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Dec 8, 2015

Patchwork Auditions Quilt Finish

Dec 8, 2015
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I am happy to show you today my Patchwork Auditions quilt finish!  I started working on this project back in March or so of this year as a means to think outside the box.  (And a way to use up scraps!)  I wanted to explore the many different ways to color quilt blocks - especially ones we have all seen and used many many times.

This quilt is the result of that artistic exploration.

There are 7 different classic quilt blocks in this quilt.  Most of the blocks were made three times - but each one is constructed using a different coloring scheme.  For example, below is a screen capture that shows all 3 of the Churn Dash blocks I included in the quilt.  Can you find them all in the finished quilt?

The finished setting takes the quilt blocks and sets them into rows.  There are both 12" and 16" finished blocks, and to make the math work out for the 12" rows, I needed to add some flying geese and rainbow blocks to round it out.  Overall, I'm really happy with how it ended up!
I found this little brick hut in the park I was shooting at.  I'm not sure what it's purpose is/was, but I was fascinated taking photos on it's gate door.  Just a little photography fun, but you can't see much of the quilt since it's huge and folded up.
This quilt is HUGE.  It's 80" x 88".  It was really hard to photograph.  It's fun though because I made it completely from scraps and my stash.
There is one quilt we have that everyone fights over in the winter.  It's the only flannel backed one we have.  This year I've finished this Patchwork Auditions quilt for us with this awesome Remix Flannel quilt back.  So soft and warm.  All the colors in the Remix print go nicely with the scrappy front.  Can't wait to use this all winter!
The Patchwork Auditions series is a FREE series here on GXQ.  Go here to try making a block or two - and maybe you'll end up with a whole quilt yourself!  The instructions for the full size quilt are all a part of the series.

Quilt Stats.
Name: Patchwork Auditions
Size: 80" x 88"
Fabric:  Misc scraps and stash fabric with Architextures Handwriting print background
Piecing:  Me
Quilting: LAQ Beany of Quilty Pleasures
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  1. Nice finish, I like the simple line quilting on this one.

  2. I bought the book and I'm looking forward to diving in as soon as the Christmas decorations are put away!!! I have fabric choices and I'm raring to go.

  3. Completely WONDERFUL, AnneMarie! The different blocks, the collection of fabric, the final layout--all the choices you made were spot on. Huzzah!!

  4. LOVE the flying geese sashing! Brilliant. I really like the quilts that I have backed in flannel too. Every winter I swear I am only going to back in flannel and every summer I know that quilting cottons are the only way to go. :)

  5. Two years later and I'm just seeing this post...great idea as I know we do get stuck in a rut and need a way step outside the block! Your quilt finish is perfect...thanks for sharing.


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