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Feb 24, 2012

Sewing {Slow}

Feb 24, 2012
Pin It Sewing has slowed down a lot over here (T-1 month!)... but I'm still managing to work on a few things to get a little bit done.  I'm enjoying taking it easy and choosing to read a book with my feet up if I want.  I want to say thank you to all of those who commented on my two recent quilt finishes (Citrus Burst and Baby's Wonky Star).  I have read all the comments and truly appreciate them, but I am just unable to keep up with responding to everyone right now.  The laundry is barely done and it seems there are always dishes in the sink.  Not that it will get much better once baby arrives....  :)  Anyway, just wanted to say thanks, as I am not as active online as usual.

{Sew} Beautiful Bee.  February is Emily's month and she requested an offset block of our choice using Heirloom.  I decided to go back to some paper piecing for this block using the Noon & Light block from the Farmer's Wife.  Sometimes you just can't beat paper piecing!  I've got such a thing for orange lately..

Receiving Blankets.  A while ago I saw Allison post about making some receiving blankets for baby.  We met briefly at the Sewing Summit and our due dates are only a few days off I think.  I made note of the great tutorial she used on my baby list and planned to make some of my own.

It wasn't until just now, that I went back to link to her that I saw I actually chose the same. exact. prints. from Joann's for my girl blanket.  I'm so sorry Allison!!  Imitation is the best form of flattery??   Here they are:  one boy and one girl blanket.  They really are cute - and since I got the flannel on sale, I think each blanket cost only $8.

I did have a major mishap where I kind of went on autopilot and traumatized one of the corners on the girl blanket.  I had done one corner and walked away.... then when I came back the next day, I thought I remembered how to miter the corner without looking at the photos.  I chopped off the excess before turning it out and destroyed the corner.  Oops.  Wonderful.  Well, I performed surgery by sewing the material back on and attempted to fix it.  For pregnant sewing at 35 weeks, I deemed it good enough.  I'll just tuck that end into a swaddle....  :)

Mail.  Some fun mail arrived this week.  Mark Cesarik sent me a fun little charm bundle of his new line Cosmic Burst for FreeSpirit.  Like I said above, I'm newly obsessed with orange.  Look at those vibrant prints!
I'm going to brainstorm a little project for these goodies.  Thanks Mark!
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  1. Best of rest to you in your final month. Loving the Citrus Burst, great colors for the spring. Hope they inspire something great.

  2. Oooh... pretty, pretty squares. Love that pink mixed in with the orange. Rest as much as you can and know we're all thinking of you! ;)

  3. Yay for T-1 month!! I really love the fabrics you picked for your swaddling blankets, very cute. Get some rest!! I hope you're feeling a little bit better, and I'm glad to hear that you got some happy mail to put a smile on your face :)

  4. Joann's definetly has it's nitch, and cute baby flannel is one of them! I have that same boy print, only in pink and yellow. I love it b/c everyone loves it and it looks like a lot of work, and really it's just a slap together and sew kind of fabric! =) Goodluck w/the end of your pregnancy!

  5. Wow! I can't believe you are 35 weeks already! Your blankets are so cute. It is likely that no one who sees the blankets will notice the oops.
    Nice to have fun fabrics to play with, especially ones that are free! :)


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