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Nov 2, 2011

First Quilts on the First: Becky of Becky's Blabber

Nov 2, 2011
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Today's guest on First Quilts on the First is Becky from Becky's Blabber.  I love Becky's quilt because her First was abandoned for a very long time.  We all have those partially finished quilts hiding somewhere in our closets!  She went back and finished it NINETEEN years later!!  Can you believe that?  So, read Becky's story and remember it's never too late to go back and rescue a UFO...

When AnneMarie of Gen X Quilters first pitched her idea on her blog of featuring quilters first quilts, I was so excited!  What a great idea!  I've been sewing for many years, but only started quilting seriously a handful of years ago.  As a new quilter, the amazing quilts I saw at quilt shows and the blog-o-sphere could be both wonderful, but also a bit intimidating.  There were a few times where I even got a bit discouraged.

First on the First reminds us all of how we all start somewhere, and that place isn't usually highlighted.  Thanks AnneMarie!

Like so many other quilters, my first quilt was made for someone I love.  He was my boyfriend at the time, soon-to-become fiancée, and is now my husband of 19 years!  As mentioned in this post, he works in the forestry field, and at the time wore plaid flannel just about every day.  I found old shirts from a local Goodwill store, bought some flannel from the local fabric store, and went to work (with scissors) cutting them into strips, and sewing them together on my sewing machine, which at the time was an old used Kenmore that I'd bought from the sew and vac shop in town.

As is so incredibly common among quilters, it became an "unfinished object" (UFO), that I finished many years later.

Fast forward to November 2010, and I once again found myself making a quilt for loved ones.  This time, it was a quilt for the 50th wedding anniversary of my husband's aunt and uncle!  My husband's cousin (their daughter)  graciously paid for the fabric and delivered it to them, I provided the pattern and the "labor".  When she asked me to make them a quilt, I was already planning one, so it just worked out perfectly! We just saw them recently and they still use the quilt every day!

Even though I now use a different machine, rotary cutters and a mat, and have a lot more experience under my belt, I'm still doing what I did with my very first quilt, making useful, beautiful quilts for those who I love and cherish to love and cherish! Pin It


  1. I love your first quilt! The colors are great and I love how you can see the buttons and pockets.

  2. Love this story and the quilts! I wonder if my first quilt is still "alive". The last time I saw it, it was in threads.... LOL. Thanks for sharing.


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