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Jul 17, 2017

Hoop Quilt Along Week2: Half-Square Triangles

Jul 17, 2017
Pin It Hoop Quilt Along Week 2 by AnneMarie Chany
It's Week #2 of the Hoop Quilt Along.  We had a nice slow start - perfect for those long lazy days of summer.  Last week, we began with Gathering Supplies and Choosing Fabric.  Hopefully, you have some fabric to start playing with, even if you haven't picked up a hoop yet. This week we are making the mother of all classics - the Half Square Triangle.

To join the HoopQAL, go here (to get the Free Coloring Sheet) and get the Pattern here.
(It's never too late to join in btw.)


Last week, we picked out fabrics to work with for the project.  If you are using a charm pack like me, you may need to narrow down how many prints you will use within the piecing in the center of the hoop.  It's really up to you..... ultimately, you could make all your half-square triangles (HSTs) from just one fabric and a background.  OR you can choose up to 16 prints/colors.  In my case, I wanted my prints to fit into 4 basic color groupings.  I didn't have enough yellow prints, so I am using 15 prints instead of the full 16.
True Colors Charms for Hoop Quilt Along by AnneMarie Chany
The charms I am using are 5" square to start, but I didn't need squares that big for the size hoop I am making (I'm using the 12" hoop piecing instructions).  So after selecting my fabrics, I cut the charms down to size (listed in the Cutting Requirements chart) and cut my white background squares.
Charms cut to size Hoop Quilt Along by AnneMarie Chany

I use the common method of making HSTs from squares that yield 2 identical HST units.  If you are not familiar with this method, you can watch the video tutorial below to see the details.  I love this fundamental piecing skill - it's so versatile.  Our hoops only require 1 of the 2 HSTs you make.  You can save the extra HST for another project (read: hoop #2 - cause I know you're gonna get addicted!)
Be sure to trim your HSTs and square them up after sewing.  I oversize my cutting instructions so you'll be able to square them up at the end.  I find it's the most important thing I do to make my block measurements accurate.  The units sew together so much better when they are squared up prior to piecing.

I love to use this Quilt-in-a-Day HST Square Up Ruler while doing this.  It allows you to trim each block to size before you press it open.  Genius!  I have this ruler in both the 6" and 9" size.  :)
HST Square Up Ruler Hoop Quilt Along by AnneMarie Chany Here they are looking pretty.  That's all for this week.  Easy peasy.Finished Half Square Triangles Hoop Quilt Along by AnneMarie ChanyTo join the HoopQAL, go here (to get the Free Coloring Sheet) and get the Pattern here.

Let me know if you have any questions or if I left any details out.  Remember to share! #hoopquilt  #hoopquiltalong 

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1 comment:

  1. I love the HST block! It is so versatile and adds so much to projects. I laughed out loud when you said to save the second HST for another hoop project. When I was getting my hoop, I told my husband that I was going to get at least two because I can easily see this becoming an addiction. He didn't laugh, but simply rolled his eyes. He knows me so well. :-) Thanks for all YOU do!


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