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Feb 17, 2012

Follower Friday: Meet Kristie of OCD: obsessive crafting disorder

Feb 17, 2012
Pin It Hi there!  And welcome to another Follower Friday.  This is actually the last Follower Friday feature I have scheduled for a while.  We'll be taking a little break from the weekly segment, but will hopefully start up again in April sometime.  So let's kick off this little break with a bang!

Today I am featuring Kristie of OCD: obsessive crafting disorder.  I had the pleasure of meeting her at the Sewing Summit, and as I'm sure you can tell from her photos below, she is a riot!  What a fun gal!  Not only is she fun to be around with a great sense of humor (if you follow her blog, you know she adds some laughs in from time to time), but she's super talented too.  Let's learn more about her....

Kristie in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Occupation: Full time Mom, part time Dentist (but I'm gentle, honest!)

Significant Other/Kids/Pets: My hubby and I have been married for almost 12 years, and together for 7 more before that. However, his training remains incomplete...may need 50 more years or so! Our first baby was our schnauzer, the much-neglected Bailey.

We have 3 kids, Big G, our hockey loving 8 year old son, The Middle Child, our little dreamer of a daughter who is 6 1/2, and Last But Not Least, our spunky almost 5 year old! Here we are rocking it out at Disney World's Rock and Roll roller coaster on our recent trip to Florida!

# Years Quilting: almost 2.

How you learned to quilt: On the internet from other bloggers! I also got some great help from my local quilting friend and blogger, Kathy, who encouraged me to make my first quilt in the spring of 2010 for her Quilting for Babes quilt drive for our local Children's Hospital after her son spent some time in the NICU when he was first born. I ended up making 3 quilts for the program in total, in gratitude for the health of my 3 children, and....I was hooked!

Around the same time, I was also inspired by an incredible woman and friend who grew up with my husband. Raquel survived a battle with meningitis in her 20s that left her with 2 amputated legs and multiple amputated fingers, but never left her without a smile on her face. Visiting her cottage (where she cooked an amazing dinner for about 30 of us!), she showed me some quilts she had made with her blind 90 year old grandmother, laughing that between her lack of fingers and her grandmother's lack of eyesight, there wasn't a straight line in the bunch. In my eyes, they were gorgeous, both aesthetically and for all that they represented!

Favorite Completed Project: It's like picking a favorite among your children, right? I think my favorite quilt would have to be the twin sized hockey quilt I made for my son's bed last year.

It came to be quite by accident, I had a quilt top all ready to go and was trying to think of a little "hockey"something to do on the back as he basically lives and breathes the sport. As it evolved, it became more and more involved....and is now the back is now definitely the quilt TOP. Can't even remember what the other side looks like.....LOL! Mostly I love this one best because HE does- he really treasures it. Every night when I tuck him in he makes sure I have it arranged so the written label from me is next to his face. It warms my heart every time :)

I have also taken to knitting quite a lot in the last year! My favorite knitting project would have to be this sweater I made for my youngest daughter. The color makes me so happy! Orange is her favorite :)

Quilting workstation setup: When I am doing the actual QUILTING step or have time to pull out all my stuff for a longer sewing session, I normally sew away at our kitchen table in the sunshine.

BUT I am lucky enough to have a little area for all my crafting/sewing/knitting stash set aside in our guest bedroom. I fully confess it is NEVER usually this tidy, if you want to call it that! ;)

It doesn't get a lot of natural light, so I try to do my fabric mixing and matching elsewhere :) But it does have an amazing built in cabinet with slide out drawers where I keep all my fabric!

Machine you sew on: a clunky old Kenmore that I picked up for less than $200 a couple years ago! It does the trick, and I can't justify spending the dough on a fancy one as long as it keeps up with me. Besides, I can spend that money on FABRIC ;)

Your favorite notion/tool in your sewing room: I am pretty basic as far as gadgets, but couldn't live without my rotary cutter :)

It was nice hanging out with Anne Marie and all of you folks today! If you would like to visit me, I blog at OCD: obsessive crafting disorder and I am even having a giveaway right now if you want to come try your luck! I also hang out on Flickr and Ravelry for you knitters out there. I am too low tech for Facebook, Twitter, etc ;)

Thanks for sharing Kristie!

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  1. What a sweet hockey quilt! I've never seen that before--so glad you shared. :) And what a cool inspirational story about your friend Raquel and her grandmother's quilting.

  2. Oh my. I totally love that hockey quilt! It would be my favorite too!

  3. Wow - love the hockey quilt. I have 2 nephews in Ottawa that I could make that f0r - is there a pattern?

  4. Got o leave a comment just because it is Kristie!

  5. Kristie is indeed hilarious, and talented to boot! Thanks for featuring a fellow Canuck!

  6. I can't remember how or when I started following her...but I am so glad I already follow her....:)! Love the hockey quilt!

  7. What a sweet story about how Kristie's son makes sure the quiltlabel is close to him when he goes to sleep! Great to see a Canadian quilter featured!


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