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Oct 15, 2010

Follower Friday: Meet Jennifer of That Girl....That Quilt

Oct 15, 2010
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Hi!  And good Friday to you!  The trees in my front yard decided it was fall and lost almost all their leaves overnight.  So today, the boys and I will be raking and jumping in the big piles, enjoying the few nice days we have left!

Today we meet Jennifer of That Girl....That Quilt, but of course, a lot of you already know her!  She is super talented and invests a lot of emotion into her quilting.  Many times what she writes really resonates with me.  Hope you enjoy her spotlight!

Jennifer of Argyle, TX {Near Dallas}

Occupation: Investment Advisor

Significant Other/Kids/Pets: Steve is my awesome husband! He is my quilt photographer, sewing machine fixer and occasional quilt baster. Chaney is my adorable and super creative 6 year old. Buddy & Gus are our goofy beagles who love curling up with a quilt almost as much as I do.

# Years Quilting: I've been quilting for 3 years. I got my quilting supplies for Mother's Day and it's been a passion ever since.

Hand or machine piecing/quilting: I started out hand piecing and hand quilting because I was terrified of using a sewing machine. I finally got brave and learned how to use a machine and now I love hand sewing and machine sewing equally.

How you learned to quilt: I am completely self taught. Books, blogs, and the internet were and still are my go-to resources.

Favorite project: Serendipity Quilt - I love this quilt because it came together easily on a really bad day. I put a lot of feeling and emotion into my quilts and I love looking at this quilt and remembering that even a little creativity can make almost any day a better one.

Other interests: I love sports, both watching and playing. I treasure books almost as much as fabric so if I'm not quilting, I'm probably reading. I coach my daughter's softball team which is a blast even if it feels like I'm herding cats on occasion. ;)

Workstation setup: This picture was taken the day I set my studio up. I must admit that it's never looked like this again!

Blog Name (blog address)

 Quilting is a passion of mine because I truly believe that the creative process can be very healing. I blog because I love to write so what better to write about than the quilting process? I never expected to make the friends that I have made through blogging and it's so exciting to watch the online quilting community grow every day!

To learn more about Jennifer, be sure to stop by her blog That Girl...That Quilt.  She'll be releasing a new pattern called Intersection{s} very soon!  Watch for it!!

If you would like to be featured on Gen X Quilter's Follower Friday, send your information (listed under the Follower Friday page at the top) to Have a great weekend!
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  1. Happy feature day, Jennifer! Love your blog :)

  2. Fun feature, Jennifer! I loved learning a little more about you. It's amazing to me how much we have in common - go Gen X Quilters!

  3. Thanks for the feature! It's been fun meeting new friends this morning!

    Jennifer :)

  4. Fun learning a little more about Jennifer and seeing where she creates!


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