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Nov 19, 2010

Follower Friday Special: Aunt Spicy and 100 Quilts for Christmas

Nov 19, 2010
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Happy Friday!  Are you starting to get in the holiday spirit?  I certainly am with all the seasonal posts cropping up all over blogland.  I think a local radio station is already playing Christmas music too?!

In the spirit of giving....

Aunt Spicy and Kate at Swim, Bike, Quilt announced 100 Quilts for Christmas, a charity event benefitting local children's charities, this week!

Are you participating?  I sure am!  You choose the quilt AND the charity, then link up to win giveaways!

Can you squeeze in just one little baby quilt this season for a child??

And now for our Follower Friday feature on Miss Aunt Spicy herself!

Aunt Spicy.
So named by my niece, and my most favorite nickname so far!

City, State: Half way between my two favorite cities Los Angeles and London!

Occupation: Professional fabric hoarder.

Number of Years Quilting: I am not sure how long I have been quilting. About ten years ago my Mom and I made a tie quilt (old-school style, with quilting frames), and I was making baby blankets around that same time as well. But I think my first real quilt (larger than a baby blanket) was one I made for a friend who had moved to England. I wanted her to have something bright through the winter, something to remind her of California and friends and family who love her. I just kind of made up the pattern, using some of my first "designer" fabrics and a sheet from Anthropology for the back. I was so smitten with it, I made two more for another friend and her daughter!

Hand or Machine Quilting: I am super lazy, machine all the way!

How did you learn to quilt: Watching my Mom, she is genius! I have distinct memories of falling asleep to the sound of her sewing machine in the other room!

Favorite project: Can anyone choose a favorite project? Isn't that like choosing a favorite child? Here's just one....

Other interests: In addition to discussing fabric designers as if they were on a sports team, I tend to also discuss clothing and home decorators with as much ease. Though if you want to pit me in a discussion more heated than a political debate, well just challenge me on the ranking of handbag designers!

Workstation setup: Nothing fabulous, my sewing has taken over my entire super-tiny living room, fabric is stashed everywhere my shoes aren't, and the machine is set up on the table. I dream of someday having a whole room dedicated to crafting, with big bright windows and space to lay out something larger than a baby blanket! Someday!

To check out what Aunt Spicy is up to or for details on 100 Quilts for Christmas, visit her blog Aunt Spicy.  Hope to see you at the 100 Quilts for Christmas link up!

If you would like to be featured on Gen X Quilter's Follower Friday, send your information (listed under the Follower Friday page at the top) to Have a great weekend!

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  1. I see trees! I love trees...I'm making ornaments for an exchange with trees on them. =)

    I say it doesn't matter where you's doing what you love!

    For me, it's better I don't have a lot of money or much space...I'd have more things than I really need. =)

  2. Thanks for helping spread the word about 100 Quilts for Christmas!

    And AMKreations, those are the SewMamaSew trees, they are just so dang cute!


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