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Jun 13, 2011

Gen X Quilting to Gen X Radio

Jun 13, 2011
Pin It A few weeks after starting Gen X Quilters last year, I discovered Gen X Radio here in my town.

My husband has ribbed me for the past couple years for listening to the "Mom Station".  You know the adult contemporary one with the Mom commercials "Hey Moms!  You've had a hard day.... but here you can listen to your music and take a bubble bath...."

Not that I really liked it... but it was safe to listen to with the kids, not like the "hip" station here in town that casually throws out cuss words,sexual references and chats up all the ridiculous shenanigans of the Hollywood scene.
photo from Gen X Radio Columbus website

Anyway, I've already professed that I am a Gen X Quilter.... so now I'm taking it another step and confirming my GenX-ism by saying that Gen X Radio has not EVER, in the year I've been listening, played a song I couldn't belt out the lyrics to.

If you haven't listened, give it a try... you can listen live to Columbus' station online or google it for the others across the country.  Each song will invoke some childhood memory, be it from the junior high, high school or college years.

We ALL went through the phases.... hair bands, R & B, hip hop, grunge, rap, alternative...... the list could go on....  is NKOTB it's own category?

When's the last time you heard Stereo MC's Connected, 4 Non Blondes What's Up?, Salt'N'Pepa Shoop,  INXS Need You Tonite, or Soundgarden Black Hole Sun?

Just sayin'.  You know there's some mean quilting going on over here to the tune of Puffy Daddy Mo' Money, Mo' Problems and Lenny Kravitz Are you Gonna Go My Way.

I am in no way connected to this radio station, nor was I paid to mention them in a post.  Just thought everyone might have some fun singing along!

And here's the Swell Cloth Honey Child winner....

MN2NM said...

I love the viewfinder fabric and I think I might buy it up right now!
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  1. Love this post- sounds like a great station!

  2. Too fun! Music definitely helps me quilt, big-time, and this sounds right up my alley :)

  3. That's a great radio station!! I think almost every song takes me back to "the good 'ole days!"

  4. haha! so funny. We have a station similar to that. They call it Mix, but I unashamedly love it! And you are totally right - I don't have to worry about my daughter picking up foul language. ahhh... momhood is official!

  5. Ooops! You lost me on that list of songs - I have to confess to being a Baby Boomer! It's good that you found a station you like; the one I like most is still broadcasting in AM and I get too much static to make listening enjoyable!

  6. When I was in Columbus I used to listen to CD101 but this sounds better. I do have a sweet 90s mix on my iPod that includes such hits as Iesha by Another Bad Creation and Snow's Informer (prob the best rap song of all time!).

  7. Bahahaha! We have satellite radio and listen to 80's on 8 & 90's on 9, we love to belt it out too.

  8. I'm definitely going to check this station out. Besides knowing all the words to those songs, can you also remember the videos? I think I spent every possible moment from 1980-1983/4 in front of the TV watching MTV and drive my husband crazy when I describe the videos to him while a song is playing. HA! Thanks for sharing the station with us. :)

  9. I always catch Gen X radio when I'm around Indianapolis (driving home from Alabama). I never thought of listening online!

  10. Congratulations to the winner!

  11. While visiting in St. Louis, I got addicted to their Gen-X station. Hope we get one in Dallas! Too much fun! What a blast from the past!


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