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Jan 17, 2017

Hoop Quilt #1 NY Beauty | featuring Curious Dream Fabric

Jan 17, 2017
Pin It Hoop Quilt NY Beauty Blue Outsidelogo
Hey everybody!  I am super pumped to show you this project today.  It's a brand new concept for me and already I'm envisioning a ton of these hoops featuring different quilt blocks.

Let me introduce you to what I'm calling a Hoop Quilt.

This project began back at Quilt Market when my friend, Angela Pingel, debuted her first fabric collection with Windham Fabrics, Curious Dream.  I was able to score a fat quarter bundle at Sample Spree and knew I wanted to do something special with it.

I'm always thinking about the next BOM, and trying out different blocks is a great way to see how they could fit into a BOM.  The New York Beauty quilt block has always fascinated me - it's gorgeous curves and crown of points.  But I'd never made one.  It fell into place that I would make a NY Beauty with Curious Dream.

Well, silly me, I cannot just choose a simple NY Beauty.  Noooo, I had to go pick a complicated one with 4 rings of curves and points/intersections to line up with each curve.  Yikes!  As you can see, there is a bit of a learning curve (terrible pun, yes?) on this block, and my first quadrant turned out all sorts of wonky.
Hoop Quilt #1 Wonky Quadrant_Fotor
This block tested my patience and will - but in the end, it turned out looking fantastic.  I absolutely love this block.  The fabrics glow in this sunshine NY Beauty.  But..... I am so glad I only have to make one block.  This was a tough one.... if I ever include this in a BOM (and that's a big if), it would have to be a much simpler version.
Hoop Quilt #1 Finished Block_Fotor
At the same time that I was slowly paper piecing this block, I was also working on my hand embroidery sampler with an embroidery hoop.  Since the NewYork Beauty is a round block, I just couldn't get it out of my mind that instead of making a square mini with the block, I needed to frame it in the round.
Hoop Quilt #1 Wrapped Hoop_Fotor
I bought a large 18" wooden hoop for quilting.  And somehow this rainbow-y cheater print just wrapped herself around the frame.
Hoop NY Beauty Side Detail_Fotor
Add in a little big stitch quilting....
Hoop NY Beauty Hoop Detail_Fotor

Hoop NY Beauty close up on blue_Fotor
And well..... here's the finish.  I don't think I could be beaming about this project any more.  I am completely thrilled!  I've tested where I could hang this hoop in lots of places around my home.  There are SO many possibilities.
Hoop Quilt #1 NY Beauty by AnneMarie Chany
Stay tuned.... I have lots of ideas for more Hoop Quilts brewing.  I cannot wait to make more....
Hoop Quilt NY Beauty Blue Outside_Fotor Pin It


  1. I can see this becoming a big deal. I would make plans to get this into kits before someone else does. Maybe not this block but something simpler. How about the same block in different sizes to make a collage? Oh yeah, this is gonna be big!

  2. I love everything about your hoop quilt!!! Such a great idea!

  3. This is really cool! Now I have an idea for my hoops that are laying around my house unused. Beautiful!

  4. I love how this looks and think I'm going to have to do this! Thanks!!

  5. AnneMarie, this is just gorgeous! And I love how you did some embroidery in the center--genius--and the big handstitching. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

  6. So pretty! You could even add a clock mechanism to it!

  7. Is it really a "quilt"? Like, having 3 layers--front, batting, back? Or is it a patchwork-in-the-hoop with hand stitching? Thanks. It's lovely.

    1. Hi FiberAntics - So glad you like it! Good question - it is halfway a quilt? If that makes any sense what so ever. It has 2 layers. I didn't want only patchwork in the hoop - I felt it would be too flimsy. And I thought 3 layers would be extremely thick for the hoop. SO - it's a compromise. It has two layers - the top and then fusible fleece on the back. It gives it some body and puffiness behind the stitching without excess bulk.

  8. I'm reminded of this craft fair staple!

  9. This is creativity to the max! I've always wanted to make a New York Beauty but making a whole quilt worth of them is definitely intimiating. This is a great compromise!

  10. Lovely!. I've done embroidery projects in the hoop, but not a mini quilt! Fabulous!

  11. This looks great! Love the extra touch of wrapping the hoop.

  12. This is just too beautiful for words! It's a wonderful idea and I am looking forward to more of your hoop ideas because I think you've got me going! Would you consider telling us more about how you made the New York Beauty in this size? Thanks for sharing!

  13. Love hoop quilts. Saw some (25+ years ago) at an Amish quilt shop in Lancaster or Intercourse PA when tourist-ing through the area. So many possibilities with different size hoops and designs. Thanks for posting about it!

  14. Lovely. I am really into mini quilts. This is right up my ally. Great way to use up unused embroidery hoops.

  15. This is beeeeeeautiful - and, if you do a video tutorial, I'd definitely watch it! I learned to quilt through video tutorials :)

  16. What a cool idea! I really love it!


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