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Jan 31, 2011

New! Enter the Love Nest Quilt Contest with flickr

Jan 31, 2011
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Have you checked out GXQ's flickr group recently?  The Traceys reminded me that not everyone has a blog by uploading not one, not two....but FIVE fabulous modern bed quilts to the GXQ flickr group!!  She had me me slapping my forehead, thinking immediately I must add a flickr option to the Love Nest Quilt Contest...


for anyone who doesn't have a blog, but would still like to enter the contest...

please upload the pic to flickr and add some more detail in the description to give us the quilt story.

You can then use the flickr URL as the link when adding your entry to the linky.

Sound good?

Remember all entries must be received by Wed. 02/09/2011!
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Jan 27, 2011

Sliced Coins Quilt Along + my favorite Gap Jeans

Jan 27, 2011
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Yup.  That's right.  These were my favorite Gap Jeans.  Until I wore a hole in the knee playing cars and trains on the floor all day.  Wanna know the best part about them?

They're called "Long and Leans".  Which I think is hilarious, as I am neither "long", nor "lean". 

Anyway, 2 of the 5 pairs of jeans I've saved for no real reason are a part of this quilt-along.  It was really fun to take the scissors to them.  I'm not done cutting coins yet, but everything is coming from my stash.  We'll see where it leads.....!

And....I owe you a winner! 

The winner of the Sweetwater Custom Labels is....


Molly said...

Those are fabulous! I am a follower of this blog :)
January 19, 2011 9:26 AM

Congratulations Molly and I hope we will get to see your super cool labels from Sweetwater sometime soon!

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Jan 26, 2011

Learning EQ7 with Nicey Jane

Jan 26, 2011
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I think I forgot to mention my DH put Electric Quilt 7 in my stocking this year!  I am working on my first design to learn the software using a Half-Yard set of Nicey Jane my MIL gave to me for Christmas.

So far I am pretty impressed with EQ7... especially since I have been doing all my own designs by hand and calculator for quite a few years.  So far, I love being able to see different designs/layouts and importing the fabric swatches to see them digitally before starting to cut.

Here's what I've got so far....

I'm trying to decide what solid should be my background though.
Kona Maize

Or Kona Green Tea

Any thoughts?  In the back of my head, I think I want to use the yellow shade.  How happy and cheery.  But honestly I'm a little worried it would look too neutral once it was cut.  The green looks better digitally...  and of course, there is always classic white.

It will be interesting to see how these virtual quilt designs translate to real live fabric.

Don't forget!  Today is the last day to enter for Sweetwater's Label GiveAway


Enter the Love Nest Quilt Contest to win other sweet fabrics or gift cards!

Linking up to wip wed!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
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Jan 24, 2011

Love Nest Quilt Contest at Gen X Quilters

Jan 24, 2011
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Ok kids!  It's almost February.....the month of LOVE!!  To celebrate and strut our stuff, let's have another quilt contest. 

We're looking to see some great inspiration here...  (After all, I am secretly dreaming of redoing our master bedroom, but shhh! don't tell my husband!)

The Love Nest Quilt Contest will be a quilt show for
bed size modern quilts

Quilts must be finished (quilted and bound).  No quilt top entries.  Anyone may enter (but it helps to follow if you don't already to stay up-to-date with the contest activities!)

How to enter:

1. Write a post on your blog for your quilt entry.  If your entry was blogged about within the last two months, you may use that post.  Otherwise, please enter an updated post on your quilt for the contest.  Tell us all the details...  how long did you work on it?  What inspired you?  Is it from a pattern or your own design?  Was this a new technique or block that you tried?  Any Ah-ha! moments? 

2. Include a link to this page in your post. The easiest way is to just copy and paste the button code right into your blog/post.

Gen X Quilters

3. After you write your post, come back here and enter it in the linky below.  Please make sure to link to your specific blog post (not just your blog) in the linky.

3.5.  for anyone who doesn't have a blog, but would still like to enter the contest...
please upload the pic to flickr and add some more detail in the description to give us the quilt story.
You can then use the flickr URL as the link when adding your entry to the linky. (edited 01/31/2011)
4. Submissions will be accepted until Wednesday, February 9, 2011.

