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Sep 16, 2011

First Quilt on the First (Sixteenth?!?): Joanna of Shapemoth

Sep 16, 2011
Pin It Welcome to a rescheduled First Quilts on the First guest post.  I somehow overlooked the fact that Joanna of Shapemoth was supposed to have her feature during the height of Summer Fair.  So better late than never, right?  Joanna has some wonderful quilts to share with you today.  It's absolutely shocking that she's been at it for just over a year.  Look and see!

'My quilting adventure started in May last year. I asked my friend, which was pregnant then, what she would like to get as a present for the baby. She knew that I have sewing machine (I bought one just to have it at home, cause you never know when you will need one :) ) so she asked me if I would manage to sew a baby quilt. As I always loved challanges I said yes. I didn't have any idea how to make quilt, from what and I haven't sewn anything more complicated than a pillow cover in my life then. I started to surf in the internet in search for tutorials, patterns, inspirations and shops with fabric... I was overwhelmed by the amount of new information but as I promised that I would do it I had to do it somehow ;)
I decided on a simple pattern quilt with some applique, cotton batting and a fleece on the back. Looking at the quilt now, I can say that it wasn't so bad for the first time, and I'm happy form the end result:

Since then I couldn't stop thinking about all those things which I could create using my small sewing machine. I signed on sewing forum where I met many amazing people with even more amazing ideas and helpful tips, I started to write my own blog, opened flickr account  and fully discovered the beauty of the sewing world. As time was passing I was finding more and more amazing shops with quilting fabrics, learning new techniques and started to design my own patterns. Now I sew quilts, pillows, softies, purses/clutches, design paper pieced and quilt patterns and I even mamaged to win some sewing contests. I think that if somebody told me that one year ago I would not believe him at all.

I would like to show you one of my new quilts - 'Shattered rainbow' - which was based on Andy Gilmore's graphic (as you see, you can find the quilting inspiration everywhere):

'Shattered rainbow' quilt finished (2)

'Shattered rainbow' quilt finished (1)

'Shattered rainbow' quilt finished (5)

The back of the quilt:

'Shattered rainbow' quilt finished (3)

If you are looking for some inspirations maybe you could find something interesting on my blog :)

I would like to thank AnneMarie for the chance to be featured on her wonderful blog and to you for the time which you spent on reading my guest post! ' Pin It


  1. Thank you for featuring me and my quilts :)

  2. Shattered rainbow = gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your "quilting roots."

  3. Love your Shattered Rainbow! What a fabulous job with your first quilt. Wow!


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