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Apr 30, 2011

Kona Your World 2 Swap-o-rama!

Apr 30, 2011
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The packages are in the mail for the Kona Your World 2 Swap!  All 3 postal workers looked at me, then each other, thinking "ok, who's gonna take her?"  when I clunked my giant tub of mailers on the counter.  Here's a look!


This giant storage tub has been accumulating Kona FQs for weeks.  There were 25 participants.  x 12 FQs each = That's a whopping 300 Fat Quarters!  

the spread
sorted by color 

we were extremely heavy on the greens and blues
there were only 2 orange FQs
and there were actually quite a few from what I would call "neutral" - whites, beige, grey

so by default, everyone's bundles are also heavy on the greens and blues.  I was not planning to participate in this swap - but there were SO many greens/blues, I needed to supplement the spread with the pile of Rich Reds I took home from Kona Your World 1.  I ended up adding 3 1/2 yards from my own stash to balance out what was sent in.

Overall, I think everyone still has a nice spread!  It was very helpful for me to have the index cards with everyone's info on them, so I could try to give you some variety back compared to what you sent in.

Thank you to everyone who participated and be checking your mailboxes!
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Apr 29, 2011

Follower Friday: Meet Kelly of BlueBirdSews

Apr 29, 2011
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Yay for Friday!  Thank you to everyone who took the time to share a little about themselves and their birthday yesterday.  It has been fun reading your stories!  I'm stuffed full of birthday cake - don't you love cake for breakfast sometimes?  Anywho, let me tell you who won the Wonderland FQs before we kick off Follower Friday.  It's "Jennifer"!  Congrats!

Jennifer said...99

When I turned 18, I got a used guitar from my parents and played it all the time with a good friend. That friend has now passed away and I will never get rid of that guitar....even if it hasn't been touched in 6 present ever.

I'll be sending you an email shortly Jennifer.  What a wonderful memory.

Today Kelly of Bluebird Sews is our feature - she is a relatively new blogger and has an impressive First if you click over and check out her Finished Quilts!  She is starting up a cool new linky party called Eat, Grow, Sew in May, so stay tuned to be inspired.  Let's learn more about her...

Kelly of Portland, OR
Occupation: Stay at home Mom & Wife
Significant Other/Kids/Pets: Wife to an electrician husband, mom to a toddling 1 year old boy & a 4 yr old vizsla mix who thinks he's a puppy 

# Years Quilting: 17 years because I made my first quilt at 15 years old!

How you learned to quilt: Completely self taught with help from my older sister who I started quilting with. By reading quilt books, magazines and recently blogs I have gleaned good info for techniques and tricks for better piecing and of course patterns. 

Favorite Completed Project Description: Just this year I discovered modern quilting and the blog world of quilters. I quickly absorbed what I was finding into my quilt repertoire and made my first modern quilt. The fabrics I used were some of my favorites left over from another quilt I made. I set them in white and binded it with red polka dot fabric. It turned out so cool and it has really re-sparked my love of quilting and all things set in white!

Quilting workstation setup: I live in small house with a full basement and that is where my craft cave is. It has evolved in the past 6 months to be a well lit and functional space. The best part about my space is my sewing machine table is set to look into the room and not at a blank wall, I like that. There is a ton of storage sprinkled throughout the room and the other great piece is the big dark wood table top I got my from Grandpa's attic, you can never have enough counter space. The one thing I'd change is my ironing board placement. There is only one good spot for it and it's all the way across the room from the sewing machine which makes for a lot of trips back and forth. 

Machine(s) you sew on: I just upgraded my sewing machine to a 1985 Viking Husqvarna 980 Prisma named Astrid which runs like a dream and has a huge throat space for wrangling quilt tops through. I scored it off craigslist on a fluke and I love it. 

Your favorite notion/tool in your sewing room: my 1/4" piecing foot. It has improved my piecing accuracy by leaps and bounds and was worth every penny I spent on it. 

To keep up with Kelly and all that she's up to, visit her blog BluebirdSews or new etsy shop.

If you would like to be featured on Gen X Quilters' Follower Friday, send your information (listed under the Follower Friday page at the top) to Happy Friday!
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Apr 28, 2011

{little} giveaway

Apr 28, 2011
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True confession:  Today is my birthday.

To celebrate, I thought I'd pass on a little of my loot from the recent Festivals I went to....

5 Wonderland FQs by Momo

So here's an easy, no hoops to jump through, giveaway.

