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Oct 14, 2013

Feedback Please! Your BOM in 2014

Oct 14, 2013
Pin It With 2013 closing soon, Sisters' Ten Block of the Month will be wrapping up.  I am already looking ahead to 2014.  And in thinking about hosting another BOM program, I would very much like to have your input on my Sisters' Ten Endeavor to help me plan ahead....

What is it YOU want from a Block of the Month Club???

Please leave your feedback and let me know your thoughts, so I can make 2014 even better!  Here are a few questions to get you thinking....

  • Did you participate in Sisters' Ten BOM?
  • What did you like/dislike?
  • Were the instructions clear?
  • What makes you decide to participate in a BOM?
  • Are you looking for a skill builder project?  Or just a lovely quilt in the end?
  • What level of patterns do you usually sew?  Beginner, intermediate, advanced?
  • What size quilts to you typically sew?  Mini, wall hanging, lap, bed size?
  • Do you have a preferred block size?  Sisters' Ten had 9" and 12" options...
  • Do you enjoy quilts that mix paper piecing with traditional piecing?
  • Do you prefer to see the design ahead of time - or - enjoy mystery quilts?
I welcome your thoughts regardless of whether you participated in this year's BOM.  It really helps to know what people are looking for and enjoy.  Thank you for all your support!
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  1. I did not participate in this years BOM, only because by the time I found your site, my plate was already too full. I would love to participate in 2014. I would like intermediate, 9 to 12", no paper piecing, lap or bed size. Definitely able to see the pattern before I begin the project. Thanks for asking.

  2. I really liked your BOM this year -- I just completed the last of my blocks!
    For a future BOM, I'd have to see the quilt -- I would never do a mystery BOM!
    Size doesn't really matter, for blocks or finished quilts, as long as the quilt is lovely.
    I'd love to see a wonky houses or trees quilt -- something like I've seen in sewing bees on flickr -- with houses, swing sets, trees, cars, etc. Paper pieced or traditional is fine!

  3. I couldn't participate, but I followed along. I even read the instructions and thought they were good.
    I think paper piecing would be great. I've done your pitcher patterns and downloaded the published star/asterisk one. That's on my wish list. Actually some thing like that would be really cool.
    I would say I am an advanced beginner who does mostly lap quilts. Twelve inch blocks can look a bit overwhelming. I like the idea of a mystery quilt, but they make me nervous.

  4. I loved the bom this year! I picked it because you did show all the blocks up front and the layout was so unique! I'm sure whatever you decide for next year will be awesome, and I can't wait!

  5. I participated and loved it! The layout is what drew me in. I have quilted for years so pattern level doesn't matter to me. I am not interested in a mystery--I like to have a little bit of a plan. And I like anything in size from wall hanging to generous throw. I am also not a fan of buying a membership at this time. I would rather be able to have the funds to buy fabric for the project.
    I loved this QAL -- I think it's one of my favorites! You did a great job with super easy instructions and graphics. I can't wait to finish my Sister's Ten and look forward to your next QAL :)

  6. I didn't officially participate this year (made only a few for practice) but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to participate next year! I love the mystery side of it. It,s always exciting to get the pattern early in the month. I look forward to it. :-) I'm between beginner and intermediate right now. I would love the patterns to have a few paper piecing inserts. I've been meaning to learn. And the size of blocks doesn't really matter to me. Anything between 6 and 12 is fine.

  7. I did participate this year, I still have the last 3 blocks to make, but they are cut out. I made the 12" ones and loved that you had size options. I joined along this year because I loved the way the quilt looked, so modern and bright, but yet using traditional blocks. Your instructions were perfect, I wouldn't change anything. I would say I am pretty advanced in quilting, and these blocks were just challenging enough! The reason I joined this one was because I saw the pattern from the beginning, I don't want to commit to a quilt unless I know it is something that I will like, thus the mystery ones do nothing for me. I don't have any negative comments about this years, it was perfect, thank you!

  8. I did participate. Things I liked: the modern sampler block pattern and layout, the tutorials were great and very clear and concise, it started after and (will) end before the holidays, the choice of block size, I didn't need to get a special (read expensive) tool, I could work at my own pace and no one knows if I finished my blocks that month or not. I probably would not do paper piecing or a mystery. I like to see where I'm going. Only thing I would change is I would like to buy the whole pattern at once at the beginning.

  9. I didn't participate in the Block of The Month Club, but have been following! I am interested in joining! For me, I would love to see what the 'theme' will be. It sounds like the last was well received! I'm following...and can't wait to see what the next one will be!

  10. I participated in this year's BOM and LOVED it! I like having a small amount to do per month since it's less overwhelming because I have to take my time - no racing ahead because next month's pattern isn't available yet! The instructions were great and I learned some great techniques with HST (which I previously despised!). I also really liked being able to share my squares and seeing others' work in the Flickr group. I loved the modern feel of this quilt and definitely prefer a 12" block, no paper piecing, nothing too advanced, and no mystery quilts either! Any size is great, though I do like that this is going to be one of my larger (and more beautiful!) quilts. Thanks for putting the 2013 BOM together! I can't wait to see what you plan for 2014!

  11. I participated this year and had a great experience! I would love a skill builder quilt, and definitely want to see the design beforehand. I thought your tutorials were very clear and concise, and I thank you for that! This year was a lot of practice with HSTs (which I am now very good at, thanks to you!) so perhaps maybe curve sewing or flying geese or something different as a focus next year?

