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Jul 15, 2011

Follower Friday: Meet Melissa of Sew I Was Thinking

Jul 15, 2011
Pin It Welcome back to Follower Friday!  We've had a couple weeks off, so it's nice to see another quilter highlighted again this week.  Please welcome Melissa of Sew I Was Thinking!  I first started following Melissa around the time she posted her NKOTB quilt featured below.  And her name for the quilt...hilarious!  How can you not love it?!?!?  Let's learn more about her....

Melissa of Palmdale, California

Occupation: Full Time Working Mom & Wife

Significant Other/Kids/Pets: My husband and I meet 17 years ago and feel in love almost immediately. We were two crazy kids in love. We have 3 crazy kids and 1 even crazier Basset Hound. 

# Years Quilting: I started quilting almost two years ago... by accident. I had no intentions on becoming a quilter. I bought a sewing machine just because I wanted to make curtains for our living room (which I haven't made yet, BTW). I didn't even research sewing machine's before I bought one. I was at Joann's and the lady there talked me into buying the "Quilter's" model because it had more features and come with more presser feet... I told her that I didn't think I would ever use any of it.... BOY WAS I WRONG. I went home and started "Google-ing" sewing and one blog led me to another and before I knew it was bit HARD by the quilting bug. I haven't looked back since.

How you learned to quilt: Online blogs and tutorials, YouTube and books.

Favorite Completed Project: My favorite quilt so far was the one I made for the Robert Kaufman Solids Challenge. I made a New Kids on the Block Quilt and I had tons of fun with it and it's quirky and cheesy (even down to the name I gave it... "Business in the Front, Party in the Back").  It's a perfect "Gen X" quilt!

Sewing Workstation Setup:

Machine(s) you sew on: Nothing too fancy, a Singer Confidence Quilter. It really has everything I need. It's a great deal for the price. I'd love a fancier machine, but I can't justify spending tons of money, cause my machine has tons of useful features.
Your favorite notion/tool in your sewing room: My seam ripper!!! I made a ton of mistakes while trying to learn the craft, so this little tool was my lifesaver.
To keep up with Melissa and all that she's up to visit her blog Sew I Was Thinking or find her on Flickr

Fun Stuff: I am hooked on Flickr swaps. I find tons of inspiration from other flickr'ers and I think it's neat that I am making something for a total stranger at the same time that another total stranger is making something for me... and the end of the process, we each end up with fabulous handmade items and we've formed new "virtual friendships".

If you would like to be featured on Gen X Quilters' Follower Friday, send your information (listed under the Follower Friday page at the top) to  Happy Friday!

I forgot to announce the winner of Dewberry Lane's GiveAway!  Congratulations to Annaliese!  I'll be emailing you soon!

Annaliese said...

Suscribed to newsletter...such a cool site!

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  1. Congratulations Annaliese! You have a beautiful name.

  2. Thanks Evelene :) I've grown to love it!

    and I just sent you an email AnneMarie! Hope It didn't take me too long, I was on vacation and have been without my laptop (barbaric, right? hehe)!

    I'm so excited I literally cannot stand still!


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