shop.  Also note there is a VICE VERSA SHOP GUIDE to assist you in ordering fabric for the program and cutting monthly kits for your customers. The Shop Guide is only available for the smaller size (56.5" x 56.5"), although the sampler pattern comes with instructions for 2 sizes of the quilt (56.5" x 56.5" and 73.5" x 73.5").  The Shop Guide is a FREE PDF when you order the PDF BOM set.

Attention Guilds....
If you are interested in purchasing the Vice Versa Block of the Month Club for your group, please send me an email [] with the title "Vice Versa BOM Guild Inquiry".  Please include your guild name, location, and web address.  I will email you information on group guild pattern purchases from Gen X Quilters Shop.
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Nov 14, 2014

Oh Clementine Fabric Dresden Quilt Finish

Nov 14, 2014
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This is such cheery quilt.... I wish I had finished it before the leaves started falling off the trees.  It reminds me of a summer picnic.  I picked up a bundle of Cluck Cluck Sew's Oh, Clementine fabric and was immediately drawn to Dresdens.  This is my first ever Dresden quilt, so I'm glad to check that off the quilty bucket list.  Everyone has to make one, right?
As excited as I am to have finished this quilt super early (it's a Christmas gift!), I am equally excited to share the pictures of the photo shoot.  I was driving to pick up my preschooler from school when we drove past this field.  I realized what a cool field it was at the same time I realized this day had the perfect lighting for a photo shoot.  The blue sky to the west was just gorgeous against the blue prints in the quilt (shown above).
I decided to make the chubby Dresden Plates so I would only have to sew 12 petals together per flower.  Lazy, huh?  It made the Dresdens go together more quickly, but I was still able to enjoy the process by making 9 blocks.  I wanted to use prints in the background and on the Dresdens.  I am trying to break out of my safe zone that leans heavily on solids.  I couldn't resist just a little sashing in Kona White though.

The family I am gifting this to will be so surprised over the holidays. I can't wait to gift it - and I am in love with finishing something without the stress of binding at the last minute.  ;)

Quilt Stats.
Size: 60" x 60"
Design: Fat Dresdens
Fabric:  Oh Clementine by CluckCluckSew for Windham Fabrics
Piecing:  Me
Quilting: Kathy Balmert (Flutterby - meandering with butterflys)
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