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Oct 27, 2015

My Fall Quilt Market Experience

Oct 27, 2015
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Hi everyone.  I made it!  I'm back from Market this past weekend, completely exhausted, yet inspired and full of ideas.  If you're looking for a post that summarizes the best of the best from Market, I'm sure someone else will have all that info for you.  I actually prefer not to document every single thing I see in favor of living the experience.  And since this was my first time working Market as an author, that's pretty much what I would like to journal here. 
I began Market with a Schoolhouse session to shout from the rooftops what Sister Sampler Quilts is all about.  I don't have any pictures because I completely forgot to ask someone to take any while I was up there presenting.  I was stressed about not only sharing for the first time all this hard work and my designs, but about the logistics of running a session.  I was lucky that Mary and Gina came to my rescue to help with handing out flyers and holding up the quilts so I could focus on the presentation.  Overall, I think the book was well received and I was happy with the turn out at the session.  I was afraid that I would be talking to myself since my session was at the same time slot as Tula Pink, but not so!  I had an interested and receptive audience.
In the Checker booth, I spotted Sister Sampler Quilts on the shelf for the first time.  It's not completely in the wild yet, but it was really fun to happen upon it.  Someone who came to the Schoolhouse session said "Hey, isn't that the "Sisters" girl?" while I was taking pics of my own book.  Busted!!!  We had a good laugh about it!
I did 3 different book signing events for the book throughout the weekend.  And actually, this was the part I loved the best.  It was really fun to get to talk to people on an individual basis and watch as an A-ha lit their face when I was able to explain where the "sister" concept of the book comes from.  I'll be sharing that with you here in this space soon!
The hilarious Jodie went paparazzi on me during one of the signings.  You can't tell by the pic below, but I had a really hard time keeping a straight face.  She was all over the place and she took this shot below of a book signing in action.  Thank you so much Jodie!
My friend Angela and I roomed together and she came with me to take a pic next to the display for the book in the F&W booth.  I kept giving her a staged smile, so she made me take a whole bunch of silly shots to loosen up.  There is nothing like hugging a quilt mounted on a pole?!?!?
So now, Market is done and it's back to real life.  I usually need quite a few days to decompress from the visual overload, non-stop networking, and marathon day/night events.  I can't wait to share what Sister Sampler Quilts if all about with you.  Stay tuned as the December launch gets closer and closer!
If you're not following me on Instagram already (@genxquilters), hop over there today.  I'm giving away the Cotton + Steel Schoolhouse giveaway.  They handed out Cotton +Steel bags filled with C+S selvages.  Super cool if you're a selvage collector!
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  1. Very cool! And congrats on the book - that's awesome.

  2. Market is always such a rush ; ) Congratulations !


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