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Jun 1, 2011

First Quilts on the First: Edith of Edeenut Creates

Jun 1, 2011
Pin It The next installment of the First Quilts on the First guest blogger post series on GXQ is here for us today!    Please welcome Edith of Edeenut Creates - she has a wonderful reflection on growing up with sewing and what sewing brings to her life.  Edith has a great First to share with us today.  Be sure to check out her blog too - she just made an awesome dress form from duck tape!

When AnneMarie had this idea to think back on our quilting journey, I couldn't help but reminisce about my entire sewing journey. I was like most, learned how to sew doll clothes by hand with scraps of fabric for my barbies and cabbage patch kids. I was 7.

As the years went on my sisters taught me how to make clothes for myself. They would have me do it all, even when I messed up I had to unpick it and redo it, I learned a lot that way. When I was 16, my mom helped me redo my room and choose fabrics for a new quilt. We put it on the wooden quilt frames and tied it and I sewed the binding on by hand.  So technically that was the first quilt I've ever completed and I was proud of it. I don't have a picture of it unfortunately so I won't count it.

Sewing has become a part of my everyday life. It's something I can do to feel accomplished, even if I have a 20 unfinished projects in the works. I feel artistic and I feel satisfaction by completing something. I can't always feel like that in my life when my laundry is a never ending task or my house constantly needs vacuuming, or my kids fight and cry and as they constantly need me.
I can be having a horrible day and feelings of inadequacy but when I sit down and begin to sew, those cares seem to fade away for a time. Sewing is something that is all mine and I can always make time to sew.

6 years ago I started piecing a quilt together for my son's bed. It was inspired after a Pottery Barn quilt. I wrote about the finishing of it here in a post on my blog. I was going to go all out and hand sew it because I didn't want to tie it with yarn. Back then I thought those were the only ways to put a quilt together. It took me two years to complete and in the mean time I discovering the wonderful world of machine quilting.

While browsing my local quilt shop, I discovered a pattern, "Bundle up baby girl" by Cotton Way. It was a quilt as you go pattern and I was amazed that you could quilt it on your own sewing machine. I bought the pattern and completed the quilt within a couple weeks.

That was only about 5 years ago and it is the quilt I consider my first real quilt. I was hooked to the piecing and the endless possibilities quilting can bring.

I consider myself to be more of a "seamstress"  and not only a "quilter" but I wanted to learn more about free motion quilting. The blog Crazy Mom Quilts was my first  quilting blog and I found it full of useful information.

The most recent quilt I've completed is the whirligig or wonky pinwheel quilt block. It is my favorite quilt to date. I saved the fabric for a year to make. I wanted a larger cuddle quilt when I watched TV and used the reds, blues, and green from the fabric line Simple Abundance to go with my TV room. It is my favorite fabric so far and have loved it from the time I saw it before it was even available to buy in yardage.

I entered this quilt in the county fair, along with some other items, and it earned me a third place ribbon.

I do have a few bad memories from making this quilt that I will never forget. I ran out of the red backing fabric and needed to search all over the internet for more. It was hard to find but finally was able to track it down for a reasonable price.  I quilted it on my mother in law's Bernina because it is much smoother than mine and I broke her free motion foot on a Saturday evening. Luckily the Bernina dealer had not closed yet so I was able to go get a new foot and continue quilting.

Later, I quilted right through my finger. The needle went straight through my finger nail and out the other end of my finger without the thread breaking and continued sewing. It was very traumatic for me and I still have fears of free motion quilting and sewing for that matter. I have been overly cautious in my sewing since then, but can't stop sewing.

If you made it this far in reading, you're a trouper!  Thank you so Much AnneMarie for the opportunity to share my quilting experiences! I love your blog and all the new people I discover through your features.

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  1. Holy crap!! You quilted THROUGH your finger?!?! I have a Bernina, so I know they're good machines, but ... wow!!

  2. Ouch! I know your pain - I sewed through my fingernail then instinctively yanked my hand back and tore the needle out through the tip of my finger. Actually sewing it to the quilt, though - wow! At least you have a good memory (the award) to go with the quilt, too.

  3. Ouch!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the bio - I really enjoyed it!


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