To enter, just leave me a comment and tell me your best birthday gift ever!

Mine was a minivan the year I was pregnant with son #1!  I was the oldest and only married one of all my co-workers, and they thought I was crazy for wanting a used minivan....but I loved it!  After all, I'd played soccer all through childhood and was SO excited to be a soccer mom.

...Funny since I'd spent my high school years being embarrassed I had borrow my parents' station wagon to go anywhere!

(comments will be closed at the end of the day today 4/28 11:59pm EST)

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Apr 26, 2011

Oops! The Fabricworm winner...a day late!

Apr 26, 2011
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Sorry to keep you in suspense...I forgot to include our winner of the Fabricworm giveaway bundle in yesterday's post.  

Lucky, lucky...

Congrats Becky!  I'll be emailing you soon!

Also - did anyone notice??  At the bottom of my left side bar is the pageview counter.  Yesterday GXQ hit 100,000!!

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Apr 25, 2011

Bunny Meadow Quilt

Apr 25, 2011
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My mom came down to visit a couple weeks ago, and when she comes, we have started making a little sewing project while she's here for a few days.  

This time, my mom wanted to make mug rugs.  So that's what this mini quilt started out as.  Everything just fell into place - and it definitely couldn't be contained in just a mug rug.  It wasn't intended to be an "Easter quilt", but I couldn't resist posting it now.

I have done a couple mini quilts (that I haven't had a chance to post yet!) to practice my free motion quilting.  This is the first.  All that practice I did drawing on paper for the long-arm machine totally paid off on my home machine.  I still need to work on curviness, but hey, I'm just happy about making it through the quilting with no cussing or head banging!  

I don't know why it has taken me so long to feel comfortable FMQing on my home machine.  Something in my brain clicked and now I know exactly how to adjust my machine to get it right.  At least I found it, right?

Quilt Stats:
Name: Bunny Meadow
Size: 19" x 19"
Design: Based on Pieced Scrap Border Block at rpq
Piecing: Me
Quilting: Me!  Stipple on my home machine

And here's what my mom made!

I'm linking up to

{Sew} Modern Monday at Canoe Ridge Creations

Fresh Poppy Design

Sew Delightful Fabrics is having a sale, taking 30% off your entire order.  That's in addition to Kristen's already low prices.  Where else can you find a layer cake for $17.50?
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Apr 22, 2011

Follower Friday: Meet Beth of Modern Jax

Apr 22, 2011
Pin It Can you believe it's Friday already?  Yay for another one of my CMQG buddies, Beth of Modern Jax.  Beth is super talented, always bringing something to ooh and ahh over at the meetings.  Last night, she brought her Charming Cuckoo quilt featured below.  Love Hideaway and how she played on the novelty!  Stop by her blog and check out the Pattern Pact - a resolution to actually sew something from the patterns you already own.  Let's learn more about her....

Beth of Logan, Ohio

Occupation: Professor of Media Arts and Studies

Significant Other/Kids/Pets: I am married and have a four–year–old son. We have an elderly Golden Retriever and two cats.

# Years Quilting: I've been sewing regularly for about 8 years, and quilting for about 4 years.

How you learned to quilt:  A friend had a sewing blog, which introduced me to the world of craft blogs, which in turn introduced me to modern quilting. This was something I could get excited about! I took a couple of classes and began collecting fabric.

Favorite Completed Project Description: This is a tough decision! I'll make it easy and choose my most recent finish. I call it Charming Cuckoo." I used the "Hideaway" line by Lauren & Jessi Jung for Moda, and featured some of my hand embroidery. I really love all that gingham, and I had a ball quilting this one!

Quilting workstation setup:  I am really thankful that I have a dedicated sewing space -- and one with a door when it gets a bit messy! My favorite part is the counter-height cutting surface. This room does serve double duty -- it houses our second TV and our Wii (so it I ever decide to turn on Wii Fit again...) and my son spends a lot of time in here with me playing mailman and re-organizing my fabric.

 Machine(s) you sew on:  I sew on a Janome MC6600P, and have an old Janome for back up (although I keep my fingers crossed I won't need to use it).

Your favorite notion/tool in your sewing room:  I'm never too far from my seam ripper, or my Havel's Dura-Snips!

You can find me almost anywhere as modernJax!

For anyone just beginning to quilt, or without a local quilting community, I highly recommend looking for your local Modern Quilt Guild. I live about an hour away from the closest MQG, but it is so worth it! I get so much inspiration, but more importantly, quilty fellowship!