5. Blog hop among all the other entries and enjoy others' creativity.

Finding our winners:

After the entries close on 02/09/2011, everyone will vote for their favorite!

Voting will take place here at GXQ from Feb.10 - Feb. 16, 2011.


The top 6 quilts from the public vote will be reviewed by our guest judges.  I think you may know them!

Amy of Diary of a Quilter

(Amy is a fantastic pattern designer - her simple use of color is stunning!  Last fall, she did a wonderful (and very detailed) series called "How to Make a Quilt from Start to Finish" for beginners with Make and Takes.  It answers all those questions you were afraid to ask.  She is very generous in sharing her knowledge and I love her writing style - as she really makes you feel like her friend!


Vickie of Spun Sugar Quilts

(Vickie is one of the original Moda Bake Shop Chefs.  She has many patterns published in magazines and she just announced she is a part of the new MBS book Fresh Fabric Treats!  All this, and I am fortunate enough to be in the CMQG with her - how nice it is to know someone in real life!) 

along with myself

(I only get to be here since I organized this whole quilt show!)

will select the 3 winners from the top 6 quilts.


 half yard bundle of Anthology, 7 prints from Sew Fresh Fabrics

Central Park Layer Cake by Kate Spain from Sew Delightful Fabrics

$25 gift certificate to Above All Fabric

The winners will be announced on Thursday, February 17, 2011.  The first place winner will select their choice from the prizes listed above, then the second place winner will choose, and so on.

A big THANK YOU to Sew Delightful Fabrics, Sew Fresh Fabrics and Above All Fabric, for sponsoring this contest with GXQ!!

So excited to see your creations!

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Jan 22, 2011

Soft Book Tutorial @ Don't Call Me Betsy

Jan 22, 2011
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Elizabeth of Don't Call Me Betsy put together a tutorial for an adorable little soft book for her nephew!  It's so cute and she gives plenty of ideas of things to sketch on the interior pages of the book. 
Matthew's book - the front

The little taggy sunshine is perfect for those little hands!

Matthew's book - day and night
If you haven't seen her tute, be sure to stop over and check it out.  What a great gift this would make for any little baby or toddler to love on!

Also, don't miss Elizabeth's Sliced Coins's just getting started...

She released the first post for the Quilt-Along yesterday (Cutting Instructions), it's not too late to join up!

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Jan 18, 2011

Wormy Love: Patchwork and Embroidered Pillow Tutorial

Jan 18, 2011
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Hi all!  Just wanted to share that I'm guest blogging over at Stash Manicure/Sew We Quilt today.  I've really gotten into the cute little hand embroidery that adds some Pop! to patchwork lately.  I've written a tutorial on how to make this little Valentine-y throw pillow.  It whips up pretty quick!

Also.... make sure to check back in next week!  Gen X Quilters next Quilt Show/Contest will be kicking off...

We're talking great quilts to inspire us....

.....sponsored prizes for the winners.....

....and Guest Judges.....

Hope you'll join in the fun!

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Jan 17, 2011

Yippee! I did it!

Jan 17, 2011
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On Saturday, we had our first sew-in for CMQG.  I already had arranged it with my husband that he was watching the kids for a big chunk of the day....  and I had just finished my class on longarm quilting on Thursday....

So I jumped at the chance to quilt on the long arm machine while at the sew-in.  I brought my quilt from That Girl's Quilt Along - which had pretty much reached UFO status.

Here's the result!

 quilt top - basic letter Ls

This was my first experience quilting on a frame!  (I learned on an HQ Avante, which I incidently learned is actually a mid-arm machine.)

Once I was able to get over my nerves, it was great.  With each pass, I felt my shoulders loosen up and my quilting was more curvy.  Before I knew, it was done!  It took about one hour to do all the quilting with 2 thread breakages to slow me down.  Still, I think that's fast.  But more importantly, I enjoyed it.  Can't wait to get back there and try some more.

quilt back

By all means, I am a rookie.  But I am so encouraged to try more. 
Gotta love the stitch regulator. 
And the freedom you feel steering the needle over your canvas.

