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May 13, 2016

Quilty Box for May-Curated by me!

May 13, 2016
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May's Quilty Boxes should be arriving in mailboxes everywhere this week.  I am so happy to announce that I am the curator for the month of May.  Patrick has really put together a cool subscription box concept and it was my pleasure to choose some of my favorite items to include in this month's box.  I'll tell you a little about why I chose each item.

PIE MAKING DAY FQ BUNDLE - I love bright modern colors and tend to gravitate towards small to medium scale prints that are either tone-on-tone or one-and-white.  Ta-dah!  That's exactly what this bundle is.  Some may call these the blenders.  I find these prints are very versatile and are easily worked into my stash.  And a rainbow of color is included in the Quilty Box!

LACUNA SAMPLER PATTERN - Lacuna is one of my beginner samplers.  It gets your feet wet if you will.  It's a great way to try one out.  Maybe you'll get addicted like me.  And this pattern happens to use Pie Making Day fabric in the sampler on the cover of the pattern.

BELLA MAIDEN PATTERN - Bella Maiden is a great modern pattern that oversizes a classic block (Old Maid's Puzzle).  A perfect blend of modern and traditional.  This pattern is based on using fat quarters like those provided in the box.

6 1/2" HST SQUARE UP RULER - For all my patterns, I always oversize my cuts to leave room for squaring up later.  I really find this increases my accuracy - and I use this ruler for squaring up every HST I make.  You square them up before pressing them open and it helps save some time.  I use this ruler pretty much every time I sew.

FRIXION PEN - I enjoy using the Frixion pens when I am marking cutting lines on the wrong sides of fabric.  The ink disappears when the fabric is pressed.  I have heard of several people having issues with the ink reappearing when the pen was used for a quilting line, so I don't recommend using it on the right side of fabric or the quilt top.  Since I use these pens only on the wrong side of fabric, it ends up internal to the quilt and isn't visible if the ink partially reappears. 

Did you receive a Quilty Box?  Check out this fun surprise that arrives at your doorstep monthly if you haven't already. I hope you enjoy your items.  I can't wait to see what you make! Pin It


  1. Wow, what a neat box! Bet you had a blast putting it together!
    Sandy A

  2. Can we make Bella maiden with the FQs in the Quilty Box? I think we need more variety.

  3. So my son asked me what I wanted for my birthday a little while ago and I suggested a Quilty Box, as I hadn't tried them yet and thought it would be fun. I saw your post on Friday and immediately started thinking - oh I hope he did get me the Quilty Box and I soooo hope it is May's (yes like a little kid). Anyway, my birthday was Saturday and lo and behold, he presented me with May's Quilty Box. Woo hoo! I was so thrilled with what you put together AnneMarie! Thank you.

  4. Thanks so much for the tips for using the Fixion pen! I might have tried to draw the quilting pattern on the right side of my quilt if you hadn't tipped me off! Love all the things in the box! Thank you!


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