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Sep 24, 2010

Follower Friday: Meet Cecily @ Craftopotamus

Sep 24, 2010
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Happy Friday everyone!  This week's feature is Cecily of Craftopotamus.  I first discovered her through a linky party.  Now I love to see what she's coming up with next.  She has a great funky style, designs her own patterns and has a flair for upcycling.  Check her out!

Cecily of Aurora, IL

Occupation: Full-time mom and wife, full-time grad student, part-time blogger

Significant Other/Kids/Pets: I am married to hard-working and super-amazing man, we have one beautiful 21 month old son, a dog named Maggie and a cat named Violet

# Years Quilting: 5 years - I got my first sewing machine right after we got married and jumped pretty much straight into quilting.

Hand or machine piecing/quilting: All machine piecing, mostly machine quilting, including free motion (on my basic little Husquvarna - I do not own a long-arm), and sometimes hand quilting

How you learned to quilt: My mother had wanted to learn to quilt forever and she always said that she would learn to do it after she retired. She has a tendency to stall on these sorts of things so I learned so I could get her jump started. The year before she retired, I taught myself to quilt using a book from JoAnn Fabrics, called Your Guide to Quilting, and lots of trial and error. I still find myself referring to the book on occasion. I have stayed away from classes because I don't like the idea of being told there is a "right" or "wrong" way to create anything, although I think at this point a class or two would probably do me some good. I've been interested in a class that can teach me how to machine applique like a pro.

Favorite project:

Other interests: crochet and knitting, painting, jewelry making, sewing, decoupage, upcycling

Workstation setup:

Part of my love of quilting stems from having a heavy math background. I was on math team for years and geometry was always my strongest subject. I think that is part of why I tend to shy away from patterns - I'd rather come up with something totally unique and the dreaming it up part is often my favorite step in the process. Basically I figured out that as long as you keep a 1/4" seam I can do anything. Another reason quilting is such a good fit for me is that I usually love most anything I can create that is not only pretty, but that I or someone else can get a lot of use out of.

To learn more about Cecily and her adventures, visit her blog Craftopotamus.

If you would like to be featured on Gen X Quilter's Follower Friday, send your information (listed under the Follower Friday page at the top) to I'll put you in the que! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Awesome! Thanks again for featuring me AnneMarie! :)

  2. Cecily makes some amazing stuff. (I'm hoping to make a few of those cool sandwich bags myself!)

  3. Cecily is a great person and friend and she is a very talented woman! Plus, I learned a few things here that I didn't know: Geometry was her best subject? Man, I wish I would have known this, I would have had my son on the phone with her for geometry homework! :)
    Thanks for featuring Cecily, she is a wonderful person!
    Best Regards,


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