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Oct 3, 2011

First Quilts on the First: Melissa of Lilac Lane

Oct 3, 2011
Pin It Welcome to October - one of my favorite months of the year!  We are starting off October with a great feature here for First Quilts on the First.  Today's guest is Melissa of Lilac Lane...she's one of the friends I made while doing collaborating on the Rockin' Robin Quilt-Along.  I just can't wait to see her line with Andover!  Let learn more about her and how she got started quilting....

Hello everyone! I'm thrilled to be here today at the Gen X Quilters! I'm Melissa from Lilac Lane. Here's what you should know about me: I'm a do-it-yourselfer, whether that means painting the walls, designing some artwork, arranging flowers, even woodworking. I've been sewing since I was at least 7, some hand sewing even before that. As a child, I didn't care much for sewing AT ALL, especially not garment sewing, but now that I have kids, it's pretty natural for me to become so involved in it. I love that I can make outfits truly one of a kind for them.

I also love quilting, and made my first quilt at age 10. This is it. Yes, hours and hours of cross-stitch. It now belongs to my youngest daughter, Emilie. I made at least one quilt a year throughout high school and college, but never had a formal lesson. I somehow had the notion that a class would stifle my creativity. As a newlywed, I finally decided I would take a class, and it opened a whole new world of possibilities to me!

When I decided I wanted to be a fabric designer, more than two years ago, I thought I had better ease into the business a little bit. So I started with pattern designing, since that was more familiar territory for me. I feel like I got my "big break" with Moda Bake Shop and have several tutorials there. I now have my own pattern line published by  I am also a fabric designer with Andover fabrics, although I am waiting, oh so patiently, for my line to come out!

One of my newest quilt adventures is my Melissa's Maze quilt, which is in the current issue of McCalls Quick Quilts.

So exciting! It was my first magazine quilt ever. And you can read all about it here.

Thanks so much for featuring me today. Come over and visit Lilac Lane where I have lots of tutorials and giveaways. And if you'll be at fall quilt market, let me know! I'd love to meet up with you.

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1 comment:

  1. Cross stitched bears?? Oh my! It's so cool to see the "first quilt"! Mine is a mess, but we still use it!! :o)


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