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Mar 13, 2013


Mar 13, 2013
Pin It Life is full at the moment... Full of good things. I took my 3 boys on a date to the ice cream shop this afternoon. They love nothing more than ice cream for lunch on Wednesday Hump Day.   Nevermind that I sneak in a waffle cone of chocolate-peanut butter too.

The littlest one had his first birthday on Sunday.

We are remodeling parts of our new house.

Basketball practice.  Homework.

We've all been white blue quilt block 4
So this busy bee has been working on smaller projects (like lanyards and mini clutches) while simultaneously avoiding this quilt.  The red, aqua and navy one.  I've also been working on other projects, ones which I cannot share, and are therefore zero fun to blog about.  But this one, I almost feel embarrassed to share an update on since I feel like I've been giving WIP updates on it for too long.

red white and blue quilt block 3

But did you know that sometimes procrastination can lead to a giant whale-sized light bulb?  Ding!  I was making these blocks from this book with no real plan.  My stalling has actually proved beneficial now.  I know what I am going to do with them, and I've only one block left to make.

red white blue quilt hst

Which is a good thing, since I am at the end of my rope with paper piecing. See me and paper piecing have a love-hate relationship.

red white and blue quilt 4 blocks Hopefully, I'll have a quilt top to show next week. But I also might get sucked into watching more Walking Dead with the hubby.  At least removing the paper off the back of these blocks gives me something to look at when the zombies come out... Pin It


  1. Those are such pretty blocks! Can't wait to see what you do with them!

  2. Your stars look fab. I have that book too and have not made anything from it yet. How using different fabrics can make a pattern look so different!! Also, never known what I would do with them, so will be interested to see what you eventually do with them :)

  3. I love these blocks! I've been wanting to try paper piecing for the longest time, but I'm kinda scared of it. :(

  4. Keep it up! Those look amazing.

    And that was a pretty funny comment about Walking Dead. It seems like each episode they try to do something more gory or shocking than the one before. I should get out my EPP project next time my hubby wants to watch it.

  5. Awesome blocks and fabrics!

  6. gorgeous gorgeous blocks. I really don't understand what paper piecing is all about?! But I love the way these look.

  7. Oh I love these stars that you've chosen. And I love paper-piecing.
    Oh, and I have Quilt-Pro software, and they have digitized several of Carol Doak's books and compilations as add-ons for their Foundation Factory programs. You don't have to have the full Quilt-Pro program go use Foundation Factory. I might just need to download the pack for 50 Fabulous Stars.


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