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Jan 16, 2018

Farmhouse Porch - New Pattern!

Jan 16, 2018
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Farmhouse Porch Quilt Pattern Flat Full Front
The Farmhouse Porch Pattern is now available for download. Click here to purchase. Coupon code below.

Have you made a resolution to use your scraps this year?

Check out my new Farmhouse Porch PDF Pattern.  This new pattern utilitizes the Granny Square block (sometimes called Arbor Window) in 2 different sizes.  The delightful scrappy color combinations will make a serious dent in your scrap bins.

And only squares to cut!  No triangles, HSTs or any other complicated piecing techniques.  Just squares.
Farmhouse Porch Boys
I finished this quilt in 2016 and there were many requests for a pattern.  I admit I dragged my feet on the pattern because I knew this pattern was needed in many size options.

AND the quilty math for making 2 different size granny blocks match up with granny borders is not easy!!
Farmhouse Porch Corner
Lucky for you, I've done ALL the math for you.  You can choose to make this quilt in any of the FIVE sizes.  Baby - King.

Want to make one?
Here's what you need to know.

  • Quilt Pattern especially for Scraps
  • Instructions for 5 different sizes (Baby-King)
  • Advanced Beginner Pattern
  • Based on 2 sizes of Granny Square Blocks (Large in center; Small in second Border)
  • Uses one background fabric and one border fabric to create continuity
  • Supplemental Video Tutorial

regular price $10
on sale for $8 PDF Download until Sat. 1/20/2018 at 11:59PM EST.

Use coupon code FARMHOUSEPORCH to receive the discount.

(This is my new website & shop - transition coming soon!)

Farmhouse Porch Quilt Pattern COVER ONLY

To supplement the pattern, I made this video tutorial to help you square up your blocks.  When we're making so many of them, we want to be sure to square up each block using the same method.  It will help all your blocks come together, especially in the border.

Granny Vid tute70

Farmhouse Porch 3
One of the other main comments I heard in the scrappy survey I sent out in my newsletter was to have a method of creating continuity in a scrappy quilt.  Sometimes this can be hard to do.  Scrappy quilts can end up looking like scrap vomit.  :/

To avoid running into that problem, this pattern uses a common white background in every Granny square block.  It keeps some uniformity when combining so many prints and colors.  Then to give the quilt some oomph, but also a place to rest, I chose a dark tone-on-tone navy print (Add It Up from Cotton + Steel) for the first border.  It makes a bold statement, but also allows the eye to rest as the granny squares transition from large squares in the center to smaller squares in the border.

This technique works beautifully for combining so many scraps and bitty bits!
Farmhouse Porch Reading
I should mention that I am in the process of transitioning to a new website. Super exciting!  SO much w...o...r...k.  I have not shifted over yet, but the Pattern Shop is up and running!  Farmhouse Porch can be purchased in my new shop.  Feel free to poke around the new site a bit while you are there.  I'll be sure to let you know when I make the move to!

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Jan 14, 2018

Squaring Up a Granny Square Quilt Block Video Tutorial

Jan 14, 2018
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Square Up Granny Square Video Tutorial
If you want to start the year off making a dent in your scraps bins, I have a new pattern coming out on Tuesday, Jan. 16!  I have created a new video tutorial to supplement the pattern to help you in squaring up Granny Square quilt blocks.  You can check it out here and get a peek at the new pattern!

Farmhouse Porch Pattern.  (now available) 
  • Quilt Pattern especially for Scraps
  • Instructions for 5 different sizes (Baby-King)
  • Advanced Beginner Pattern
  • Based on 2 sizes of Granny Square Blocks
  • Uses one background fabric and one border fabric to create continuity
  • Supplemental Video Tutorial
  • #farmhouseporchquilt

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Jan 12, 2018

Farmhouse Porch Scrappy Quilt Pattern Coming Soon

Jan 12, 2018
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Or are you OVERJOYED with scrappy possibilities?
My own bins are overflowing with scraps and I've realized my family's favorite quilts are those made with scraps and backed with flannel.  I'm making it my mission this year to design more scrappy quilts.

Do you make scrappy quilts?  Need to use up some scraps or stash?

If so, mark your calendar!  I have a new pattern coming out next week on Tuesday, Jan. 16!  I promise it will use up your scraps in a fantastic modern traditional style.
Farmhouse Porch Sneak Peek 2
Thank you to all those who helped answer the Scrappy Survey I sent out in my newsletter.  200+ responses!  Your answers are going to help me design more scrappy patterns for you this year.

The Results. 

  • most quilters have a scrappy project or two each year
  • love to use up the bitty bits
  • want a controlled scrappy design (meaning not completely random - but something to pull all the scraps together)

The Farmhouse Porch Pattern hits all these wants and is available now.

Sign up for the newsletter here.  There will be a special newsletter-only coupon for the new pattern.  Don't miss out!
Farmhouse Porch Sneak Peek
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