  12. I found you site in the middle of the BOM, so I didn't make the whole quilt. But I did do several of your blocks for a lap quilt! I would say I'm an advanced beginner. I make mostly lap quilt, wall hangings, crib quilt size. In that sense I prefer a 9inch block. I love to piece different kinds of blocks and learn something along the way. I would enjoy some wonky type modern blocks too. I've never done paper piecing, but would be willing to try if it's not in every block! I would also like to try flying geese as well! Most likely I would create the blocks along with you, but put them together my own way! Maybe there could a few different setting options for the groups of blocks.

  13. I did not participate this year only because by the time I found out about it, I was overwhelmed with other projects. I did read through some of your instructions and they seemed clear to me, and I'm a beginner. Some wonky blocks would be fun or anything with a modern twist. Nothing against traditional blocks, but we can find instructions for most of those with a quick Google search. My main goal is to have a lovely quilt at the end, but I'm not going to turn my nose up to some skill building on a block or two, like paper piecing. I mainly sew beginner to intermediate, but I'd be OK with one or two advanced blocks, especially if I could ask for help; like I said, I'm a newbie. I prefer lap size quilts because they are so versatile- a baby can grow into one, you can throw one on the bottom of the bed, and who doesn't like to curl up under a nice throw sized quilt with a good book? As far as block size, it would be great to see something with a small and large option, but my preference is 9” or larger. I am more comfortable with traditional piecing, but like I said above, I'm open to paper piecing a couple of blocks. I would definitely want to see the design ahead of time. Thanks for asking for our input!

  14. I participated and completed my last block. Overall, I really enjoyed the process. My favorite part was seeing all the different fabrics and versions. There are a lot of very talented quilters out there! The instructions were straight forward. I would have like to see a little more detail on measurements. I prefer to use a different method for the HST and flying geese, so I would have liked to see what the unite size for those elements needed to be. Apart from that the whole experience was wonderful.

  15. I did it this year. I loved the pace. The picture tutorials were so helpful! I loved the two size options. I would definitely re-up again, but I want to see the quilt first. I don't really do mystery BOMs. While I love paper piecing in theory, I'm really slow at it and might fall behind. I could handle a block or maybe two that way, but not much more. Ditto for applique. Yay for running this one this year! I've got mine in my schedule to stay on track for quilting!

  16. I am participating this year. I decided to join in after I saw the layout and the size options (I'd never do a mystery quilt - I need to know what it's going to look like!). Your instructions were straightforward and easy to follow. I have really enjoyed the Flickr group and seeing everyone else's blocks and fabric choices. I'd be game for a few paper pieced blocks, just not too many; I'm on the fence about applique. I'd be current on my blocks if I didn't start school again (hehehehe!!!!). Hopefully I can catch up next week on my few days off between classes and knock out the last few blocks! Thanks, AnneMarie! It's been fun and my quilting skills are definitely getting better! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  17. I did not get to participate this year due to an illness, but I am so ready for the next one you have. I am glad to hear that you are planning for 2014. I don't care too much for mysteries either. What caught my eye from the very beginning was the layout of the quilt. I like simple patterns that look more difficult than they are. I would prefer a queen size or the option to make it queen. I also like the modern look and I think you gave that with your layout even though you used traditional blocks. I was very impressed with that. I wish you had added some quilting ideas for this year's BOM. I have FMQ several quilts, but I always get stuck with the choosing the design to quilt it. I also don't care for paper piecing and not much on applique unless it had a modern twist to it. I am just personally tired of applique, but that wouldn't keep me from participating. I think you have such great ideas. I can't wait for next year. Thanks for planning this year's BOM. You really did a great job. No complaints.

  18. Hello! I did not participate in this BOM, because I just found it a month ago, but have used a few of the blocks in a sampler I am making.I love the blocks, am not sure about the lay out, am anxiously waiting to see more finished quilts on flicker :-) The instructions on the patterns I purchased were very clear & easy to follow.
    Are you looking for a skill builder project? Or just a lovely quilt in the end? Both!!!

    What level of patterns do you usually sew? Beginner/ intermediate

    What size quilts to you typically sew? Lap Size

    Do you have a preferred block size? The bigger the better, I prefer 12"
    Do you enjoy quilts that mix paper piecing with traditional piecing? Yes. Would love some applique thrown in too but really prefer the modern quilts
    Do you prefer to see the design ahead of time - or - enjoy mystery quilts? YES I would have to know a head of time before I would invest a year making plus the funds.
    Thanks for a great website! I LOVE your block library!!

  19. I'm still trying to catch up! Just about to sew September together. I'm determined to get through October next week. I haven't looked at flickr in a while. Can't wait. I had only sewn two quilts before this BOM and I think my skills have improved a LOT. I have enjoyed seeing the different fabrics others choose make totally different quilts. That's what I wanted to get out of this, improved skills, a paced quilt monthly and learning to visualize what different blocks would look like. Truth? I'm probably going to redo January when I complete the last two...I would NEVER do a mystery BOM.

  20. I participated this year (although I havent finished it quite yet), and one of the things that made me choose to participate was seeing the wonderful layout of your quilt. So, I guess yes, I like to see the finished quilt before hand. Also, I would LOVE a skillbuilder quilt...I'm always trying to learn new things. However, I have some skillbuilders that the blocks just don't seem to go they just chose the block because it taught a specific technique, regardless of whether it worked with the feel of the overall quilt. Does that make sense? So of you do a skill builder, I would like it to still be cohesive. Am I starting to be too bossy?? LOL And I am just starting to try my hand at foundation piecing, so I definitely wouldnt mind a mix of paper pieced blocks in the mix.

    I think you did a wonderful job at the BOM this year, and definitely would participate in a new one. You are awesome! :)


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