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Jun 21, 2016

Hattie's Trick Baby Quilt Finish

Jun 21, 2016
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Hooray for a finish today!  The Hattie's Trick quilt is based on a quilt block from my book, Sister Sampler Quilts.  Since we mostly think that the blocks used in samplers only exists in sampler quilts, I decided to make a quilt entirely from only one block in the book.  And here she is, in all her bright cheerfulness.

I debated about this binding.  I love DS prints, and wasn't sure I should use it for the binding - because it could be SO much more used in blocks in a quilt.  I tried to substitute some other solids for binding, but it just wasn't right.  I'm so glad I picked this print.  It picks up the soft hazy greens from the quilt top so well.
The Hattie's Trick blocks are all set on point.  Can you see the original block?
I've outlined below what the Hattie's Trick quilt block looks like.  I changed the coloring of the block across the quilt.  Then setting them on point really gives a much different look and it's almost hard to distinguish where the blocks are.  I like when designs blend like that and it's hard to tell exactly where the blocks begin and end.
This quilt will be a baby gift, so I chose a bunch of girly pink prints I collected on the back.  I never found out ahead of time if I was having boys or girls when I was expecting.  I ended up with all boys,  but since I never knew, I always collected baby girl prints too.  This quilt back puts them to good use.
I've decided that I need to show you more than just the pretty finish pics that normally appear on both this blog and social media.  There is SO much that goes on behind the scenes of running a quilt pattern business, and I want to share some of that with you.  To some, it might seem like my projects just magically appear - but we all know how much time it takes to sew a quilt and the care that goes into making each one.  So here's my second "Behind the Scenes" pic (follow me on instagram for more).  I'm sewing the binding by machine to this quilt.  I almost always machine bind because it's so fast.  And for baby quilts, it will hold up well to repeated washing.
Quilt Stats.
Name: Hattie's Trick Baby Quilt
Size: 50" x 50"
Fabric:  Misc stash fabric with Kona White
Pattern:  Hattie's Trick Block from Sister Sampler Quilts book
Piecing:  Me
Quilting: LAQ Beany of Quilty Pleasures
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  1. Page 24 (I looked!!) with a tetradic colour scheme, purple dominant. Nice balance between the cools and warms - and the piece de resistance was the DS green print, an unexpected ooh ooh ooh. The layout surely took planning...

    1. Sure did Sally! I'm glad you like it. It's a subtle twist on an easy block that went together pretty quickly.


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