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Oct 14, 2011

Sewing Summit Part 2: Swaps and Swag

Oct 14, 2011
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Part 2 of my Sewing Summit wrap up shows the goodies!

Roommate Swap
My roommates, Lee of Freshly Pieced and Elizabeth of Don't Call Me Betsy, decided to do a swap together where each of us made something different.  I was making pillow covers.  Elizabeth did zipper pouches.  And Lee did mini quilts.  It turned out to be such fun!

I made....
Pillow for Elizabeth

My first time using pearle cotton for embroidery.  So nice!

Paper pieced pillow for Lee
and I received....
Ruby Pouch Front from Elizabeth

Ruby Pouch Back from Elizabeth

Gorgeous Paper Pieced Mini Quilt from Lee
WOW!!  Aren't these fantastic?  Thank you so much girls!

Kaelin's Fat Quarter Swap
Originally, I missed out on signing up for the Fat Quarter Swap.  So since everyone I knew was going, I signed up to volunteer and help Kaelin where ever she needed it.  I was placed into the set up group and it wasn't until the night before I was flying out that I found out others had dropped out and I was in!  I panicked, but there was plenty in my stash.  I ended up bringing 12 FQs, including some Katie Jump Rope and Wonderland.

Here's what I brought home...

Shop Hopping
Amy, Katie and Colleen were sweet enough to pick up Elizabeth and I at the airport.  We went to lunch and then they took us to a couple local SLC shops.  These two shops were fantastic (Pine Needles and Material Girls, I think!)  Here's what I bought...

Various Gifts

The Swag
I was lucky and not only received the swag bag from the Summit, but I also won a couple door prizes and attended the dinner hosted by Jennifer and Elena.  There is more than enough for me to share!  Since I'm already hosting one giveaway this week, I think I'll save it for another time....  Keep your eyes peeled!

If my Sewing Summit posts "Friends" and "Swaps and Swag" have at all given you the tiniest little bit of interest in going, next year's event is already being planned!  Remember, this conference is not just bloggers.  Yes, there were lots of bloggers there.... but there were many others who are just sewing fanatics!  Start saving your pennies now........ I'm sure the next one will be bigger and if possible better!
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  1. Awesome stuff!!!! What size cotton did you use for your pillow? They're both so pretty. And I love the pouch and quilt you received. Your swag is amazing. But I super love that houndstooth stack!

  2. Any idea on the location of the next one? Washington DC would be good, I think (and only a 2-hour drive for me!). :-)

  3. Wow, your pillows are beautiful. And look at all those goodies. Looks like a lot of fun.

  4. Oh you got the corset apron pattern!!!! I LOVE THAT THING SO MUCH!! (wink-wink)

  5. I love the little Ruby pouch - so cute :o)

  6. Thanks for my pillow! I've had it on the couch in my family room, it looks great there. : )

  7. woah baby thats a lot of sewing goodness to haul home! dang girl! Did you get charged for all the extra weight in your carry-on?! haha And LOVELOVE LOVE the pillows you made, so cute!


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