I recommend giving it a try if your LQS offers this...

The only thing I am disappointed about is that I missed most of the girl chat going on in the back for the sew-in because the frames were in the front of the store.  :(  Next sew-in, I don't want to miss it!
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Jan 15, 2011

The Black Sheep Dresden Pillow and January {Sew} Beautiful Bee Block

Jan 15, 2011
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wip no longer!  I made good use of my practice dresden block for the {Sew} Beautiful Bee - and turned it into a pillow for my kitchen breakfast nook.  Or at least, it used to be my nice breakfast nook for reading the paper with a cup of coffee.  Now it has been taken over by furniture for pint-size people and Cherrios crumbs.

(We'll just crop that out of the photo and go back to imagining the steaming coffee with paper and some jazz playing in the background....)

Black Sheep Dresden Pillow

I'm pretty happy with the way this came out.  First off, I'm super pumped that I tried a new block like the dresden that I probably wouldn't have tackled without the Bee.  And second, I piped this again, pumped for doing something new.

back of Black Sheep pillow

Thanks to Cherie for getting all of us so inspired!  Here is my first official bee block....

Can't wait to see how it all comes together!

Blogger's Pillow Party

I'm linking up to the Pillow Party...
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Jan 12, 2011

wip wednesday - 01/12/11

Jan 12, 2011
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Although we are almost halfway into January, there has not been a lot of sewing going on here.

We have now crossed the one month sick mark - at least one of the 4 of us has been sick since Dec. 11th.  This past week, my youngest (17 mo.) was diagnosed with walking pneumonia and a double ear infection.  Needless to say, the majority if my time and energy has been caring for the fam.  Babe is on the mend though!  Hubs got his antibiotics yesterday, so hopefully, we'll be in the clear soon!!

(...before the whole cycle starts again....  Ahhhh.  Winter.)

So here is my small wip list.

{Sew} Beautiful Bee Blocks

This month kicks off my first bee, and let me tell you....this is SO much fun!  The ladies of the {Sew} Beautiful Bee are super talented and are all excited about expanding our horizons to try new things and push ourselves creatively.  This month we are making blocks for Cherie and she requested Dresdens.  Most of us bee-ers had not tried them before, so it's been a fun month watching all of us try practice blocks first (check them out in our flickr group.)

Above shows my practice block.  I call it "Black sheep" - even though it is really a Kona Expresso background and the toile.  If you look on flickr, you'll see why... everyone elses blocks have large flowery prints like the Soul Blossoms fabrics Cherie selected for us to send back to her. 

This is turning into a pillow for my kitchen.  The toile is the fabric I used to make my kitchen curtains.

Sewing for Me

After the frantic sewing I did to get Christmas gifts done and the stress of my first pattern release right before New Year's, I was/am (?) a bit burnt out (add family sickness here).  So I decided I needed to sew something for myself.  I took a bunch of charms, cut them in half, and just started sewing.  This is as far as I got.  I don't have a plan, nor do I know where it's going right now.  I'm ok with that.  I'm just enjoying putting some fabric under the needle.

Sneak Peek at a new tute

Even though my xmas decorations are still up, I am thinking V-day already!  I've been working on this little tute here..... a little patchwork, a little embroidery.... 

No progress
  • That Quilt Along - basted.  Think I am going to try to quilt this one on the long arm after I finish classes.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
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Jan 10, 2011

The First Step in Learning Long-Arm Quilting

Jan 10, 2011
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signing up for the class!!

Ok, so I have to admit, I stacked my 2011 goals list with a class I had already signed up to take.  Nevertheless!  I am very pumped to finally learn long arm quilting.

One of the local modern shops (this one also hosts our MQG) rents time on an HQ Avante.  She provides the thread, oil and assistance until you have the confidence to set things up on your own.  Last Thursday was my first (of two) classes.

We learned the basics of how the machine works, some basic maintenance, how to attach the leaders to the quilt, how to thread it, etc.  Next week we will load up a quilt and be set loose to practice!

