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Sep 24, 2011

Silk Fabrics from China

Sep 24, 2011
Pin It My husband returned from a trip to Hong Kong and Beijing, China about a week ago.  His travels there were for his international business course of his MBA, and he left me and the kids on our own for 10 days.  Yikes - that was a long time.  The longest he's ever been gone.
Hubby in front of the Great Wall of China
Knowing his wife as the full blown fabric-addict she is..... hubby came home bearing gifts of silk!!  I am thoroughly impressed at his fabric shopping ability abroad.  Especially since he never sets foot in a fabric shop here in the US, then must pick out fabrics alone in a different country.

These fabrics are extremely rich in color and the metallic thread in them makes them feel so much more expensive than the cottons I am used to handling.  I am not sure what I will do with these yet....  but I can't help but picture a lovely Chinese-style dress with the royal blue (looks like it might take some hunting to find the right pattern).  But wouldn't that be fun to wear to a wedding?

silks from China

These are actually tablecloths that my hubby picked up first when he couldn't find a fabric shop.  Of course, he is intending for me to cut them up, but I'm not sure I can do it.  Maybe I'll cut one and keep the other?  The funny part of this story is that my hubby said he was negotiating for these cloths without realizing that the woman had already offered them to him for below what he thought he should pay, but with the conversion rates he got a little lost in the bargaining.  :)

tablecloths from China

How special and unique these are!  How cool to add fabrics from China to my stash.  Thanks so much hubs!

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  1. aww, that was so sweet of him! And too funny that he got lost bargaining. Better than me, I probably would have just paid full price!

  2. Those are absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful fabric. I love the silks you can buy in China - and so cheap!

    I still have some scarlet silk I bought while in Beijing back in 2008. I have no idea what to do with it - although I'd love to make a cheong-saam (the Chinese dress in your link) I wouldn't really have anywhere to wear it!

    So it sits there, waiting for the day when I work out exactly what dress it's good for.

    Actually, my mum has a swathe of Shantung silk which she bought years ago and never used. *sigh* Like mother, like daughter, I guess...

  4. Great pic! Great Wall pictures are required! I used to travel there for work and always came home with such great inspirations!

    I have a dress - classic scoop neck - made out of that blue fabric! And, yes, I've worn it to a wedding!

  5. What great finds! Can't wait to see what you make with them!

  6. Beautiful fabrics indeed!

    Well done Mr Gen X


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