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Feb 6, 2017

FREE Formation Sampler Pattern

Feb 6, 2017
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A new pattern release for today!  How exciting.  Know what's even more exciting?  This pattern is FREE for subscribers to my newsletter just for being a part of this little online sewing community.  Not signed up yet?  No problem.  You can subscribe further down in the post or in the sidebar on the right.

I hope this brings a little added fun to your day.  I know super sizing some Flying Geese makes my Monday.  I've been teasing this new sampler on Instagram for a week or so....

FORMATION: Make Your Sampler Fly
It's no secret I love samplers of all shapes and sizes.  Finding unique settings is....well... an obsession of mine.  That's probably not a secret either. ;)

Sometimes, I want to make a quick and easy quilt. Ok.. we all know quick and easy are relative.. but compared to my year-long Block of the Month programs, this quilt is Speedy Gonzales.

Let me introduce you to Formation.

Formation: A beginner 4 block sampler based on the iconic Star Block.  The center of each star teaches a different piecing basic. The quilt then takes flight by framing the stars in beautiful huge Flying Geese.

Finished Block is 13 1/2" x 27"  | Finished Quilt is 52" x 60".
Easy peasy!

CHOOSING FABRIC MADE SIMPLE.  Don't fret over fabric for this quilt.  I wanted to keep things super basic.  Very clean.  Very simple.  Very graphic.

You will need just 6 fabrics for this quilt.  4 color prints or solids (tone-on-tone or tone-and-white work best) for the Geese.  White.  And a background fabric.  I chose Robert Kaufman's Essex Yarn Dye in Taupe as my background.  That's it.  A formula for success.

You are free to add scraps to the stars like I did in the dark aqua star.
Formation fabric pull
Did I mention Formation is FREE for those who subscribe to my newsletter?  Don't worry - the newsletter only comes out when I have actual news.  Which is usually quarterly.  I won't bombard you!

Sign up for the newsletter (see below or the sidebar) and get your Formation Sampler Pattern delivered to your inbox.  I hope you enjoy!

The Pattern is also available in the shop here.

FORMATION will be delivered in a separate email a few minutes after you confirm your subscription.  Check your spam folder if your pattern does not arrive.  Be sure to save your Pattern some place safe after you download.
Formation Cover JPG

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I'm planning to make another Formation - as my ideas for this pattern are not finished.  Imagine that. :)  I'd love to make just the piecing part without the negative space and use it as a table runner.  OR I'd also like to make several rows of the big ol' Flying Geese to make a large quilt.  Not sure what I'll tackle first.  But, oh, the possibilities....
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  1. Really lovely, I would like to make it but when I press as suggested it takes me to your shop where it is $ 7.5 dollars. I must be doing something wrong, please advise. thank you.

    1. Hi Gwenyth- In order to get the pattern for free, you must subscribe to my newsletter by entering your email address in the box below where it says "SUBSCRIBE TO GEN X QUILTERS' MAILING LIST".


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