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Oct 8, 2010

Follower Friday: Meet Angela of My Three Sons

Oct 8, 2010
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Happy Friday!  Meet Angela today!  I randomly came across her blog a few months ago and was so excited to see she was an engineer like me.  Yay for quilters who love math!  Check her out...she does some cool stuff!

 Angela of Naperville, IL 

(Since this is the Halloween season, I decided to use this picture in the reproduction renaissance costume I made. It is SO comfortable and I love wearing it! Wish I could wear it more than a couple times a year.)

Occupation: Current Stay at Home Mom – Mechanical Engineer in my previous life

Significant Other/Kids/Pets:  Married with three busy boys and one dog

# Years Quilting: I think I would mark my start in quilting as February 2009. My husband actually took a picture, testing out a new camera lens, as I attempted my first free motion quilting. So just under two years.

Hand or machine piecing/quilting: I machine piece and quilt everything. Have never tried hand quilting, as I really enjoy the machine quilting part of the whole process. I put a recorded book (usually science fiction) or an NPR show (This American Life, APM: The Story, and Radio Lab are my favorites) on my iPod, load up a bunch of bobbins, and quilt away. Kind of meditative.

I did just start some hand piecing of hexagons before a long trip on an airplane this summer. I can’t stand being without something to do!

How you learned to quilt:

Like most crafty things, I used library books, the internet, and trial and error to start to teach myself quilting. I’ve been crafty all my life. As long as I can remember I have been making one thing or another. Barbie clothes, counted cross stitch, embroidery, crafty home sewing, knitting. The blog world is how I made my way to quilting!
An obsessive knitter, I followed several knit blogs and through them other wonderful crafty blogs. At one point I came across a picture of a cool quilt by CrabApple Hill called Hocuspocusville. It has a whole bunch of fabulous haunted houses to embroider, then a simple patchwork center. I just had to have those embroidery patterns, and I’ve sewn quite a bit – so the quilt part didn’t scare me off. I gathered all kinds of cool fabrics for the patchwork and back of the quilt, started one of the embroidered houses, and there it stopped. But I was hooked on gathering fabric and of course found many an awesome quilty blog. Between Amanda Jean and the wonderful patterns at Oh, Fransson I was well on my way to learning my new obsession.

Favorite project : the current project is always the favorite! Right now it’s this fun red and aqua owl quilt.

Other interests: That would suggest TIME for other things…. I do all the stuff that goes along with keeping three boys on schedule – I camp with the boy scouts and help lead, attend lots of lacrosse games, I’m on the parent board of the co-op preschool. If we had a full time maid, chef and nanny, I probably would spend more time crafting and reading/listening to science fiction!

Workstation setup: I’m lucky in that we have a dining room but never dine in it. So I took over. The room is at the front of our South-facing house, so light floods the space from late morning until sundown. I love it. My machine, cutting mat, and large ironing surface all share the dining room table.

 The buffet behind me is now filled with supplies and topped with the most used tools along with in-process projects.

A tall shelf from IKEA holds pretty projects and an open topped box to toss in the savable scraps. Unusable end bits that I trim off are just pushed onto the carpet for later vacuuming. I made it pretty by hanging a few mini quilts and a fabulous piece of artwork I found on etsy.

I made myself a magnetic inspiration board with a large open frame and sheet metal. It’s right next to my sewing table and the perfect place to put pretty things.

I took over the WHOLE dining room when I finally packed up the never used fine china and filed the cabinet with my fabric, folded and sorted mostly by color. I hung a table runner on the left there, as that side is also glass and those windows I mentioned let in SO MUCH light. I didn’t want to fade the edges of my stash. As I started quilting by way of fabric collecting, I have a rather large stash. I decided this year to try to ‘use my stash’ and as we come to the end of 2010, I am just about to break even between fabric in/out. I’m planning on trying to use more than I bring in for 2011 as well. I realized that I may not LOVE a fabric anymore before it is actually used. So while I like looking at my pretty stacks of fabric, I think they should be smaller.

Additional thoughts:

I love making things, math, and giving handmade things to people. Quilting has been the perfect thing to join all of that together. Much more of an instant gratification craft compared to my previous obsessive craft - knitting, and you don’t have to worry about it fitting! If you haven’t made any quilts as gifts or donations, make sure you add that to your list. It really is fun to give them away.
To keep up with Angela, check out her blog My Three Sons and flickr!

If you would like to be featured on Gen X Quilter's Follower Friday, send your information (listed under the Follower Friday page at the top) to Have a great weekend! Pin It


  1. What a fun feature! I loved getting to know Angela better! Love that you took over the dining room for your sewing room. It looks like a great space to play in. I agree with you that my favorite project is always the one I'm working on right now. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great interview! I love math too! Angela does such incredible work!

  3. Great feature! Angela is super talented and very sweet!

  4. Love that use for a dining room. We never eat in ours either! I would take over mine too, if my sewing space didn't always look like a tornado hit it. : )

  5. I love Angela. A- I can't believe you only started quilting in 2009!! She makes such wonderful things - and I love following her blog because her genuine personality shines through. I feel like she is one of my friends even though we've never met in real life.

    Thanks, AnneMarie!


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