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Jan 28, 2011

Follower Friday: Meet Susanne of Susanne Loves

Jan 28, 2011
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Ahhh, the last Friday of January....what happened?!?  Well, that's ok!  Maybe spring will be here before we know it!  Today I am featuring Susanne of Susanne Loves.  Susanne is not only a great quilter, but she has that professional photographer thing going for her which makes her quilts absolutely stunning when she captures the true vibe of her work.  An artist in so many ways.  If you haven't seen her Google quilt, it's a really unique quilt that really caught my attention - so modern!  Let's learn more about her!

Susanne of the MidWest, USA

I'm Susanne, a thirty something transplant to farm country Midwest (lots of cows and corn out here!!). We’ve been here less then a year and I probably always call Seattle home.

Occupation/Significant Other/Kids/Pets:  I’m a stay at home mom to three beautiful children and wife to a brave Army soldier. We have a four year old boy, almost 3 year old girl and the baby, 14 months. The first two are 18 months apart and the second two are also 18 months apart. CRAZY TIMES!!

# Years Quilting:  I’ve always been surrounded by sewing. My mom was a factory seamstress for a large part of my childhood. (Sweatshop worker, as my other ½ likes to call it--he also calls my sewing space my sweat shop *rolling my eyes*) So, I grew up surrounded by all things sewing. I’m sure like most of you Gen Xers, “Home Ec” was still a standard part of my education and was focused on domestic things like “cooking and sewing.” So I did all of those basic hand sewing things like making pillows and sewing buttons at school.

I‘ve been quilting for about 4 years. I got into it shortly after I had my son. I received a quilt from someone I‘ve never actually met but I just fell in love with it. What I didn’t realize (until some time last spring) was that there was this huge online community of quilters and sewists who ARE actually my in my cohort!!!

How you learned to quilt:  Self taught and still learning!!! You can probably tell this by what I like to call the rule of thirds. It seems every 3rd project I sew turns out looking like my 4 year old took over my machine hahaha!!! It’s a part of the joy of learning though. Who says Julia Child never burned a meal, right?!

Favorite Completed Project
Definitely the Rhino quilt.

Every time I try to put to words why this quilt is my fav 1) I feel like I’m telling a story that is not mine to tell and 2) I get all misty eyed. It’s very special.

Other interests: I had a thriving photography business, but after the move I put very little time into building & maintaining clients. I still drag my camera with me every where, but I have lost a lot of interest in doing it as a ‘job.’ I love to read, music and spending WAY too much time looking at the internet on my phone. Friendships are also very important to me. Friendships, like quilts really do take time, effort and love to make and maintain. A quilt will NOT last a life time if you don’t treat it well. Neither will a friendship.

Workstation Setup:
Type of sewing machine(s):  Both my machines are singers. The serger is a professional 5 and the standard is a confidence quilter.

One thing I can't live without in my sewing space: Right now it's totally my heat lamp.  : ) The nights (when I sew) are SO cold even with the heat cranked into the 70's it gets chilly.

To keep up with Susanne and all that she's up to, visit her blog Susanne Loves.

If you would like to be featured on Gen X Quilters' Follower Friday, send your information (listed under the Follower Friday page at the top) to Have a great weekend!

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  1. Great blog post! I have to run a heater in my sewing space too, brrr!

    Lovely quilts!

  2. Congratulations on your big win over at Sew We Quilt!!!!! Can't wait to see what you dream up with all that new fabric :)


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