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May 2, 2011

First Quilts on the First: Kristen of K*D Quilts

May 2, 2011
Pin It The second  First Quilts on the First guest blogger post on GXQ is here for us today!    Please welcome Kristen of K*D Quilts - her First story includes the Random Number Generator...  How's that for a little mystery?  Kristen has a great First to share with us today.  Be sure to check out her blog too - she's making a ridiculous number of hexies!
Hello!   My name is Kristen and I blog over at K*D Quilts.  I was so excited when AnneMarie contacted me to feature one of my first quilts on her blog.

I first learned to sew in high school walking away with a pair of pajamas and a pillow in the shape of the letter K.  Fast forward a bunch of years…with no sewing….to Christmas 3 years ago and a gift of a simple little Singer sewing machine.  I made some clothes and little things but not really anything that I became obsessed about.  The one thing that I was becoming obsessed about was looking at fabrics and designers.  I was a big fan of Amy Butler and would browse her free patterns trying to find something that I really wanted to make.  Her quilt patterns always struck me.  If you know me, you would know that I have a thing for blankets and pillows.  I pretty much have one or the other with me at all times….especially if I’m on the couch!  So one day I decided to bite the bullet and make a quilt using an Amy Butler pattern.  I tend to think I’m pretty invincible so I decided on a Queen sized brick path quilt.


I drew out each rectangle onto fabric and cut each one out individually with scissors.  I was so crazy about the random order that I assigned each fabric a number.  Then I used Mr. Random Number Generator to tell me what piece of fabric would be next.  When it came time to quilt it I attempted to stitch in the ditch.  But my stitches didn’t want to stay in the ditch!  There were puckers galore and even a few holes where the binding meets the quilt.  I used cheapo purple and green fabric from Jo Ann’s since I was afraid to spend too much
money on this quilt.  This quilt is now all faded but I still snuggle with it every night in my bed!

Since then I have shown my commitment to this hobby and my wonderful hubby got me a better sewing machine for Christmas a few years ago and that baby has cranked out some wonderful quilts!  I have made about 15 quilts and many other accessories.

Nest Quilt

I helped found my city’s MQG and am now president.  My fabric stash has multiplied almost faster than I can keep up with it and my sewing supplies have taken over what’s supposed to be my dining room.  I even now have quilts displayed as artwork.

Wall Hanging

So all of you out there exploring blog land and thinking about making a quilt just go ahead and do it.  There are so many resources and wonderful tutorials out there that really make it easy to learn.  Plus most people in blog land would be more than happy to answer your questions.  But just be warned…it’s quite the addictive hobby!  Thanks
AnneMarie for letting me share my story!
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  1. What a great idea to use the Random number generator to tell you what piece of fabric to use next. I'll have to try that. I have a little OCD when it comes to being random and drive myself crazy when work on projects where randomness comes in. I usually get my son to come put them in some order so I won't get too obsessive. I love the wonky squares quilt too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You sound like a really fun gal, Kristen! Thanks for sharing your quilting journey and the random generator idea is sweet!!

  3. Love it! When I did my first quilt I also thought that stitching in the ditch would be the easiest option. How hard could it be? It is IMPOSSIBLE!

    It's fun to see how far you have come.

  4. Kristen is right, it's addicting. She has such beautiful quilts.

  5. I love that middle quilt! I've thought about approaching my local quilt store about helping to start a MQG. I might just do it.

  6. Quilting is my sanity! Thanks for sharing! And that last quilt makes me a little giddy....

  7. Thanks for all the sweet comments and thanks AnneMarie for having me!


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