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Dec 19, 2012

Holland Breeze Quilt Finish: FLANNEL backed quilt!

Dec 19, 2012
Pin It Ruby quilt close up
Here she is... this larger-than-I-expected beauty.  I'm not sure why I was surprised at her size though.  She's a brick house with 16" blocks.

Holland Breeze has blocks made for me by the {Sew} Beautiful Bee ladies in 2011.  This finish is looooong overdue.  For some reason, these blocks ended up on my UFO table, until a thought of warm cozy flannel crossed my mind.
Ruby quilt full shot
I first saw Ruby in FLANNEL at the Fabric Shack almost a year ago.  I guess it stuck with me because it was one of those moments where you sit up straight in bed in the middle of the night,  "FLANNEL!", that I decided to use it.

Aside.  This morning Mr. GXQ told me he had a full conversation with my sweater, hanging on a hook in our room, during the middle of the night.  When I wasn't responding, he realized I was nursing the baby and he was talking to a sweater.  LOL!
Ruby quilt flannel back
Above is a shot of the flannel goodness.  This was the first time I used quilt shop quality flannel.  Let me tell you - it's a lot heavier than flannel at Joann's.  This quilt is SO warm and solid.  :)  It's my new favorite of course.
Ruby quilt label
My budget didn't allow me to spend more $ on binding fabric, so I ended up using the extra cutoff after quilting.  I don't think I'd use flannel for binding again.  Because it is so thick, it was a little hard to work with since I still made double-fold binding.  (I remembered to put a tag label on this one.  I am the world's worst quilt labeler....)
Ruby quilt fence
The boys have been using it as a tent, and it's nice since the 3 of them and I can all fit underneath it.
Squeaking this finish in before the end of the year.  :)

Quilt Stats.
Name: Holland Breeze
Size: 66" x 89"
Design: Dutch Pinwheel - 16" finished block
Fabric:  Ruby and Bliss by Bonnie & Camille; Kona in Ice Frappe
Piecing: {Sew} Beautiful Bee 2011 and Me
Quilting: LAQ Beany of Quilty Pleasures
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  1. I am glad you finished this pretty Quilt... Enjoy!

  2. Pretty! Good tip about the high-end flannel... I'm sure it totally worth it! I'll have to try that soon! Congrats on the last finish of '12!

  3. So pretty! I love seeing these quilts completed!

  4. Beautiful, I love it! I desperately need to get going on my Sew Beautiful quilts!!

  5. This quilt is gorgeous! I love flannel backs... bindings not so much! Great finish, I am sure it will be well loved!

  6. Darling flannel! Did you use batting also, or just the flannel?

  7. That is a lovely finish, and I know how soft it must feel in Ruby flannel. Very nice.

  8. Big and beautiful. I can't remember if you pre-wash... I have been wanting to back a quilt in flannel for forever, but am afraid to do it because I don't pre-wash. Anyhow, just wondering if you pre-washed your fabrics?
    Thanks, Merry Christmas and congrats on getting one more finish in before 2013! I wish I could do the same, but my kaleidoscope just isn't close enough!

  9. i love love love this pattern can you please tell me where i can find it?

  10. Came to this post because you linked it in your QM 100 Blocks tour post. Isn't a flannel quilt (whether just backed with it or all of it made from it) a double quilt hug?!? I've bound quilts with flannel and would says that whether to go double or single fold depends on the width of your binding. Going a little bigger will allow for the bulk of traditional double fold but if you want to go smaller than single fold is best. Every quilter loves it when the family enjoys the quilt!!


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