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Aug 3, 2015

Moccasin Block of the Month Club - August

Aug 3, 2015
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The Moccasin Block of the Month Club goes back for a second try at curves this August.  Now I know many of you are grumbling at me.  The curve in the Glorified Nine-Patch block is much gentler than the Drunkard's Path block we did in month #2.  Aren't you glad the harder one is over?  You can do this!  The pattern is out for this classic block with a fancy curve.  

Block #9 (Glorified Nine Patch)
Fabric is Cotton Supreme Solids by RJR Fabrics for my version of the BOM.
Here is a link to a video tutorial for the Glorified Nine-Patch Block by the folks at Fons & Porter.  They use the same method I describe in the pattern if you would like to see this block sewn up.  Remember it never hurts to sew a practice block if you are at all unsure about sewing curves.  I always find it helps me when trying something new.

SHARE with US!
There are several ways to share your participation in the BOM.  I hope you'll join in the fun of quilting along online with us.
Moccasin flickr group 
#moccasinbom on Instagram
Gen X Quilters' Pattern Shop Facebook Group

**A yearly subscription to Moccasin BOM is available here**
When you purchase a subscription, an Introduction - Guide to Choosing Fabric AND all the current block patterns to date will be emailed immediately upon payment.

Available in both PDF and Print.

Looking for A Complete Moccasin kit (Fabric for quilt top + 12 pattern set)?  Missouri Star Quilt Co. has them available here.

Feel free to join in the fun with us anytime throughout the year.  For all the details on Moccasin, go here. Pin It

Jul 30, 2015

Patchwork Auditions #5: Mosaic No. 12

Jul 30, 2015
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The Patchwork Auditions blocks are so much fun to play with.  Today I show you the fifth block in the series.  The series looks at some classic blocks and exposes alternate colorings.  My goal is to simply think about other ways to color a quilt block I have looked at hundreds of times.  So far I've been making 3 of each block - 1 traditional coloring and 2 alternates.  It's amazing how different they look! Eventually, I'll put them together into a scrappy quilt.  Find all the details here.

Join me on this laid back adventure if you like!  Below you'll find a cutting list for the basic blocks in 12" and 16" finished blocks, but not a tutorial.  Use the coloring sheet to generate your own ideas.  I hope that you'll audition other color arrangements and play as I am. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Mosaic No. 12 (Traditional)
The Mosaic No. 12 block uses one of the great quilting fundamentals - the Flying Geese unit.  Changing the orientation of the geese allows for a neat pinwheel pattern to form in the center of the block.  This block goes by many names.  The earliest reference I found was by the Ladies' Art Company in 1897.  I know this block by the name Dutchman's Puzzle.  Pictured below is the most common way to make it.  
Mosaic No. 12 Coloring Sheet  Download the PDF here.

Block Structure
This block is constructed with (8) Flying Geese units.  Nice 'n simple! It's the direction that the geese are facing that make this block interesting.
Cutting List.  I have listed cuts for both 12" and 16" blocks. 

For 12" blocks.
  • Cut (8) 3 1/2" x 6 1/2" squares.  (A)
  • Cut (16) 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" squares. (B)
For 16" blocks.
  • Cut (8) 4 1/2" x 8 1/2" squares.  (A)
  • Cut (16) 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" squares. (B)

Alternate Coloring Options
There are a few ways to recolor this block that are outside the traditional coloring.    In this exercise, I simply am recoloring the block without changing it's basic construction.  These are just a few of the options I found.  These options can yield very different looks.  Which would you choose?

 photo Sawtooth Star 8_zpsn6qf7uoa.png
 photo Sawtooth Star 3_zpskm8sk8lr.png
 photo Sawtooth Star 5_zpsa7qcsz6j.png
 photo Economy
 photo Sawtooth Star 7_zpsnphhuwdc.png
 photo Sawtooth Star 4_zpstihnmqww.png
 photo Sawtooth Star 8_zpsn6qf7uoa.png
 photo Sawtooth Star 3_zpskm8sk8lr.png
 photo Sawtooth Star 5_zpsa7qcsz6j.png

My Sample Blocks
traditional Mosaic No. 12 (12" block)
letter E in the table above (16" block)

letter F in the table above (16" block)
Feel free to share any past or present Mosaic No. 12 blocks you've made with us to show how you colored it using #patchworkauditions #dutchmanspuzzle.  Enjoy!
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Jul 27, 2015

Lacuna Sampler Pattern Wholesale

Jul 27, 2015
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Pie Making Day fabric has arrived in shops.  Is the Lacuna Sampler in your future?

Attention SHOPS....
If you are interested in purchasing the Lacuna Sampler Quilt Pattern for your shop, please send me an email [] with the title "Wholesale Order Request".  I will email you information on making wholesale pattern purchases from Gen X Quilters Wholesale Shop.  
KITTING:  RJR Fabrics is kitting this pattern and Pie Making Day Fabric to make the quilt.  Contact your RJR Sales Rep if you are interested in purchasing kits for your shop.
**Lacuna may be run as a mini BOM**  Ask me for ideas on how to divide up the pattern.
My patterns are available at Checker Distributors, Brewer Sewing and E.E. Schenck as well.
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