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Feb 1, 2012

First Quilts on the First: Hollie of the Undercover Crafter

Feb 1, 2012
Pin It February 1st!!  Here we go - kicking off the first feature for First Quilts on the First of 2012.  Please welcome Hollie of the Undercover Crafter.  Hollie is one of the first people I "met" when starting this blog.  She bravely volunteered to be one of the first Follower Friday features - now she's back to share her first quilt with us.

Hi everyone! I’m Hollie of The Undercover Crafter and I’m so excited to be here
today at Gen X Quilters! Thanks for having me again, AnneMarie. I started quilting
two years ago after I took a class from Alissa (of Handmade by Alissa) at a local craft
shop. I had been sewing practically my whole life but I had been too intimidated
to try quilting until this class changed my whole perspective. Alissa taught me
the basics in her Coin Stacked Quilt Class, which stretched over two consecutive
Saturdays. It was all downhill from there. I started researching quilting on the
internet and my eyes were opened to all of the amazing blogs and resources out


Looking back, it’s silly that I was intimidated by the prospect of quilting, especially
with my background in sewing. The internet is chock full of great tutorials and
so many bloggers out there are willing to lend a helping hand. I swear I learn
something new every day.


My husband helped me pick out the fabrics I used for my first quilt. Purple is a
common color in our house, so I picked out the backing fabric first and started from
there. I remember being nervous about my stack and I wasn’t quite sure how
everything would come together or if it would look right. My design aesthetic and
confidence has come a long way since then. I’m not scared any more to mix and
match prints and colors from different fabric lines into the same project like I was


Now, I’m always up for a challenge. I’m currently working on my very first Lone
Star quilt. I’m also a huge fan of curves and improv piecing. I’m always looking for
ways to stretch myself as a sewer and a quilter. My goal for this year is to tackle free
motion quilting. Up until now I’ve focused on straight-line quilting because I love
the clean, modern lines, but I’ve realized that there are definitely instances where
straight line just won’t do so I’m branching out this year.





Most of my work is for friends or charity, so my projects rarely stay in my home. My
very first quilt does, though. It’s become our dog, One-Eyed Jack’s favorite blanket.
And it resides on our living room floor, near our couch. AnneMarie, thank you so
much for featuring me today. I always love it over here. And if you’re in the mood
you’re always welcome to come see me any time you want over at The Undercover
Crafter where I’m sewing my way through Amy Butler’s “Little Stitches for Little
Ones” among other projects and regular features. Be sure to say hello while you’re
there! Pin It


  1. I started a scrappy coin quilt a couple of weeks ago but it won't be a coin quilt when I'm finished! I really like Hollie's version.

  2. Some ambitious first projects!! Great work!

  3. Great first quilt! How fun to have started by taking a class from handmade by alissa!

  4. Your quilts look wonderful. I have been thinking to make the dog a quilt also but the thought of it getting dirty.


  5. Beautiful first quilt! Great work!

  6. Thanks for the love! And yes, Richard, it does get dirty but that's what the wash is for! ;)


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