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Jul 15, 2017

Improv Fabric Hoop Quilt

Jul 15, 2017
Pin It Improv Hoop Quilt Echinacea field by AnneMarie Chany
Amy Friend, of During Quiet Time (and one of nicest people you'll ever meet), has released her first fabric line with Benartex called Improv.  I was honored and excited when she asked me to be a part of the blog hop to celebrate her collection.  And you know it's all HOOPS up in here, so of course, I brought some hoopy goodness with the Improv collection.
Improv Hoop Quilt on wall by AnneMarie Chany
Improv's palette shows such calm and gentleness with great modern prints.  It's a contrast from so many modern fabrics that scream at you with intensity.  Amy's prints beckon you to play with the soft palette that reads as solid from afar.  I always love tone-on-tone or tone-and-white prints, so these fit perfectly with my quilt personality and stash.
Improv Hoop Quilt piecing detail by AnneMarie Chany
The organic feel of the Improv collection led me to think of nature.  I decided to shape the HSTs in the HOOP QUILT in the shape of an octagon.  The earth.  An orb.  I rather like how it came out.  The four distinct colors with in the orb remind me of the four elements: earth, air, fire and water.
Improv Hoop Quilt label detail by AnneMarie Chany
And to top off that theme, I used one of these labels I've had in my stash for years to emphasize the renewal of nature. (It's from the Sweetwater Label Club - slightly changed now from what it was back in the day.)  In addition to sewing and quilting, Amy is a talented gardener and she often showcases her lovely flowers and garden on her IG feed.  I thought this sentiment on the label perfectly captured the feel of Amy's art and Improv.
Improv Hoop Quilt close up label and flowers by AnneMarie Chany
Follow along with the Improv Blog Hop:
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Thursday: Charise @Charise Creates
Friday: Nicole @Wild Boho
Saturday: AnneMarie @Gen X Quilters

There is a giveaway of a bundle of Improv FQs at the Benartex blog Sew In Love.
Improv Hoop Quilt Enchinacea by AnneMarie Chany
I found this beautiful park, perfect for picture taking.  I didn't realize until I walked up, it is a restored cemetery.  No wonder it's so calm and picturesque.  And a little creepy?
Improv Hoop Quilt cemetary by AnneMarie Chany

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  1. Love, love, love...thank you AnneMarie!

  2. Oh, this is a beauty. I love your words about the calmness of the fabrics.

  3. Love Amy's new fabric collection. I have to give these hoops a them all

  4. Nah! I suspect that there are a lot of lovely women buried there who would enjoy seeing quilting again๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Such a nice hoop. The label really adds a little more dimension to this beautiful piece of art. I often walk in our local cemetery and find it quiet and peaceful so I don't think it was creepy at all. Thank you for some inspiration today.

  6. Lovely Improv fabric hoop!

  7. AnneMarie, I love your symbol of our beautiful earth. It's quite unique inside the hoop. Love it so much. INdeed Improv is a peaceful palette. Thankyou so much for showing us the 4 elements.


  8. Very cute! Thanks for sharing.

  9. I couldn't agree more with Amy's bundle and how it's so gentle and calming. Some of the modern bundles lately are so loud and obnoxious! Not this one. Your hooped orb is beautiful...I think the spirits of the cemetery love it too! duchick at gmail dot com

  10. That is a beautiful piece. I had to laugh when you said the park was actually a cemetery. Would have loved to see the look on your face when you realized it.

  11. This is beautiful and I absolutely love the octagonal shape!


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