If you would like to be featured on Gen X Quilters' Follower Friday, send your information (listed under the Follower Friday page at the top) to Happy Easter - don't eat too many jelly beans!
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Apr 20, 2011

Swap Signups: I-Spy Japanese Imports Fabric Swap

Apr 20, 2011
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I mentioned in a previous post that I may be crazy enough to host another swap - and I just can't help myself!

I love trying out something different - different fabrics, colors, textures.  I thought that an I-Spy Swap with Japanese Import Fabric would be a super cool way to sample a bunch of fabrics not easily found without having to invest a fortune.  I have bought a couple I-Spy packs and I like having those small squares to add some unique flair to those little projects, bee blocks, etc.

Anyone else willing to play along?

Gen X Quilters' Japanese Imports Fabric Swap

This is an opportunity to join a centralized swap to send in 1 yard of Japanese Import Fabric and receive a Charm Pack of cute Japanese Novelty prints in return.

 Fabric Details:

1.  Each swap member will purchase 1 yard of Japanese Import Fabric.  Fabric may be 100% cotton or a linen/cotton blend.  Fabric must be new and unwashed.  When purchasing fabric, please consider that the yardage will be cut into 5" charm squares and that large prints may not be desirable once cut down to size.  The I-spy theme should lead you to purchase cute, kitschy, novelty type prints (very typical of Japanese Imports!).

Before sending to me, fabric must be cut into Charm Squares (5" x 5" squares).  1 yard = 56 charms

Elizabeth Hartman has a great tutorial for cutting yardage into charms here.

2.  Send a 3" x 5" index card with your name printed at the top.  Next list the Fabric Manufacturer and the Print Name/Color  (i.e. Kokka Japan, Dress Up Dolly Natural).  

Examples of Japanese Import Fabrics perfect for I-Spy Charms!  Available at Fabricworm.

Shipping Details:

1.  Your package of 56 charm squares and 3" x 5" index card should be placed in a ziploc bag to protect the fabric.  The going rate according to most etsy shops I surveyed for shipping a charm pack is roughly $2.50-$3.

2.  Included inside your package, please put another Self-Addressed Envelope for me to mail the swapped fabric back to you.  Postage is paid on these packages at the time of shipment.

3.  There will be a shipping and handling charge of $4.00 to have the swap sent back to you.  (This is the estimated $3 return shipment, plus $1.00 to help cover the P.O. Box rental fee.)  I will request the payment via PayPal.  Payment must be complete prior to the shipment of your package!

Once I receive every one's Charm Squares, I will sort them out and give you back an array of new Japanese Novelty Charms for you to try!

This swap will be limited to 28 participants.  With 28 participants, each person will receive 2 charm squares from each participant's package.  Sign ups start today and end 05/04/2011 or until the cap is reached. 

Charms must be mailed to me by Fri. May 20, 2011.

I hope to have the packages back to you within 2 weeks!

(Participants must be in the U.S. or Canada please.)

To Sign up for the Japanese Imports Fabric Swap:

This swap is now closed - all spots have been filled!

 grab a button (in my right side bar) and leave a comment so we can see who's in!

As mentioned in Fabricworm's Giveaway post (you still have time to enter!), Fabricworm is one of the largest sources of Japanese Import Fabrics online, so be sure to check it out!

Also, Fresh Squeezed Fabrics carries some Japanese Import Fabrics for you to browse as well!

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Apr 18, 2011

GXQ New Sponsor: Fabricworm

Apr 18, 2011
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Hello everyone! I am very excited to bring to you Gen X Quilters' new sponsor, Fabricworm!

Now I know most of you have either ordered from, browsed around or at least heard of Fabricworm....  but do you really know all that Fabricworm's Cynthia Mann is up to?

Fabricworm is housed out of a brick and mortar shop called Birch Fabrics in California.  Yep, you heard that right!  Not only does Cynthia run Birch Fabrics Shop, Fabricworm online shop, but she also started Birch Organic Cotton Fabrics, which debuted it's first line Circa 50 in 2009.

Fabricworm online carries a huge selection of all your favorite modern collections and has one of the largest selections of Japanese imported fabrics!

(for those reading the fine print, stayed tuned for a new Japanese import fabric swap right here at GXQ!)

