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Aug 14, 2017

Hoop Quilt Along Week 6: My Finish

Aug 14, 2017
Pin It Hoop Quilt Along: The Finished Hoop
It's the finish!  Are you close?  Have you fallen a bit behind during all the fun of summer?  No matter where you are in the Hoop Quilt Along, I hope you'll continue to share you progress and finishes on Instagram as you have news to share.  It's so fun to browse the #hoopquiltalong hashtag and see your projects!

Today I'm sharing my latest Hoop Quilt finish - the hoop I've been working on along with all of you.

Although the QAL is technically over, I'll be leaving all the details up for those who want to join in and make one on their own time.  (All those details will live on the HOOP QUILT ALONG page).  To join the HoopQAL, go here (to download the Free Coloring Sheet) and get the Pattern here.



How is it possible to love each new Hoop Quilt that I finish as much as I do?  Every one is different and special.  I'm totally not done with these.  My HQAL hoop has me bursting with excitement for more embroidery!



I've been admiring Jessica of Namaste Embroidery's work for a few months now.  It's been on my mind the try out her pattern for a while now on a Hoop Quilt.  This was the perfect one.  This embroidery gives the hoop the oomph it needed.  The rich colors of the Anna Maria Horner True Colors charm pack and the coordinating DMC embroidery threads combine together so sweetly.

Embroidery Pattern:  "We Can Do Hard Things" Embroidery Pattern by Namaste Embroidery

HOOP QUILT Finish embroidery Namaste Embroidery


In addition to the embroidery, I decided to add some big stitches in the centers of the pieced diamonds.  I had a really hard time picking out what color to big stitch here.  Since the colors in the HSTs are so varied, I finally settled on an off-white to match the background.  

HOOP QUILTS Finish Big Stitching
I think that was the right decision.  It's repeated in the embroidery as the background vine and I think they complement each other.  I mentioned last week that I never make things easy for myself.  My background fabric is SO dark, I couldn't get any of my transfer pens to work on it. I made a special trip to Joann's and came with 2 pens that didn't show up.  :/  I couldn't bring myself to go back for tailor's chalk, so I improvised the embroidery.  I followed the pattern, but wasn't able to sketch it before I sewed.  ??  I had to scale it bigger for the hoop since the pattern is for a 6" hoop.  (Mine is 14".) Next time, I need to plan better for embroidery pattern transfers.

Jessica provides super instruction if you can follow a pattern, unlike me.  ;)  She provides a stitch guide to teach the embroidery stitches, written instructions, and a video to watch her make it happen.

HOOP QUILTS Finish Binding

I'm happy with it and can't wait to hang it in my sewing room with my other hoops.
Thank you so much for joining me in the Hoop Quilt Along.  It's been fun to add this smaller project to the quilt alongs I normally run (since mostly those are Block of the Month Clubs that run one year).  I hope you have enjoyed making yours so far.  Did you have fun?  Do you like shorter QALs like this one??  Feel free to comment here or send me an email [] with any thoughts.  I'd love to hear what you like to participate in. I always have more QALs on my mind!

ALSO, I'm dying to know..... WHERE are you hanging YOUR hoop?!?!?

 #hoopquilt  #hoopquiltalong 

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Aug 7, 2017

Hoop Quilt Along Week 5: Wrap Hoop and Finish

Aug 7, 2017
Pin It Hoop Quilt Along Week 5 hosted by AnneMarie Chany
You're almost there... It's Week #5 of the Hoop Quilt Along.  Our last post of the QAL before the finish.  I'm always a little sad when these things end.  But you're SO CLOSE to a finished Hoop!  I'll show my finish next week, so be sure to tune back in then.

There are TONS of details in this post.  So please, READ THIS FIRST.  Then once you're working on your hoop, come back and read again.  Watch the videos I've put together for you.  I swear all of it will help answer your questions!  It's been great fun working along with all of you.  I absolutely cannot wait to see your hoops as you finish them up.  Enjoy the process!

To join the HoopQAL, go here (to get the Free Coloring Sheet) and get the Pattern here.
(It's never too late to join in btw.)




First things first - BE SURE TO USE BIAS BINDING - NOT STRAIGHT GRAIN BINDING!  If it sounds like I'm emphasizing this to you - then good! - I got my point across.  

Please don't make life difficult for yourself and cut your binding on the straight grain.  Since we are wrapping a ROUND hoop, we will need to utilize all the stretch and flex provided by the bias in the binding.  Now, if you accidentally have straight-grain binding, I have confirmation that it is possible to wrap it around your hoop, but it will be a major pain.  You'll be frustrated that it doesn't wrap nicely and will most likely be unhappy with me.  :(

Don't know how to make BIAS BINDING?  Watch/Read this great tutorial from McCall's.  The tutorial has both a written and video portion to help you get this useful trick.  Well, it's not really a trick, but I absolutely love this shortcut.  You can also make individual bias strips and sew them together one at a time if you want a scrappy bias binding.

