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Nov 12, 2010

Follower Friday: Meet Cherie of Sew and So Quilts

Nov 12, 2010
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Hi!  Welcome to another Follower Friday!  Today we meet Cherie of Sew and So Quilts.  The Christmas quilt she listed below as her favorite project really caught my eye because I started/tried a quilt with the same pattern.  I ended up abandoning it.  Look at the beauty and success Cherie had with it - even winning an honorable mention at a show!  Gorgeous!   Let's learn more about her....

Cherie of Hattiesburg, MS

(originally from Southern Louisiana, transplanted to Virginia for more than 10 years, and now back in Mississippi)

Occupation:  Full time mom and full time nurse practitioner in the Emergency Department (where I use my sewing skills almost every day!)

Significant Other/Kids/Pets:  2 daughters, ages 6 and 2, 1 husband, 1 black lab

# Years Quilting:  Although I've been sewing for more than 20 years, I just started quilting about 18 months ago.

How I learned to quilt:  My very first quilt was from Camille Roskelley's Wild Thing pattern. Since I was accustomed to starting and finishing a project in 1-2 days, I whined and complained the entire time with the construction of the quilt and swore I would never make another quilt. Fast forward to stitching the binding and sending it through the wash to produce that crinkly goodness...I was hooked! I've made at least a dozen quilts, many pillows, and all sorts of quilted accessories.

Hand or machine Quilting:  I machine-stitch nearly everything and only hand-stitch binding if I am entering a show. Since I am pretty much self-taught (thank you, online tutes and YouTube!), I am frequently finding ways to improve both my piecing and my quilting. While I love quilting, I still enjoy more instant-gratification-type projects (tops/dresses for the girls, accessories, pillows, etc).

I belong to the New Orleans Modern Quilt Guild, where we just returned from a fabulous retreat! There is SO much talent in that group, and I really enjoyed being with other young women and mothers who enjoy quilting too! I expect that you will be seeing some of their work in upcoming publications.

Favorite project:  My favorite quilt is this year's Christmas Quilt, made from Kate Spain's 12 Days of Christmas using Schnibbles Times Two's Plan C. I even won an honorable mention at our biennial quilt show last month :) It's quilted with a candy cane and peppermint twists pattern, using a computer-assisted longarm machine.

Workstation set up:  My quilting space was supposed to be a guest bedroom, but I have gradually taken over. I figured that there was no sense in dedicating a room solely for the guest we have about 3 nights a year! I have an idea board, cutting table, and an ironing center. We just had a local furniture maker build a custom unit for me (based on some Pottern Barn pieces, but not Pottery Barn prices!). I LOVE it! These pictures are from the day I set up everything--I don't think it has been so neat and tidy since then :)

Stop by my blog, if you get a chance...I'd love to hear your comments!

To keep up with Cherie and all she's up to, visit her blog Sew and So Quilts or see her on flickr (wright_cherie)!

If you would like to be featured on Gen X Quilter's Follower Friday, send your information (listed under the Follower Friday page at the top) to Have a great weekend!

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  1. I love Cheri's blog and her wonderful quilts!

  2. Another great follower Friday! Cherie, I really enjoy your star quilt! Your sewing area has a great layout. Mine definitely does not look as clean!

  3. I'm from the NOLA Quilt Guild with Cherie and she brought her Christmas star quilt on the retreat. It's even more gorgeous in person! I'm amazed by her mad skillz and she's super fun! Sooooo glad you featured her!

  4. love your Christmas quilt and your sewing space. you go, girl!


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