While you're shopping, make sure to check out all the extras on Fabricworm's website, like the video tutorials and snazzy custom bundles.  Speaking of those bundles, Cynthia is offering THIS custom bundle as a giveaway in her introduction to you!

Fabricworm Custom Bundle, Robot Farm in FAT QUARTERS 12 Total

(click the link to see the details on all the wonderful prints in this bundle)

Here’s how to enter: 

1. Become a follower of GXQ and leave me a comment (or let me know if you already are one). (1 entry) 

2. Hop on over to Fabricworm and tell me your favorite finds in a comment. (1 entry) 

3. Go to Cynthia's blog and become a follower there (or let me know if you already are one). (1 entry) 
     (Did you know there is a weekly giveaway?)

4. Go to Fabricworm Facebook page and "like" FF. (1 entry)

5. Go to Gen X Quilters Facebook page and "like" GXQ. (1 entry)

Leave a separate comment for each entry on this post. Entries will be accepted until Saturday, April 23, 2011 at 11:59 PM EST.  This giveaway is now closed.

The winner will be chosen by a Random Number Generator and announced on Monday, April 25, 2011. Pin It

Apr 16, 2011

Sew Fresh Fabrics Bigtime Scraps Giveaway

Apr 16, 2011
Pin It Hop your bodies over the Sew Fresh Fabrics blog and enter their Fabric Refund Giveaway!  They are brimming over with scraps again and are offering a medium Flat Rate box full of scraps to one lucky winner.

And while you're there, check out their fabulous etsy shop too!
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Apr 15, 2011

Follower Friday: Meet Shruti of 13 Woodhouse Road

Apr 15, 2011
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I am excited to bring you Follower Friday today because for only the second time, we are going international!  Yes, yes!  We obviously must do this more.  Please welcome Shruti of 13 Woodhouse Road.  You probably know her for her Sewing Spaces features - I just love seeing those!  She has beautiful work.  Let's learn more about her...

Shruti of Sangli, India

Occupation: I am an architect. But right now I'm a SAHM to my almost 4 year old kiddo!

Significant Other/Kids/Pets : I live in my house with my hubby - Rohit and my son - Aadi... We live on the second floor of our family home... DH's shop is on the ground floor and my in-laws stay on the first floor!

# Years Quilting : 1year +

How you learned to quilt:  : I started quilting in January 2010! Actually, I came down with Chikungunya in October 2009. And the joint pain made it impossible to balance an ever demanding career, an energetic son and a totally unmanageable home! Thats when I decided to give up my job and stay at home... Around the same time, I had started my new venture : Shruti's the 'up'cycle shop... I collected old clothes from people and transformed them into lovely things!  While searching for info about something I came across Elizabeth Hartman's blog! I was bitten by the quilting bug since then and there has been just no looking back!

My entire Quilt...

I love quilting and plan on doing it full time once my DS grows up!

Favorite Completed Project Description: My favorite project until now is the Gardens of India quilt that I made... The fabric was generously sponsored by Hawthorne Threads. The quilt was made and the pattern for it is on sale in my Etsy shop here.


Quilting workstation setup:
I'm one of the lucky people who have a dedicated sewing room for themselves... It has evolved over the months to adapt around me and this is what is has been like for the past few months now...
This is my cutting station with my big "Cutting Edge" mat that I bought only for its color!!! It has a small raised table on it under which are all my essentials neatly tucked in small baskets...

my cutting table

I have a thread rack in a corner... I got it made from all stuff that was lying around in my house...
On the other side is my sewing table...

My sewing table

To keep up with
Shruti and all that she's up to, check out her blog 13 Woodhouse Road, see her stuff on flickr with her.

If you would like to be featured on Gen X Quilters' Follower Friday, send your information (listed under the Follower Friday page at the top) to Have a great weekend!
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Apr 14, 2011

Circle of Geese - Taming the Flock

Apr 14, 2011
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I went head to head with the Circle of Geese block this week for Brooke's month of the {Sew} Beautiful Bee.  Paper piecing - a brand new technique for me.  Strings don't count in my book.  Thankgoodness Beth did a demo at the last CMQG meeting....that little preview was very helpful (Thanks Beth!).

It was definitely a challenge.  I left my first sewing session with the geese defeated.  I threw in the towel about halfway through my first block.  I didn't press well enough on my first seam, so it produced a wrinkle when I sewed the next piece.  But I kept on going.  Then there was the gaping hole on piece 3.  Keep going....  I finally stopped when I realized the selvage was definitely on the 3rd goose.

