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Oct 18, 2012

Why boys in a Quilt Shop is bad for your WIP list.

Oct 18, 2012
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One of my favorite restaurants (Jason's Deli) is located across the street from my LQS.  Each time we eat there, it's a running joke that I ask who out of my four boys "wants to go to the Quilt shop?"  Usually it's closed.

Last week, when we went to eat, it was actually open.  Lo and behold, somehow I managed to convince my entire family of boys to stop in with me.  I was excited at the chance to feel some of the pretty fabric on a spur of the moment stop.

I didn't find anything to buy.  Two of my boys did.  I tried to protest....saying that we hadn't come there to buy fabric for them.  My 4th "boy", Mr. GXQ, stepped in.  He claimed that if I took my boys to the fabric shop, I couldn't deny them a purchase.  

I guess I now have 2 pillows to make.  The ladies working at the shop enjoyed this banter as I objected.

Ready Go! by Clothworks

Batman by Camelot Cottons

I also stopped into an antique shop this week and found an old Twister game for $2.  Remember my original Twister-inspired quilt?  I actually have another one that has been sitting as a UFO because I gave the finished one to my niece and nephews.  My SIL mentioned the game board I made was having tough time holding up to friendly abuse from being played, so I made a mental note to pick up an old game for the second version.  I guess this UFO is coming out of hiding?

I am trying to make my WIP short.  What is happening?

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  1. LOL! I can SO relate! But you got to love it right? My 2 boys have so many pillowcases and quilts from fabric they picked out it's crazy! But it's the best way to make sure they like them and use them! I make pillowcases for all of the birthdays that they get invited to, and put the B-day gift in the (boy-themed) pillowcase as a "green wrapping paper". Some of their friends love the pillowcase better than the gift! So I'm always on the look out for good "boy fabric".

  2. I think its great your boys went shopping with you! :) My boys (all 3 of them including hubby) like to go fabric shopping with me sometimes. Especially since they love to pick their own fabric for pillowcases, jammies, shirts, etc. I recently made them dessert pillows - one with doughnuts and one with ice cream - they keep telling me that they love their pillowcases. :)

    1. I found some amazing bacon (for the main fabric) and french fry (trim) fabric at a local quilt show that became a pillowcase. I may have to search and buy more, as all my kids' friends love it too!

  3. When Hubby comes shopping with me I ALWAYS buy the fabric he picks out even if I don't have a clue what to do with it. I love the pillow case/gift wrapping idea. As an older Mom (baby-boomer)my advice to everyone is let the kids pick out fabric, teach them to sew when they ask to help or want to make a project. Put together crazy colors they pick out even if you hate them. Kids see things we don't - encourage creativity! Who knows, the next Jason Yenter may be sleeping down the hall from you right at this moment.

  4. Fair is fair! At least it's just pillow cases! To bad you didn't find anything to help it feel worth it!


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