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Nov 29, 2012

Pleated Pouches - Easy Gifts!

Nov 29, 2012
Pin It Ahh, the holiday gift season is upon us!  Even though we all know it's coming, I always end up behind the eight ball when it comes to making gifts for friends and family.

The hubs usually has a trip to Japan near the holidays (super convenient, eh?) and I wanted to make a cute little gift for my friend Mari.  I've put her on a mission for some super cool Japanese quilting stuff and I wanted to send along a little token of my appreciation.

pleated pouches by gen X quilters
These little Pleated Pouches from Michelle Patterns are just perfect for dropping a little something into.  I made the small and tall versions.  For some reason, when I try to create my own, bags and pouches baffle me.  But these pouches were simple and quick to put together with clear instructions.  Perfect for someone like me who gets a little nervous at hearing the word "pleat" or "dart".  (I'm a quilter!  Dressmaking terms scare me!)
pleated pouch small by gen X quilters
The pouches are small enough that I could use fabric from my scrap bins.  In the smallest one, I put a few tea bags.  I used some Little Apples (Aneela Hoey) for the outside and DS Picnics and Fairgrounds for the lining.

Pleated Pouch Tall Open by gen X quilters
And in the tall size, I placed a little notebook and pen.  Super cute right?
Love these fabrics.  Shasta Daisy by Suzuko Koseki for Yuwa, and Handwriting in Red for Lake House Dry Goods.  (Available at Sew Me A Song.)

pleated pouch large by gen X quilters closed
And lastly, I couldn't help but make one of these pouches for myself.  The last one I made was the "Large" size.
pleated pouch large by gen X quilters
I wanted to test out a little heavier fabric.  I had this home dec weight fabric in my stash from Joann's clearance bin.  I like the heavier weight for the bigger pouch.  I lined it with some Daydream gingham from Riley Blake.
pleated pouches 2 by gen X quilters

Overall, I'm really happy with these pouches!  So much so, that I bought another pattern from Michelle Patterns.  Eeek!  I'm making some teacher gifts with the Keychain Clutch pattern.  :)  I'll share those with you next week... Pin It


  1. Those turned out so cute AnneMarie! Love your new header too.

  2. The pleats are actually a pretty good idea. Then, if you need to put something a little larger into the pouch, you will be able to open the top a little bit more thanks to that extra fabric. I am not quite creative enough to make my own mail pouches like this. But thanks for the idea. My wife might be able to do something like this.


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