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Aug 1, 2012

First Quilts on the First

Aug 1, 2012
Pin It Hooray for the return of the First Quilts on the First series!  I really do love hearing the stories of your firsts and how we've all developed such an obsession for fabric.  Please welcome Katie of Swim, Bike, Quilt as our featured guest today.  She runs a wonderful charity event for children called 100 Quilts for Kids.  If you haven't stopped by her site, check it out today.  What an extraordinary event and great job she does coordinating it!  Here is her "First" story....

I love AnneMarie's First Quilts on the First series, and am happy to be sharing my first official quilt today. I will confess that I had planned to share my second quilt, the improv one made entirely by myself with garishly bright calicos and swirls I purchased at Joann's c. 2000, but after looking through every single bin in my attic (baby clothes, winter coats, Halloween decorations, etc.), I think I must have made good on my threat to donate it to Goodwill.  But if you can imagine, stack n whack rail-fence like improv blocks, very puffy polyester batting,  tied in rainbow yarn, with a foldover binding (bugs playing sports on a bright blue binding), well, there you have it. If I ever find it, I plan to share it with the world...

$5 quilt

My first official quilt is much prettier, and I actually hang it in my hallway most winters. It also has a fun story behind it. In 2001, I had just gotten married and was living in Provo, Utah. My mother-in-law convinced my sister-in-law and I to do a block of the month program through a quilt shop/handmade goods shop in downtown Salt Lake City called Mormon Handicraft. The materials and instructions for the first block cost $5-- if you finished January's block and brought it back the first Saturday in February, you got the materials and instructions for February free (and so forth, all year!) A $5 quilt!!! Ours cost a bit more than that, but we did pretty good. We got together every month to sew, and I will admit I was scared stiff, so I did all of the cutting, because "cutting didn't matter and couldn't mess up the quilt." Isn't that hilarious? Of COURSE cutting matters! We made the quilt blocks together, and Jane (my mother-in-law) finished the quilt. Bonus. 

The Church

My favorite block is this one-- I loved the fabric for the windows.  While I had a great time (and a bit of trepidation over messing it up!) sewing the blocks, the fabrics didn't "speak" to me.  Over the next few years, I spent a lot of time making flannel receiving blankets and flannel rag blankets.  I didn't think much about making pieced quilts until 2007 when I was at a craft show in Alexandria, VA called Art on the Avenue. One of the vendors had baby gifts made up in modern fabric, and I fell in love with an Alexander Henry print--2D Zoo in the pink colorway. I had to know where she found the fabric.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who wouldn't have been hooked on quilting if it hadn't been for the rise in modern, designer fabric. 

In December 2007, my mother-in-law bought me fabric to make a quilt, and I fell in love with Urban Chik's Blossom line. That was the first line I obsessed over, and it really honed my "looking for fabric online" skills. Important life skills, no doubt :) Ironically, after I had finished my Blossom quilt, I drove 45 minutes to a "local" fabric store and they had most of the line sitting on the shelves. They also had Flea Market Fancy, and I remember thinking, "Oh. It's the line everyone is obsessed about" and just kept walking. I blame a near hysterical 1 year old for that dreadful oversight :

Today, my favorite quilts seem to be simple ones I make for my family or for charity. I'm in the middle of the 100 Quilts for Kids charity quilt drive right now, so much of my free time is spent working on the quilt along, gathering prizes, and making a charity quilt or two myself. I'd love to have you participate, and link up a quilt of your own here (until October 15)

Instagram of a photo--it's my entry for Amy's Blogger Quilt Festival!\

This quilt was made with the help of the Trust circle of do.Good Stitches

A quilt for my son

All Voile: The Summer Quilt
A quilt for my daughter
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  1. Love these quilts. I'm new to quilting and these look like good ones to begin with. Would you be willing to share the instructions?

  2. I love the story of the $5 quilt!

  3. I love the stories about first quilts, I really need to dig mine out and remind myself what it looks like.

  4. I love these stories! Thanks for sharing!


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