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May 22, 2015

Mini Granny Square Quilt Blocks

May 22, 2015
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My bee blocks from 2014 have been gathered.  I've laid all the pretties out and, of course, decided I can't make anything easy on myself.  So more work it is!
I've decided I need to sew another 36 mini Granny square blocks to go along with the bee blocks.  I plan to make a border out of the minis.
It's a perfect use for charms and mini charms.  I'm using scraps and a mini charm square pack of Cotton + Steel basics for the centers.  I've used quite a few Laura Gunn Painter's Canvas prints too.
I figure this is a good summer project when I'm trying to squeeze in little bits of sewing while the kids are off.  Below you can see the difference in scale of the original block (left) and the mini (right).  The originals are 13" and the minis are 7.5".
These are so cute!  If you like these blocks, Lori Holt has a whole book decided to the Great Granny block.  Those would be fun to make too. Pin It

May 20, 2015

Fun Summer Virtual Sewing Event "Camp Loopy"

May 20, 2015
Pin It Summertime is almost here!  Can't you believe it?  Only a few days left of my kiddos school year.  And that means it's time for summer projects!

Need some motivation to pick out a project or two this summer?  Check out Camp Loopy at the Loopy Ewe.  It's virtual camp that everyone can join in.  The shop hosts the camp in June, July and August.  There are challenges and themes each month with prizes and giveaways throughout.  Even camp t-shirts!

The Loopy Ewe has just added a few lines just in time for the camping fun:


Check it out if your looking for some summer fun sewing!
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May 15, 2015

Lacuna Sampler Quilt Pattern

May 15, 2015
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Let me introduce to you the Lacuna Sampler Quilt Pattern.  I'm very proud to show off this quilt. I've been working on it for its big debut at Quilt Market this weekend with the introduction of the new fabric line Pie Making Day by Brenda Ratliff for RJR Fabrics.  

This quilt design came together so easily.  There was just something about these fresh cheery colors that played so well as the "wheels" in the Cheyenne block.  It was one of those "Ah-ha" moments where I was like "That's IT!!!" and I couldn't wait to begin work on the quilt.  I wanted to create an easy sampler inside the wheels.
The Lacuna Sampler Quilt Pattern uses six different blocks as the middle of the wheel.  It's a great place to try some new skills.  They are basics - the pinwheel, hourglass, star, diamond-in-the-square, cross, framed square.  Great classics for everyone to learn!

The sampler wheel blocks surround a gorgeous giant interpretation of the same wheel block.  Only this time, the center block is a rainbow of patchwork goodness.
So what does Lacuna mean?  Personally, I think Lacuna is a sexy word for something so simple.

Lacuna NOUN
noun: lacuna · plural noun: lacunae · plural noun: lacunas
    an unfilled space or interval; a gap:

Lacuna (pl. lacunas or lacunae) may refer to:
(from Oxford Dictionaries and Wikipedia)

In the case of the Lacuna Sampler Quilt here, I've named this quilt Lacuna because of the white space in the exact center of the quilt.  There is so much color and activity going on in the rest of the quilt - but it's in the exact center that there is a dead spot.  A gap.  An unfilled space.

I had my long arm quilter quilt a replica of a flower from the main Pie Making Day print in the quilt's rest space for the eye.

The pattern has an advanced beginner skill level.  It's a pattern that comes together quickly, as first, you make the sampler centers, then piece them into wheels.  The fun part is picking out what colors you want in which blocks.  This would be a great quilt to make scrappy as well.
Lacuna Sampler Quilt Fabric Requirements. 
Finished Block Size: 14" x 14" | Finished Quilt Size: 63" x 63"

Assorted Colorful Prints         24 Fat Quarters (18" x 22")
White Solid Background        2 1/2  yards
Backing                                  4 yards
Binding                                  1/2 yard
Batting                                   71" x 71"
**Fat Quarter and Scrap Friendly**

The Lacuna Sampler Quilt Pattern is now available in my shop!  It will be on sale all this week for just $8 PDF / $10 Print.  After it's debut week, the pattern will bump up to $10 PDF / $12 Print at it's regular price. 
The printed pattern is a full color 12-page booklet, professionally printed with color diagrams throughout the instructions.

Enjoy!  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!  {}
**Fabric for the sample is Pie Making Day by Brenda Ratliff for RJR Fabrics.  In stores July 2015.**

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