NOTION ALERT: Bias Tape Maker
Do you have a bias tape maker?  You can use this machine to make bias binding as well.  There are also individual tips you can buy to use with your iron without the machine.  Here's a clip of me using the bias tape maker to press my bias binding.  


Hoop Quilt Hoop Wrapped Pattern by AnneMarie Chany
Once your bias binding is made and pressed, you are ready to wrap the hoop.  I made an easy to follow video tutorial for you since this is something most of us haven't done before.  The link to the video (HOOP WRAPPING DEMO) is in the HOOP QUILTS Pattern (it's part of your purchase).  I hope this helps - it's really not hard!  This video covers it ALL - both wrapping the hoop and how to assemble the quilt top into the hoop.


looooove to add big stitching and embroidery in lieu of quilting on my hoops.  You may have already quilted your quilt top.  If you have, you may decide that it's done when you put the quilt in the hoop....  Or..... you may decide to add a little spice.  You decide how much and what embellishments will complete your hoop.  Get creative!

  • embroidery
  • trim
  • buttons
  • applique
  • lace/ribbons... dream catcher
  • beadwork
  • big stitching
  • thread painting
  • rosettes
  • hexies
  • yo-yos
  • art quilt techniques?
Hoop Quilt Ready to Embellish Pattern by AnneMarie Chany I'm adding some embroidery to my hoop.  I'm using the "We Can Do Hard Things" Embroidery Pattern by Namaste Embroidery.  It's so much fun!  Of course, I never make things easy for myself.  This grunge fabric is SO dark, I couldn't get any of my transfer pens to work on it.  So I've had to improvise the embroidery.  A wee bit stressful!  I'll show you the full finish next week.
Hoop Quilt Along adding Embroidery Pattern by AnneMarie Chany


The first hoop quilts I made, I trimmed all the excess fabric from the back about a 1/4" away from the wrapped hoop.  This works absolutely fine if you intend to display your hoop as a wall hanging.

A number of my hoops were displayed at Quilt Market in St. Louis this past spring.  I drove all the samples out to the show, and they have been slowly shipping back to me over the summer.  I have found that the fabric inside the hoop tends to get pulled out of the desired tension (making it wobbly in the middle) when the items are shipped.

This time I decided to try finishing the hoop using this method from Pretty Fabrics & Trims.
This worked really well!  Since our hoops are so big, I needed to add two drawstring stitching lines to pull the fabric together on the back of the hoop.  Possibly 3 lines of stitching may be needed for even bigger hoops (mine is 14").  I did not back it with felt as the tutorial shows. Again, our hoops are so big, I felt it was better without.
Hoop Quilt Back 2
Pop back in here next week to see the full reveal!

To join the HoopQAL, go here (to get the Free Coloring Sheet) and get the Pattern here.

Let me know if you have any questions or if I left any details out.  Remember to share! #hoopquilt  #hoopquiltalong 

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Aug 1, 2017

Chocolatier Block of the Month #8

Aug 1, 2017
Pin It Chocolatier BOM #8 by AnneMarie Chany
I cannot believe it is August!  Where is the year going?  We are in full birthday mode at my house with 2 kiddos birthdays within 8 days. And then school starts up!  I guess these shades of purple remind me of the pretty sunsets that are starting to creep a little earlier in the evening.  Month 8 of the Chocolatier Block of the Month Club is available for you to make if you are keeping up with us each month.  

Today, the Month #8 Block Pattern for Chocolatier is now available.  Check your emails and mailboxes!

2 blocks for this month of course.  We are getting to the end of the pairs of color blocks.  Then we'll start to get the surrounding secondary blocks together.  We have the Rosebud and the Arbor Window blocks this month.  Both of these use basic piecing techniques - hooray! 

Block #1 Rosebud.
Chocolatier BOM Block 2

Block #2 Arbor Window.    
Chocoalatier BOM Block 1

Fabric is Cotton Supreme Solids by RJR Fabrics for my version of the BOM.  Find my color selections listed here.

SHARE with US!  I'd love to see what you make.
There are several ways to share your participation in the BOM.  I hope you'll join in the fun of quilting along online with us.
#chocolatiersampler on Instagram
Gen X Quilters' Pattern Shop Facebook Group

**A yearly subscription to Chocolatier BOM is available here.**
When you purchase a subscription, an Introduction Guide AND all the current block patterns to date will be emailed immediately upon payment.

Feel free to join in the fun with us anytime throughout the year.  For all the details on Chocolatier, go here.

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