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Jan 28, 2012

Follower Friday: Emily of Mommy's Naptime

Jan 28, 2012
Pin It Oops!  Sorry for the unedited post everybody.... I've had a busy couple days and somehow I forgot Emily's feature was set to auto post today.  So hopefully, you've clicked over here to read the actual version of Emily's interview.

Today I am featuring Emily of Mommy's Naptime.  Emily and I are both a part of the {Sew} Beautiful Bee.  She is a great sewist and I really admire her miniature piecework.  She's SO good at such small work!  We had the pleasure of meeting at The Sewing Summit when our bee had a dinner one evening.  Let's learn more about her!

Emily from Chicago, Il

Occupation: I'm a full time mom and part time bookseller at a local used book store where I run the arts & crafts section.

Significant Other/Kids/Pets: I've got a handsome husband of almost 5 years, and a cute curly-haired crazy three year old.

# Years Quilting: I've been quilting for about four years, but I've been sewing as long as I can remember, having my first sewing machine at age 11. When I started sewing by machine I was making stuffed animals for my little brother - I can tackle any project after sewing with faux fur!

How you learned to quilt: I learned to quilt by drooling over pictures on flickr and deciding "Hey, I can do that!" Well there have been some trials to that method, but I've largely tried things on my own until I figured it out. I realized once my daughter was born that there were more fabrics available than what I'd seen in Joann's - and I was hooked. I love how the blogging community has been so open to sharing information about how to do things properly.

Favorite Completed Project Description : Rosemarie's Quilt. About a year and a half ago I rallied all my flickr friends to help me make special quilts for my nieces Katee and Rosemarie. Rosemarie is five years old and has been fighting neuroblastoma, a form of childhood cancer for four years. This quilt was made possible by dozens of people around the world who sent me quilt blocks. Every time Rosemarie travels for a treatment or to visit us, she brings the quilt with her. It really warms my heart to have the opportunity to wrap those two girls in love.

I also adore this little teeny quilt made for the Doll Quilt Swap last round. Yes, this quilt features 2" string blocks and a 4" paper pieced new york beauty. I'm thankful that my partner had that NY Beauty in her favorites, if not I may not have ever tried it. I'm pretty in love with paper piecing now! Although it was a blind swap and my partner didn't know I was her partner, we sort of became friends before her quilt even got to her. She's going through a lot right now and I'm so glad that this quilt brought her a little bit of sunshine.

Quilting workstation setup: A couple years ago we lived in an apartment that had no dining room, but had an extra bedroom. I managed to come across some craig's lis craft furniture and filled up that little bedroom with my stuff. When we moved it seemed illogical to get rid of that furniture only to have to buy a dining set that we'd never use. So, until we buy a real house I've got a sewing room in my dining room. The earlier pictures of it were so much cuter, before my daughter realized what was in those drawers... so now some of it is stashed away in places too high for the three year old!

Machine(s) you sew on: I currently sew on my new-to-me Juki TL98E. It sews like a dream and sews FAST. I love the speed of that thing! Prior to the Juki I was sewing on Nancy, my Singer Confidence. Nancy is a nice machine and held up to piecing and quilting a couple dozen quilts, but I think I just used her more than she was intended for. And... I have a low-grade model Singer (Wilma) from when I was in high school... nothing specifically wrong with it other than that it's really slow (one day it will be Allie's!), And finally I have an old White brand machine (Betty) that was my very first machine. Betty runs great but is missing the extension table which makes it awfully hard to sew on her... but as a back up I keep her, and for sentimental reasons. Any machine that can handle sewing stuffed animals by an 11 year old deserves respect!  (What, you don't name your sewing machines?)

Your favorite notion/tool in your sewing room: lightweight fusible interfacing. Perfect for achieving tiny precise piecing. I also really love my inspiration board where I hang all sorts of tiny unfinished projects, and keep my lists and random other data.

Thanks for having me today! I love these weekly segments!

To Learn more about Emily, visit her blog Mommy's Nap Time, or flickr photostream (Emedoodle).
Sorry for the error everyone.... see you next week! Pin It


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