Here's our homework:

(trace samples on paper)
Although I've never really done it myself before, I've seen suggestions to practice your technique on paper.  Apparently, it's all about the curviness and wrist action.  This is great practice for me because I've basically limited myself to straight line quilting until now!  Can't wait for class next week!

(practicing on my own - tougher than I thought!)

Great practice of fine motor control for four year old boys too....  :)

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Jan 8, 2011

A finish! Pinwheel Patience

Jan 8, 2011
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This quilt has been a long time coming.  Sometimes it seems I can just turn around and whip up a quilt no problem, and other times, it takes Forever!  This is a forever quilt (including 8 weeks at the LAQ - so maybe that's why) which I think I started last spring sometime.

The pattern from Quilts and More does not use a traditional pinwheel block.  Instead the white focus fabric is the center of the block and you add the khaki frame around it, using a different color pinwheel petal on each corner.  When you sew the first strip, you only sew it half way on, then you come back and finish off the strip after completing all four sides.  It was a little confusing at first, and I'm not really explaining it very well, but I got the hang of it after a few blocks.

I pieced this quilt before I discovered the greatness of solids.  Imagine what could be with this pattern and Mr. Kona???  I am definitely in love with pretty much anything pinwheels. 

This was a gift for my sister-in-law for Christmas.... and now the quilt lives in sunny California!

{Sew} Modern Monday at Canoe Ridge Creations
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Jan 5, 2011

Sew Fresh Fabrics Charity Scrap Quilting Bee

Jan 5, 2011
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Just wanted to tell all of you Peg and Becca @ Sew Fresh Fabrics have come up with a brilliant idea. 

They are starting a new bee....

using their shop's studio scraps....

Each bee-ist is responsible for just one block.

(You keep the remaining scraps.)

Mail it back and the Sew Fresh ladies will put it together and donate to charity!

the first round of 16 is filled....

but they plan to have a few rounds throughout the year.

So email them your info if you're interested to get on the list for future rounds!!

I am lucky enough to be included in this first round!  Can't wait to show you my progress in this charity bee!

P.S.  Stop over to SFF....they have a bunch of new fabric for the new year, and there are some very clever bundles of new fabrics and solids.  I want them all...
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Jan 4, 2011

Argyle Pillow Tutorial @ My Fabric Obession

Jan 4, 2011
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Becky of My Fabric Obession tackled argyle...  Props to her because this is no easy task!  This is something I have searched for myself, knowing the diamonds would be a challenge.  Only I came up empty handed - until now! 

Becky has demonstrated a technique for making argyle using only piecing. Doesn't her pillow look super cute? I am in awe.  Be sure to check it out!

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Jan 3, 2011

2011: Where do I want to go from here?

Jan 3, 2011
Pin It The thought of making a 2011 goals list honestly makes me feel constrained.  Of course, there are certain things I want to accomplish, but the process of listing them all out (and publishing them) is making me cringe.  Why?  Because I know the anal-retentive side of my personality and my need to cross things off the list.

The rest of my life is organized and full of list-crossing.  I prefer to keep quilting more free-form.  Allowing me to pursue which ever fabric is speaking to me.  Allowing those Ah-ha! moments where some fat quarters I've had around for while suddenly shout out that they must be made into a quilt, pillow, bag, whatever....

So here are my goals (albeit quite vague to allow the creativity to flow)....

For GXQ:
                     -Add more patterns
                     -A Quilt Along  (late spring or summer?)
                     -Guest bloggers

                     -Learn new techniques and expand beyond my comfort
                      zone via the {Sew} Beautiful Bee.   Very excited! 
                      This is my first bee.
                     -Use lots of fabric from my stash
                     -Reorganize my "studio" - aka my takeover of the
                      man-cave in the basement
                     -Booth at a craft fair?
                     -Learn long-arm quilting (classes to rent time at
                      LQS - first class in a few days!)
                     -Get over my anger and frustration with FMQ
                     -Makeover for my family room (we're talking
                      curtains, wall hanging, pillows, etc.)

If you get a chance, go over to Sew We Quilt /Stash Manicure- my Snowflake Quilt "Baby It's Cold Outside" is on the banner!!

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