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Nov 11, 2014

Moccasin Block of the Month Club 2015 - Subscriptions Now Available!

Nov 11, 2014
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Today is the day I share with you the details on next year's Block of the Month Club - Moccasin!  This quilt pattern was unveiled at Fall Quilt Market a few weeks ago and has been my passionate endeavor for the past few months.  You all know how I do love BOMs and sampler quilts.  I am super excited about this quilt and I hope you will join in and make one too!

I will be hosting a quilt-along here on the blog for Moccasin Block of the Month Club.  It is so much fun to see others progress and colors choices.  I am bringing you this pattern in print (hard-copy) and PDF.  So you can choose whatever you prefer!  I apologize for the text heavy post - but there is so much to share about the BOM.  Read on!
Here are all the details for the Moccasin Block of the Month Club, starting in January 2015.  I hope you'll join me!

PDF Subscription: An annual subscription for the BOM is available here on sale for $25.  All patterns are PDF downloads, automatically emailed to you each month on the 1st of the month.  When you subscribe, a Moccasin Introduction PDF (Fabric Requirements and Guide to Choosing Fabrics) is emailed right away.

Paper Pattern Subscription: An annual subscription for the BOM is available here on sale for $28.  All patterns are Paper Patterns (hard copy), automatically mailed to you via USPS each month on the 1st of the month.  When you subscribe, a Moccasin Introduction PDF (Fabric Requirements and Guide to Choosing Fabrics) will be emailed to you within a few days of your purchase.  This will confirm your enrollment in the paper pattern subscription.

The Moccasin Blocks.
Most months participants will make 2 blocks - usually one in the yellow and one in the orange colorways.  In addition to working on traditional piecing techniques (half-square triangles, Flying Geese, Nine-Patch, Rail Fence, Diamond-in-the-Square), this BOM will challenge participants to tackle skill building blocks with strings, curves, triangles, and applique.

The Design.
Make classic skill-building blocks, then set them in a fun and funky way.  Instead of setting this BOM in a typical grid, the layout is based on the Japanese X&+ and Sister's Choice Blocks.  Within the framework of the inspiring quilt blocks, we create a stunning asymmetrical starburst to display the individual quilt blocks created each month.  

The center focus of the quilt design, a Dresden plate and pieced on-point Irish-chain square, reminds me of beadwork on a pair of leather moccasins I had as a child.  This inspired the name for the BOM along with the "Southwest" feel of the vibrant RJR Cotton Supreme Solids used in the quilt.

Frequently Asked Questions.
1.  When are the new block patterns released?  Each month in 2015, a new block pattern will release on the first of the month.  If you are a subscriber, the pattern will automatically be emailed/mailed to you on this day.

The Moccasin BOM will contain:
  • An Introduction - all important information and guide to choosing fabrics (only available in PDF)
  • 12 Block Patterns in 11 months (1 each month, Month 3 has 2 patterns)
  • Instructions for Assembling the Quilt Top 
2.  How long does the BOM run?  This BOM will run for 12 months.  January though November will have block patterns each month.  December will be spent putting the quilt top together and finishing the quilt.

3.  How many blocks are there in the quilt?  There will be 12 block patterns.  We will make 2 of each block during the month for most months.  

4.  What size is the finished quilt?   67" x 67" 
5.  What size are the blocks?  9"x 9" finished / 9 1/2" x 9 1/2" unfinished. 

6.  What skill level is Moccasin?  Moccasin BOM is an Intermediate level quilt pattern.  Moccasin will build skills by working on traditional piecing techniques (half-square triangles, Flying Geese, Nine-Patch, Rail Fence, Diamond-in-the-Square). This BOM will challenge participants to tackle skill building blocks with strings, curves, triangles, and applique (Dresden Plate).

7.  What are the fabric requirements?  
2 1/2 yards Indigo Solid 
1 3/8 yards each Pink and Orange Solid 
1 1/4 yards Yellow Solid 
7/8 yard each Purple and White Solids 
5/8 yard Brown Solid 
1/3 yard Light Pink Solid 

4 1/4 yards Backing 
1/2 yard Binding

8.  Is this BOM available as a kit?  Yes, kits will be available using the RJR Cotton Supreme Solids I have used. Stay tuned for kit ordering details!

9. I like the Moccasin blocks, but prefer a more traditional setting.   Can I still join?  Absolutely!  You are more than welcome to join the BOM.  If you prefer, set the blocks in a more traditional manner.  However, I will only be giving finishing instructions for the modern layout above.

10.  It's already halfway through the year.  Can I still join?  No problem!  Block of the Month Clubs online are great because you can really work at your own pace.  No one is going to prevent you from skipping a block because you don't like it or working at your own pace, be it ahead or behind.

To me, quilting is fun and about interpretation.  I am providing you with the patterns as a guide.  Feel free to adapt them to your liking.  After all, YOU are the person who will keep the quilt or gift it to a loved one.

11.  Is there a flickr group for this BOM?  Yes - please join the Moccasin flickr group here.  It is more fun when we can share our fabric selections, progress and blocks with each other.  Also, if you are on Instagram, use #moccasinbom to share with us there.

What do you think?  Sound like fun?  I hope you'll join me in making Moccasin!  I am so excited to be starting this BOM with you.  The first block instructions will be available on January 1, 2015.  If you have any questions, please leave me a comment.  I will try to address all getting started questions here in this post for all to read.  

Attention Shops....
If you are interested in purchasing the Moccasin Block of the Month Club for your shop, please send me an email [] with the title "Wholesale Order Request".  Please include your shop name, location, and web address.  I will email you information on making wholesale pattern purchases from Gen X Quilters Wholesale Shop.  Also note there is a MOCCASIN SHOP GUIDE to assist you in ordering fabric for the program and cutting monthly kits for your customers.  The Shop Guide is a FREE PDF when you order 5 or more BOM sets.

Grab a button....  Will you quilt along with us?
Moccasin BOM by Gen X Quilters

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  1. Love this! Is that $21 or $28 per month or is that the total cost? I wasn't totally clear on that.

    1. Hi Pamela- The $25/$28 cost is for the full year of BOM patterns. There are 12 patterns in the set. This cost is for patterns only. The fabric you choose for the quilt is purchased separately. Hope this helps!

    2. It's one of the things that I love about your BOM. I see ones for $25/mo, some of which are just pattern only, and I can't/don't want to afford that. Whereas $2/mo, that's super affordable and fun.

  2. Oh wow! The setting for the blocks is so amazing. Love it!


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