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May 30, 2011

Hopscotch Quilt: CMQG Kona Challenge

May 30, 2011
Pin It Well, I've done it.  I've gone and quilted the largest playmat ever.  Well, maybe not ever..... but this thing is HUGE!

Our Modern Quilt Guild was given a Kona Charm Pack in the bright color palette.  We were to make a quilt using "Summer Fun" as a theme.  One day in the shower it came to me that I should make my Kona quilt a hopscotch game.  After all, the Twister quilt went over really well.... this would be just as fun.

We were allowed to add one solid for background and one additional print or solid.  At first I chose, a green print from Tweet Tweet by Keiki for Moda.  But after sewing the print into the cornerstones for ALL TEN blocks AND adding the number appliques, I decided I hated the look!!

There was a ton of green in the charm pack and the green print added sensory confusion in my opinion.  I debated just to leave it and finish the darn thing.  So after a little break from working on it, I decided I couldn't let it alone.

CRAZY = I took all the frames off the center squares, removed the cornerstones, replaced them with Kona Bahama Blue, cut new center squares, repieced the blocks, recut all the numbers, fused 1-10, and zigzaged all the applique.

Yes, I feel really crazy writing it too.


Now I like it.

Here's the back (Amy Butler and Metro Rings, leftover Kona Bahama Blue)

Only problem is....AGAIN, I am giving away another game quilt.  This time to friend having triplets this summer.  So my four-year old is AGAIN denied (I gave away the original Twister quilt too).  He's the perfect age for this.  My two boys have loved playing on it all gloomy rainy spring.

I've really got to fix this for him!

Quilt Stats:
Name: Charmed Hopscotch
Size: 28" x 90"
Design: pieced framed blocks with number applique
Piecing: Me
Quilting: Me -  Stipple on my home machine

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May 13, 2011

Tea Caddy Tutorial

May 13, 2011
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Head over to the Moda Bake Shop today and check out my tutorial for this adorable Tea Caddy!
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May 4, 2011

Pattern Release: Lovely Laundry Bag

May 4, 2011
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I have another pattern I designed ready to show you!  Here is the Lovely Laundry Bag.  If you had a laundry bag like this, wouldn't it make actually doing the laundry less of a chore?

$7.00 USD

This pattern has been retired.

These bags are sturdy and easy to put together.  I first decided I needed a laundry bag when traveling with my family and all the dirties were mixed right in the suitcase with everything else!  I needed a way to sort them out and carry them home.  And why not make it pretty too?

These laundry bags whip up easily using jelly roll strips - and if you like applique, you can add a little "Laundry" label to your bag.  Not up for applique?  The plain striped bag looks adorable too.

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner, some experience with fusible appliqué  

Make the bags in 3 sizes - 
   Mini 13”x 17”, Standard 22” x 28”, X-Large 29” x 35”

One jelly roll will make one M or XL bag and 3-4 XS bags

And here it is in my "laundry room" aka the hallway between the house and garage.  Not very good lighting here - but you can see it gets some good use when we travel up to visit grandparents!

This pattern consists of 14-pages of instructions plus step-by-step photos AND an applique template sheet.  

Fabric Requirements:

Yardage Requirements
unbleached drill
1 2/3 yard (XL), 1 1/3 yard (M)
½ yard (XS)
1 jelly roll* (2.5” wide strips)
40 - 2.5” wide strips
Appliqué Thread
1 spool to coordinate appliqué
Nylon cording
2 2/3 yards (XL), 2 yards (M), or 1 ½ yard (XS)
Fusible web
¼ yard

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the pattern...
(and because I know someone will ask....Drill is a material that is heavier and more durable than quilting weight cottons, but is lighter than denim or canvas.  It works perfectly for a laundry bag and is available at your large fabric/craft stores.)

Hope you like the Lovely Laundry Bag! 

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