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Jan 20, 2012

Follower Friday: Meet Amy of AmyLouWho

Jan 20, 2012
Pin It Happy snowy Friday!  We have our first snow here in Columbus, and I have to say I am glad it's here now.  Otherwise, it will show up in April??  Today I am featuring a real sweetie, Amy of AmyLouWho, who I met at the Sewing Summit.  She came up to me to tell me she liked my gigantic Cosmo bag, and then we realized who each other were.  What a fun and friendly gal!  You also probably know her from the fun Friday event she hosts, Show & Tell Friday.  Let's learn more about her!

another top!
Amy of Camp Lejeune, NC

This is my artsy look - handmade shirt and black framed glasses. Haha!

Occupation:  I am a retired school teacher (does 5 yrs count?), stay at home mother, home manager, nose wiper, food maker, fabric obsess-er, bathroom and kitchen cleaner, launderer, blogger etc. You know, the usual.

Significant Other/Kids/Pets:  I am married to mr.louwho and have 3 adorably busy kids. sisterlouwho 6, brotherlouwho 4, and babylouwho - who is not quite 2.

# Years Quilting:  This is a hard one to answer. I've been sewing my whole life, under my mother's tutelage. We made a quilt together when I was in high school, a really long time ago. I have been actively sewing and quilting again for the last 6 years, when I was expecting my first baby. Part of the nesting instinct, I think.

How you learned to quilt:  My mom taught me a ton and I learn a lot now from tutorials online and sewing with friends. I've also learned a lot by participating in online quilting bees. I've been asked to make blocks and do things that normally would have intimidated me!

Favorite Completed Project Description:  This is a hard question. I have many...
One of my favorites is the quilt and pillow I made for babylouwho.
LOVE pillow + LOVE quilt
I used Amy Butler's LOVE line and I still smile every time I tuck her in. So pretty.

Quilting workstation setup:  I usually do the actual quilting with my sewing machine on the dining room table.
Babylouwho is getting a hands on quilting lesson.
The truth is my sewing space is in total disarray right now as I'm trying to get it streamlined and more organized! I'm too embarassed at the moment to take a picture, so take heart if your space isn't neat and tidy, it probably looks better than mine!! My space is usually in the sunroom, but it's too cold out there in the winter, so I've sort of taken over the dining room at the moment!

Machine(s) you sew on:  I have a Bernina 1008, that I am 'borrowing' from my mom. I also have a White serger that I got in a swap for a bag I made! (best swap EVER.)

Your favorite notion/tool in your sewing room:  I love my rotary cutter, mats and rulers. Really, cutting is my least favorite part of the process, but these tools make it SO much easier.

I love to motivate people who are intimidated by sewing to just try it. I love to motivate people to finish projects too. These are two of my biggest struggles - trying new things and then finishing them! I started a linky part a few years ago to help me get over my fears and to finish things! It's called Sew & Tell and we have it most Fridays! In fact, come over today and share a recent finish with us!

If you'd like to keep up with Amy and all that she's up to visit her blog AmyLouWho, flickr photostream (amylouwho), twitter (amy_louwho). Have a great weekend! Pin It


  1. Hello AmyLouWho! I am also a retired teacher. I count my 13 years, so YES, count your five!

  2. Great interview, Amy! Love the babylouwho quilt! :)

  3. Hello Ms. Amy!!! Great Feature for a Great person! ooxx

  4. Great interview. Loved meeting Amy at the SS too and fun getting to peek into her world. :)

  5. I love Amy!! I met her in my shop on one of her visits home (Utah) I instantly clicked with her and found we had much in common. She is such a fun person!!

  6. That LOVE quilt is absolutely beautiful. So inspiring!

  7. AmyLouWho...great to get to know you better. Thanks AnneMarie for letting us get to know the "Who" family a little more.


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