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Sep 28, 2011

Embroidery To-Go Pouch & Daisychain ABC Crewelwork Sampler

Sep 28, 2011
Pin It Have you seen this lovely pattern??  It's the Daisychain ABC Crewelwork Sampler from Posie: Rosey Little Things.

I first saw it over at Twin Fibers.  I forgot to pin it - so thankgoodness I remembered and it was on my mind when I needed to come up with a portable project for the Sewing Summit.

I've started just a little bit.  I'm working on natural linen and using DMC embroidery floss instead of the crewel wool.  This will probably take me quite a while, but that's okay....

ABC Sampler

And while I was setting up my embroidery project for travel, I realized I don't really have a pouch for carrying everything.  So, of course, that sidetracked me into a totally different project.

Embroidery pouch.  Love. it.

I found the quote online "I cannot count my day complete til fabric, thread, and fabric meet." and thought it was perfect for my embroidery pouch.

Here's the back...

I embroidered some embellishments onto this adorable print.  I don't know what it is.....but I received it in one of Sew Fresh Fabrics awesome scrap packs. (edit:  It's Spring Street by Carolyn Gavin, P&B Textiles) Here's my favorite detail.

I added a D-ring and lanyard clasp so I could carry my portable embroidery project as a sort of wristlet at the Sewing Summit after-hours sew-a-thons.  This part didn't turn out exactly as planned, but it was deemed "done anyway".  Doesn't have to be perfect, right?

And here's the inside, lined with a 30s print and filled with my hoop, linen and pattern, ready to go Travel Handmade!!

Sometimes I just love it when one project leads to another unexpected one.

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  1. Aww, super cute! Love that crewel project, so adorable! I hope there's no such thing as too many pouches, because I'm wrapping one up for you today :)

  2. I think it's absolutely adorable! Love the little embroidered embellishments and the quote!

  3. I LOVE your embroidery travel pouch, I've been thinking about making one for myself and you've given me great inspiration!

  4. Love that crewel project, so beautiful! and the pouch is fantastic. Great work!

  5. Cute! Where do you learn all your embroidery stitches? I have been looking for a book or a kit to help me learn and keep coming up empty.

  6. Very cute! Love your embroidery pouch and that quote is perfect!

  7. I did something like that when I decided to pick up crochet, I ended up sewing a crochet roll up! I feel very fashionable whenever I crochet now. Oh and I LOVE how that pouch turned out and the quote. Sew true!

  8. The pouch looks great, and your crewel project is going to be awesome!

  9. Love it! Love the abc project, love the bag, love it all!!! Very cute!

  10. I don't crewel, but I LOVE that ABC project and definitely want to do it!


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