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Jun 17, 2011

Follower Friday: Meet Lindsay of Craft Buds and Lindsay Sews

Jun 17, 2011
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What a nice feeling that it's Friday again!  Today's lovely feature is Lindsay of Craft Buds and Lindsay Sews.  I first featured her tutorial for a thread catcher here at GXQ back in February.  Since then, it's been so much fun watching her and Mary launch Craft Buds.  If you haven't been there yet, you've been missing out!  Tutorials, crafty business advice, and a whole host of other things.  And not to mention, Lindsay does some fantastic work herself.  Let's learn some more about the quilter/crafter behind the scenes.... 

Lindsay - Anderson, IN

Occupation: Editor and freelance writer

Significant Other/Kids/Pets: I'm married to my husband Matt of 5 years and we adopted a darling cat Murph who's one and likes to lay on anything I'm sewing.

# Years Quilting: 3-ish years

How you learned to quilt:
I just started sewing together large squares. I wanted to make my mom and mother-in-law quilts for Christmas a few years ago, so I bought several yards of coordinating fabrics and went at it. I figured out the rest (batting, quilting and binding) online and in sewing magazines. My newest discoveries usually come though reading other blogs and getting together with other quilters!

Favorite Completed Project:
Diamonds Mini Quilt

Quilting workstation setup:  My setup is pretty simple, and I typically lug my machine and cutting supplies down to the living room on big sewing weekends, when I like to sew in front of the TV.  Here's a corner of my craft room, and I have another room (a spare bedroom) where I store UFOs.

Machine(s) you sew on: I bought a Singer 7467 on Black Friday, and it's a great basic machine.  Not very handy for large machine quilting projects, but it's great for piecing quilts and making bags, stuffed toys and clothes, which I also love to sew.

Your favorite notion/tool in your sewing room:  Like others, I really love my rotary cutter. I use an extra-long ruler and extra-large cutting mat for cutting yardage.

My blog, and my other blog:
So, after I started my blog Lindsay Sews, my real-life friend Mary started her craft blog, Bugglebee. In March of 2011, we decided to combine forces and create a joint blog, Craft Buds. We had both been posting sewing/crafting tutorials so we decided to combine those with interviews, business tips, featured bloggers, giveaways, a master giveaway list and more. It has been so encouraging to see the great response to our blog in such a short time. :)

Craft Buds

We chose the name because we hope to help people grow their blogs and online businesses as they find inspiration and information at our site. And it's a collaboration between two friends, since I'm a professional editor and Mary is a professional graphic designer, we've found that our talents and crafting lives really fit hand in hand!
I'd love it if you'd stop by Craft Buds or Lindsay Sews sometime and say hello! (I'm also on Facebook here and here.) AnneMarie, thanks for having me! 

If you would like to be featured on Gen X Quilters' Follower Friday, send your information (listed under the Follower Friday page at the top) to  Happy Friday!

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