  I went and reread what the other ladies of the bee were saying, and it seemed a pretty common theme:  SLOW DOWN.  

If you take your time and really think about the placement of each piece, it really starts to click.  By the third block, it was no problem!  I would recommend starting out on something a little more basic though if you've never paper pieced before to save you some frustration.  Or at least, if I'd had time, I would have tried something more basic to understand the concept before just jumping into the Circle of Geese block.  But you guys know me right?  (Don't read or do research, just jump in.  Yeah, gets me in trouble sometimes!)

Overall, I am SO glad to be a part of this bee.  In just a few months, I've been pushed out of my comfort zone and have learned new techniques.  The {Sew} Beautiful ladies are so talented, and I love that we are all challenging ourselves with these blocks.  Exactly what I'd hoped for in a bee!

I forgot to post this bee block last month.  It was made for Elizabeth (our Bee Mama).  Another new block for me!

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Apr 12, 2011

Cincinnati International Quilt Festival = More goodies

Apr 12, 2011
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I decided I should hit up the Cincinnati International Quilt Festival when my plans for Utah and the Sewing Summit fell through.  A few of the CMQG chicks from the sew-in and I rerouted a couple hours south for a Girls' Day Out.  (Although we all confessed we really did need a sew-in too to get some sewing done!  Maybe next month!)

Road trip!  Lots of chatter and Chipotle.

It certainly was the largest show I've been too.  I managed to find a few good deals at this show too.  After this one and the Cleveland show I went to 2 weeks ago, I think I am Quilt Festivaled out.  Good thing - though, I'm about out of $$!

My Loot:
7 Meadowsweet FQs ($2 each)

10- 12"x22" Red Rose Farm by Elizabeth Scott ($1.20 each)
not sure where this dimension comes from - bigger than a Fat Eighth bundle, but smaller than at FQ bundle.  These prints reminded me of Flower Sugar.

Bees Knees by Maywood Studio
This same vendor was at the Cleveland Show... so when I saw her booth again, I knew these FQs were calling my name.  Thinking some sort of bag/tote.  ($1 each)

Random stash builders ($1 each)

Top FQ is from Max & Whiskers by Basicgrey

Feedsack by Sara Morgan for Blue Hill Fabrics
I fell in love with this print. I stood in line for it twice.  The first time I bailed because some lady was gabbing forever and I had other booths to check out.  After leaving, I couldn't get it out of my mind.  ($2.99 half yard)

Vintagey-Novelty - can't wait for Valentine's next year!  ($1.50 quarter yard)

My only full price purchase.  Too cute!  ($2.75 FQ)

What a fun day!

Fresh Poppy Design

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Apr 11, 2011

Long and Lean Quilt Finish

Apr 11, 2011
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Back in January, I joined up for Elizabeth's Sliced Coins Quilt Along.  I promised myself I couldn't start another QA (Supernova) until the first one was completely finished and blogged.

So here I finally am (in April!) to show you the finished quilt that was once 2 pairs of Gap Long and Lean Jeans!

I had been forewarned about using jeans, definitely not everyone thinks they belong in a quilt.  Denim is much heavier than most quilting cottons and if you get too many points intersecting, it could spell out real trouble if you have jeans in the mix.

That being said, Elizabeth's pattern for sliced coins is the PERFECT use for old jeans.  Slicing up the coins meant that no two pieces of denim would ever be sewn together.  I would like to claim that I knew this little tidbit would work out in my favor ahead of time, but honestly, it was just dumb luck.

The entire quilt was made from my stash.  Boy doesn't that make me feel good!  I am really happy with the way it came out and plan to use it as a picnic blanket for my family.
Quilt Back - Ikea fabric and other assorted stash fabrics

I quilted this on the Avante at my LQS.. What fun!  I love it.  While there, Rhonda enlightened me.  Did you know there are 2 different "light" colors of cotton batting?  One is bleached - which looks like a stark Clorox bleach type of white.  The other is unbleached which is the "natural" off white batting color most commonly found.  For quilts where you use a true white, like the Kona White I used for this quilt, adding the bleached batting will really make the white vivid and bright.  I, of course, had unbleached batting.  But that's okay because now I know for next time.

Quilt Stats:
Name: Long and Lean
Size: Twin
Piecing: Me
Quilting: Loopy meandering by Me (on the mid-arm machine)

Fresh Poppy Design

{Sew} Modern Monday at Canoe Ridge Creations
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