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Oct 3, 2012

First Quilts on the First: Jodie of Seamless Nights Boutique and Lake Erie Longarm

Oct 3, 2012
Pin It Holy cow October 3rd already!  This fall is certainly moving right along.  Well, with a new month we have a new First Quilt feature.  Please welcome Jodie (Seamless Nights Boutique and Lake Erie Longarm) to First Quilts on the First.  Congratulations to Jodie on her new baby boy and thank you for still participating in this series while on maternity leave. Let's hear about her first....

Hi Anne Marie! Thank you so much for having me on the First on Quilts! I started quilting 4 years ago at 34 yrs old and have been addicted ever since.

I woke up one morning and felt the need to make a quilt and decided that I was going to make a friend a quilt for his son. It would be a photo quilt. My mom helped me with the design and fabric. It was a pretty easy pattern. I think they were 4 x 6 squares with sashing. So one night I had the middle all sewn and it just needed borders.
I was sipping on some vino and put my glass on the ironing board as I laid out the topper on the floor so I could take a picture and as I was getting up I bumped the ironing board and down came the glass of wine all over the topper… soiled the fabric and smeared the pictures. I was devastated! Almost in tears I decided to clean up and deal with it in the morning. So when I woke up I decided to make the quilt better than before. I actually put the pictures in a pattern and added sashing with some print and I must say that the quilt looked better second time around.
And I had so much fabric left over so it wasn’t that big a deal. So the moral to my story is keep your wine glass far away from your topper! LOL.  And I haven’t spilled since. You can still sip and sew! I love my sewing and my vino!
I have also donated my services and made quilts for fundraisers. I have made quilts for
the American Cancer Society  each ribbon represents a different type of cancer and for the Girl Scouts of Western Pennsylvania.  The topper is made with registered Girl Scout fabric and the quilt pattern is also a registered Girl Scout design.
A few years ago our City was nominated to be An All American City and one of items they had to present was a quilt block and I was asked to design it on behalf of our City. I had about two weeks to design and sew it! I decided to include sights that represented our city and got permission from all to be included.
Of course my children and hubby need a few quilts. Nicolina is 20 months and Dino is 11 weeks…

One project I am always working on is my selvage quilt. I collect and save the selvages from all my projects. I hope to sew this one together real soon!
I recently got to meet Mary Fons from Fons and Porter Quilts this weekend! She was super sweet and so down to earth! Thank you for thinking of the quilters in their 30’s Mary!
You can find me on Facebook and Etsy as Seamless Nights Boutique.

My mother and I just started a longarm quilting business this year. You can find us at Lake Erie Longarm and on Facebook.   Thank you!

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