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Nov 19, 2013

Vice Versa BOM Color Inspirations

Nov 19, 2013
Pin It *Sorry this post is a day late!  Turns out it's quite a bit of work to coordinate multiple bundles with several shops.  My sponsors are wonderful ladies - please consider shopping with them!

Thank you for your response to the Vice Versa BOM!  I'm glad to hear many of you are as excited about this project as I am.  There are already some inspiration photos showing up in the flickr group (remember to join! less than half of you are members there!)

To begin, let's think about choosing fabric for this quilt....

If you have subscribed for the year, then you have already received the Vice Versa Introduction with Information on Choosing your Colorway.  There is more detail in that document in helping you select your fabrics.  But I wanted to give you some options if you need a little help along the way.  This is one of my favorite parts of starting a new project - contemplating the fabric!

For the Vice Versa BOM, I have decided to work in solids.  Not only are solids fantastically modern, but they can make such an impact on a quilt visually, allowing the quilt and block design to shine.  For this quilt, we want to show off the blocks and their inverses.  The fabrics you choose will have a big influence in making the blocks "Pop".

Here is my inspiration photo Color Sip (from and the resulting bundle I selected for Vice Versa.
  Pure Elements Solids in Macchiato, Clementine, Coral Reef, Verve Violet, and Appletini.

I am using Pure Elements Solids by Art Gallery Fabrics.  I am so excited to make a whole quilt using Pure Elements.  In the past, I have worked with Art Gallery Fabrics for other bee members quilt blocks.  As soon as you touch them, you know they are different.  My first reaction was "Wow, what is this?".  They are silky soft and smooth - with almost a sheen to them that makes them glow.  They'll make for such a lovely quilt for this BOM.

Pure Elements are available at Sew Me A Song, Fat Quarter Shop and Pink Castle Fabrics.  There is not currently a bundle for the exact fabrics I selected for the BOM because Clementine is a brand new color.  It is supposed to arrive in shops sometime this November.  Keep your eye out for it!

My sponsors and I have put together a number of bundles based on some gorgeous inspiration photos, all from Design Seeds.  Pick up a special Vice Versa BOM bundle if one of these colorways strikes you!  Most of these bundles are solids.  If you are interested in using prints, the Color Spice Bundle by Sew Me A Song (is not only absolutely gorgeous), but it shows you how you can create a beautiful stack of blenders based on a color inspiration photo.


Strawberry Brights Bundle:  Bloomerie Scrumptious Solids Bundle by Bonnie & Camille, Moda (Orange is an added hue in the Scrumptious line.)

I hope some of those palettes have wet your appetite.  Just imagine what they will look like in the Vice Versa BOM quilt.  Amazing!

So what palette are you thinking?  If you haven't signed up yet, you can subscribe to the Vice Versa BOM here - the Introduction and Guide to Choosing Colors will come right away!
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  1. AnneMarie, Do you suggest using white for the background, or using one of the colours from the image? I love Design Seeds and have used one of their images for a crocheted afghan I am working on.

  2. Karen- I played with the colors in the design quite a bit before choosing what I thought best. I thought it looked best to have the blocks on a white background. Then I chose a different color for the sashing and large negative space areas. This is of course personal preference, but I liked setting the blocks on white, then using a complimentary light shade from the inspiration photo to round out the color in the design for the big background. You can use white for your large background negative spaces and the blocks. It will look nice and clean. I wanted to spice it up a little personally! Hope this helps....

  3. I pulled out my (new!) Kona color card tonight and started jotting down color names to match my Design-Seed image. Yippee!
    Thanks for clarifying the whole negative space color option - I think I'll hold off on deciding if I want to stick with white or go with something a little more daring... like "bone" or "ivory" :-)
    I'm excited to be a part of this AM! I've never done a block-of-the-month club before.

  4. It's official - I'm in! I'll be making a quilt for my MIL for Christmas 2014. :) Now to decide on colors....

  5. I made my colour choices on the weekend. Went with a Halloween theme and have posted my choices in the Flickr group. Is it January yet? I'm antsy to get started.


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