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Jan 8, 2013

Antiquing: Depression glass

Jan 8, 2013
Pin It It wasn't until I visited my in-law's home 13 years ago that I was ever even exposed to antiques.  The house my husband grew up in, built in 1901, is filled with hundreds of antiques.  From yellow ware pottery to exquisite doorknobs to orphaned quilt tops, in every corner of my in-laws home is a unique antique item and a piece of history.  There is even an old wooden barber shop pole.

Throughout the years, I have learned from my mother-in-law and late grandmother-in-law to marvel at the beauty of antiques.  Where as once, I may have wrinkled my nose at using something "old", I now enjoy trying to reuse items from the past.

I hope you don't mind, but I would like to start sharing some of the pieces I have been collecting.  I've found a couple neat items in decorating our new home since we moved this summer.

depression glass custard cups

I believe these little custard cups are depression glass.  Aren't they the cutest?  They are so different from many of the other depression glass pieces I have seen.  They are dainty and petite.

depression glass custard cups set of 6

When I saw these divided plates, I just had to have them.  With 3 kids and the push away from all things plastic, these plates are perfect for serving up meals to the kiddos without letting any of the foods touch each other.  You know how it can ruin the whole meal if the ranch gets into the sliced strawberries.

depression glass child's divided plate

A set of four.  They are a little scratched, but I can only imagine that the scratches are from another mom years ago, cutting her children's chicken into tiny bite size pieces as I do.

depression glass child's divided plate set of 4

I hope this new little collecting hobby will help teach my children to appreciate things from the past and that not everything in our world is disposable.  The owner at the local antique shop already knows my children.  At first she would comment how brave I was to bring 3 young boys into an antique shop.  Now she knows their visits are about learning a little something and teaching the youngins' to keep their hands out of trouble!  How will they learn to behave if we don't practice? :)

(Nevermind the happy browsing I get to do while we practice.....)

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  1. I'm a lover of antiques, too - and have one child that doesn't mind coming with me to browse! I love the green glass pieces you've found - I've never seen anything like these in my antique shop exploring - so beautiful!

  2. I,too, took my kids everywhere with me. We went to yard sales, antiques store,etc. They learned to "look nicely' and touch gently. Now My granddaughter has learned. Good job on teaching yours.

  3. Love those dishes and cups! I do the same thing, basically... buy dime or quarter glasses from thrifts stores. None of them match, but there are so many different shapes and colors, and that really makes me happy! Plus, when one of the boys break them (or their mom LOL), as they will, it's no big deal. My kids love some of their thrift store finds too. They're not too crazy about it, but I buy their dress clothes there too, which are generally in excellent shape, and then they wear it a limited number of times, before returning it to the store...

  4. Beautiful depression glass the sectioned ones! I too use antiques as lessons from the past for my kids. Your pictures of them are amazing!

  5. I totally agree with you about giving your kids the chance to practice self control. When we go to the quilt shop, my sister takes a minute in the car to remind my niece and nephew of the expected behavior, including the fact that 'we look with our eyes, not our hands", then asks what we'll do. The kids tell her we will look but not touch. They almost always behave beautifully and we have shared a lot of fun experiences because they are able to handle themselves when we're out.

  6. Lovely post and what an inspiring way to teach kids the value of connecting with our past.

  7. Love Antique shops. My mother taught us "store hands" when we were little. I taught my four children ,and granddaughter the same thing. Store hands require the child to hold his or her hands behind their back. Of course praising them and making a game out this helps. Your lucky three boys, my girls were more touchy feely than my sons.


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